Loreal paris rouge caresse dating coral

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loreal paris rouge caresse dating coral

L'Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick Aphrodite Scarlet Review and Swatches. Its a pretty pink shade with shimmer that suits all Indian skin. L'oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick “Dating Coral” is a gorgeous plain coral shade although it leans more towards pink on me. Obrazec izdelek PIM/PDM: L'Oréal Paris Rouge Caresse Dating Coral rdečilo za ustnice Oranžna Rdečila za ustnice.

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It's delicate texture glides onto lips creating a veil of colour with a luminous shine. In the UK there are 10 bright and eye-catching shades of the L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks, however, in Germany there are 15 different shades available. I purchased the shades 04 Rose Mademoiselle rosey cool-toned pinkMauve Cherie medium rosey mauveDating Coral peachy coral and 03 Lovely Rose light pale pink.

The packaging is sleek, sophisticated, luxe and comparable to high end lipsticks such as the Dior Addict Be Iconic lipsticks!

L'Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse

I am very impressed with the packaging as it looks like a high end lipstick. The cap of the lipstick tube is transparent, so you could see exactly what the shade of lipstick it is and this makes selecting a shade very easy.

The formula feels very smooth when applied on the lips and I was surprised to see how pigmented these were as I had expected them to be quite sheer.

loreal paris rouge caresse dating coral

One application provides a beautiful soft intensity of colour, whereas, two or more applications provides a more pigmented and near-opaque finish. The formula contains extremely subtle shimmers that are barely noticeable. It feels lovely and comfortable on and does not dry or flake during wear.

Rouge Caresse Lipstick - 04 Rose Mademoiselle - afrocolombianidad.info

If you have dry and dehydrated lips, these lipsticks will be your saviour! The glossy and shiny finish leaves my lips looking luscious and brightens the look of my face just as would a lipstick would provide. The longevity of L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks is around hours, so I normally do a full re-application after lunch to maintain the pigmentation and hydration.

These have been available for the last few months.

L’Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick, Dating Coral 301

Don't just stroke your lips, Caresse them. Lips say yes to this Caresse. Available in 10 bright and eye catching shades.

loreal paris rouge caresse dating coral

I love a strong pop of colour on the lips- but sometimes it's hard to maintain lipstick over the course of a busy day. What I love about these lipsticks is the fact that they are pigmented and buildable so you can achieve whatever finish you want, but they are also really soft and moisturising on the lips without being slippy and sliding off all over your lower face!

I love the fact that they are not opaque but the more you put on, the opaquer the colour gets, and they feel really light on the lips too. They fade to a tint which is nice- overall semi matte, and last about three hours before they start to fade not disappear. You definitely get more coverage than a gloss, but less than a lipstick.

loreal paris rouge caresse dating coral

I think there are about ten shades on offer altogether. These have been likened to the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters alot but in my opinion, there is no comparison. I have 2 lip butters and neither of them set my world on fire really- I never find myself reaching for them, and I don't really have any huge ambition to purchase any more of them.

loreal paris rouge caresse dating coral

The Revlon lip butters are alot softer than these and about equally as pigmented, and I imagine they will last longer before needing to repurchase also. These are perfect for this colder winter months when our lips are quite sensitive my lips chap like crazy in cold weather given half the chance.

loreal paris rouge caresse dating coral

The packaging of these is really sturdy also- little clear bullets with stickets corresponding with the colour on the bottom and the tops are also colour co-ordinated which makes it really handy to pick a colour quickly. I personally like to store them sticker side up. The top fits on really nicely and provided the lip colour is wound all the way down, the lip doesn't catch or scratch the colour. They don't have a particular scent or taste on the lips.