Loveology dating

loveology dating

Listen to Loveology - Dating (John Mark Comer) by Hope's Anchor Podcast for free. Follow Hope's Anchor Podcast to never miss another show. Loveology - Dating (John Mark Comer). An episode of Anchor Of Hope | With Aaron Salvato. Avatar. By Aaron Salvato. Loveology: God. Loveology is just that—a theology of love. Not only does John Mark teach us what a Godly marriage or dating relationship should look like .

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Ava's Loveology University is a love and intimacy rock concert that has given me sexual awakening and clarity that will last me a lifetime. I was so impressed with all of the unique couples exercises that she had them do, that I talked my husband into enrolling into Loveology University's Intimacy Bootcamp course. We wanted to fall back in love again just like the celebrity couple did on TV.

loveology dating

Ava for making a love life sizzle again. Pamela Cohen Loveology University's program was challenging, but the rewards are life and love-changing. I had never taken online courses before and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to commit the time I needed to graduate, but once I started the Loveologist Love Coach program, I was hooked!

From the wealth of knowledge on the slide shows, training videos to the eBooks and multiple quizzes that kept me on track, I'm so happy that I made this leap of faith to graduate and become a Love Coach. Gurutej Kaur If you know it's time to learn all the things about love, sex and connection you wished you had learned at home or in school, or somewhere other than the school of trial and error, then Loveology is your answer. My girlfriend can attest to this as she says I'm the best lover she has ever had.

Valerie Baber Loveology University courses have increased my preparedness for a broader clientele and have added techniques to my professional toolbox. As an intimacy coach, I must be ready to help many kinds of people with many kinds of problems. Dan Haggerty My wife and I rekindled the passion we once had by following Dr.

Ava's advice, this world would be a much better place, and we would all be having great sex. Ava knows sex like Tiger Woods knows golf. Erika Jordan This was a fantastic course. The techniques and love homework are very useful and I will use them with all my clients.

loveology dating

I thought I knew a lot about relationships before taking this course but it expanded on everything I knew and I feel so much more well rounded and prepared. Jackie Zeman As a daytime drama actress I've learned a few things about love and romance.

Ava can tell you how to, why to, when to and where to. All you need to know is who to. Ava ran the world, we would all be too horny to fight. Alana Curry, Actress Dr. Ava is the Dr. Ruth of our generation. Every page is a memorable eye opener.

loveology dating

Ava and Loveology University. Studying the Certified Loveologist course at LU revealed the answers to what I had always thought were secrets about sexuality, from sharing fantasies to multiple orgasms. I feel so lucky that I can now call myself a Certified Love Coach. Tamara Payton Bell LU is the only university that I have found to give me the tools I need to help assist my clients in finding love and enhancing their relationships.

As a home party business owner, getting certified has taken my business to a higher level. I encourage any and all romance specialists to become Certified Loveologists - your business depends on it.


Neder The student gets to study Dr. Ava's work in an encapsulated, concentrated format. Simply put, this is the easiest, fastest way to current understanding of the modern world of love. Don't have an affair.

loveology dating

But we haven't done a great job at giving young people a theology of love and marriage and sex and the rest, a way to think about this from God's vantage point. Hollywood has done the exact opposite. It's propaganda is loud and ubiquitous. It screams at us everywhere we go. So the church has got to step up, tackle the hard questions and help people to think about marriage and sex from the scriptures, and in line with Jesus' vision for human flourishing.

My prayer is that Loveology is a voice into a much larger conversation. How do you think parents can benefit from Loveology? This generation is asking why questions, a lot of why questions. Parents need to do more than tell their kids where they can and can't have sex. They need to pass on a worldview that's shaped by Jesus and the biblical authors It needs to be compelling, thought through and rooted in the scriptures and the teachings of Jesus.

Hopefully, Loveology can and will help parents lead their kids into the way of Jesus and His Kingdom. What would you say to young people about dating? For starters, you have all sorts of freedom. The scriptures don't say a thing about dating. The practice is less than years old, and the scriptures were written thousands of years ago. If you want to talk about what's "biblical", it's arranged marriage. Aside from a few overprotective parents, I don't think anybody wants to go back to that!

So you have all sorts of freedom in how you go about the journey from "hello" to "man and wife". That said, when I read the love stories in the Old Testament and the Song of Songs, I do see some marks of a healthy relationship pre-marriage.

In the book, I list four… The dance — This idea of a man calling a woman out, risking rejection, and leading the way into a romantic relationship. And the woman creating a safe place for him to lead. The line — This whole idea of "Don't arouse or awaken love until it so pleases. The friends — Involve family and friends in your relationship. Let people speak into the whole thing from start to finish.

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The journey to the day — All healthy relationships are either moving towards or away from marriage. Not in an intense, pressure, you need to kiss dating goodbye kind of way, just with a sense of movement. Dating to date is a waste of your heart and your time. You're not looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend; you're looking for a husband or wife.

In Loveologyyou mention how the word love is being over used; i. What affect do you think that is having on society? Well, I think it's cheapening it. It's such a ubiquitous word that it's lost its meaning or at least its biting edge. We need to get back to Jesus' life and death as the template for what love actually is.

If you had to pick one thing, what should every marriage have and why? Marriage isn't the only way to live in community, but it's sure a good one. Friendship is what will be there long after all the feelings and chemistry and beauty and sexuality has gone.