Marketing my dating website

Online Dating: How To Market Yourself -

marketing my dating website

Need inspiration for your own content strategy? Take a look at what these dating websites are doing. With Valentine's Day around the corner, many are turning to less conventional dating methods like online dating. Everyone knows these. Bad Tinder profiles are painful, but at least they can be educational. Check out these 8 marketing lessons you can learn from online dating.

Everyone knows these services exist and I bet you can name at least one couple you know that met online. Online dating has proven to be extremely convenient, taking away the stressful face-to face initial contact, prospecting people who have common interests, and improving time efficiency in the process.

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Taking a web marketing approach to online dating can increase your chances of falling in love online. Branding Yourself It is first crucial to realize that you are a brand, and just as any brands must do, you should have a clear idea of who you are. Part of the process of creating a successful digital marketing plan involves assessing your aims and objectives, researching your target market, positioning in relation to competitors, and performance analysis.

Your aims and objectives for being online should gear you in the direction of better understanding your niche, or in other words, who you wish to attract.

Looking for Love: Marketing Lessons from the Top Online Dating Sites

Why have you chosen online dating? Match has been the pioneer of the online dating era, founded in April Dating services like Tinder and Plenty of Fish are extremely popular amongst young people looking for quick ways to meet people near them, with the average user age being Pay attention to these five dating sites for great reads and deep content marketing insights.

marketing my dating website

OKCupid OkCupid is a free dating site with millions of active users. The site's blog, OKTrendshas made massive waves -- not just in online dating - but to American culture at large.

The blog was run by co-founder and author Christian Rudder, and discusses dating through analyzing data from its millions of users.

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Posts on OKTrends buck a lot of content marketing rules; few and far in between, often lengthy and lack a call-to-action. However, due to the sheer quality of data analysis and the simple and funny tone, OKTrends has become an enormous success.

Curious to know how?

How Match + OkCupid Are Romancing Singles With Data + Content Marketing

Check back with Scripted February 11 for a full interview with Christian. Their entire content marketing strategy is focused publishing quality content which is why it can take them weeks to put one article together.

marketing my dating website

Their method proves quality content drives big rewards. Their blog -- UptoDate -- has been around since and discusses dating trends, tips and shares success stories of happy couples. They also conduct complex roundups of in-house marketing data, like their recent post on the make-up of new Match users in Give people incentives to market your site.

marketing my dating website

This is called affiliate marketing and can help you to reach a very wide audience to build your base. Without enough female customers, your site cannot succeed, notes Kremen in an article published in the online business magazine Inc. Differentiate your site from other dating sites.

marketing my dating website

Most people are aware that dating sites exist and are likely already a member of one if they are interested. Entice customers from other sites to switch to yours by offering a service that is not available on other dating sites.

If your service is valuable enough, people who may not have considered joining a dating site might become interested as well.

marketing my dating website