Mark lester michael jackson daughter dating

Mark Lester claims he is the father of Paris Jackson | Daily Mail Online

mark lester michael jackson daughter dating

One of Michael Jackson's closest friends, the former child star Mark Lester, has claimed he is the real father of the singer's daughter and would. Michael Jackson 'confessed Mark Lester IS Paris and Prince's father Mark Lester is the father of his daughter Paris and eldest son Prince. Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is staring at a famous corpse. .. parents, he was making fun of me, like, 'Oh, you got yourself a girlfriend.' including the actor Mark Lester, who played the title role in the movie Oliver!.

mark lester michael jackson daughter dating

I went in a couple of times to donate but we never talked about it ever again. I didn't donate to get something out of it.

Michael Jackson 'confessed Mark Lester IS Paris and Prince's father before he died'

The former child actor, pictured inis the godfather of Jackson's three children including son Prince Michael, pictured at Jackson's memorial service Close friends: Jackson and Lester remained friends for over 30 years, and often spent holidays together with their respective families Quality time: Lester, pictured insaid of his meetings with Jackson's offspring, 'Every time Michael came to the UK, I used to take my children to see his. They always got on really well' Similar features: Lester alleges his daughters Olivia and Harrett, pictured inresemble Jackson's daughter Paris, pictured in Cause for concern: Lester, pictured in with daughter Harriet, said he began to doubt the paternity of Jackson's children when he 'noticed the likenesses in my own children and his' He said his children became friends with Jackson's children and when they met up they were like 'one big happy family'.

Jackson made him godfather to his three children inhe said. But Mr Lester said it was only two months after Jackson died aged 50 in June after overdosing on painkillers and tranquillisers that he first considered that he could be the father of the children. Lawyers for Jackson's family have previously rubbished his claims, saying they have 'no merit' and branding them a 'genetic lottery attempt'.

Before Gest died, he phoned and asked if I could fill in some bits of his past that had become blank. The small fortune earned from Oliver!

Michael Jackson 'confessed Mark Lester IS Paris and Prince's father before he died' - Mirror Online

The children played together and watched Disney films in bed. Lester was there for the good times: Jackson whooping with laughter as he hurled water balloons at passers-by from a suite at the Beverly Wilshire hotel in Los Angeles; screaming with delight on the fairground rides at Neverland; a joint family Christmas in a Bahrain palace; staying at Cliveden House in Berkshire where Jackson ordered chicken nuggets in the Michelin-starred restaurant.

His legs were white with little patches of brown.

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On one occasion, when Jackson complained about not being able to sleep, Lester says they drank six bottles of extremely fine wine, after which the singer slept for hours. InJackson — already at the centre of allegations of sex abuse against children — admitted in an ITV documentary that he let children, other than his own, sleep in his bed. He was naive but he just loved children.

mark lester michael jackson daughter dating

He saw himself as the Pied Piper and would never do anything to hurt anyone. If anything, he was asexual. He dismisses the firestorm of criticism that was directed at Jackson, saying: He just wanted to show his kid off.

mark lester michael jackson daughter dating

Put me to shame. And my kids absolutely adored him and his kids. I would have completely trusted him with mine. I think he was a bit unbalanced.

mark lester michael jackson daughter dating