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Kuniyuki (played by SMAP's Nakai Masahiro) is a tragically unlucky guy, and excursions (group dates), arranged by a matchmaking service. SMAP was a Japanese boy band, composed of Masahiro Nakai, Takuya Kimura, Goro Inagaki, . Therefore, the agency decided to market the band through variety programs, where members participated in sketch comedies and game shows. The "no dating" clause of the contracts has resulted in some idols Her video apology was posted online by her South Korean agency, JYP Entertainment. At the far left was Masahiro Nakai - the group's leader who has.

From March to April, they held their last tour as a six-piece. The show quickly gained high ratings, as it topped the rankings of annual household share ratings, dominating other existing popular programs.

The episode aired in January is currently ranked 7 for the most watched Japanese variety show in history, with It is the eighth longest-running prime-time television program in Japan and Fuji Television 's second longest-running prime-time television program, as of All three series were successful and gained high ratings. Among the three, Kimura's Long Vacation, which aired Monday nights, became a major success and a social phenomenon. Magazines and other media stated that, "women disappear from the city on Mondays", pointing out the large viewership and how intoxicating the show was for women in Japan.

After Kimura playing a young pianist, there was a rapid increase of young men who started taking piano lessons. The cultural impact and influences of the show is commonly referred to as the "Lonvaca ron-bake phenomenon".

In MayMori's departure from the band was announced. Due to the fact that there was an age limit of twenty-three for students who wanted to attend school for Auto Race, Mori left the band at age of twenty-two. Nakai said that he had an emotional breakdown after Mori's leave, not wanting to continue as a five-piece, fearing that their popularity will plummet and that he wished for a breakup.

On July 15,the band released their single, "Aoi Inazuma", the first material released after Mori's departure, which reached number one on the charts. Their subsequent single, "Shake" was released in November, also reaching number one.

These two songs were both certified triple platinum and became the band's fifth and fourth best selling single, respectively. From July to August, they held their second stadium tour, Chomugendaisho, which was the first tour after Mori's departure.

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In Februarythey released their single, "Dynamite", which peaked at 3 in the charts and became the band's eighth best selling single. In Maythey released their twenty-fifth single, "Celery", which was a cover of a song first released by singer-songwriter Masayoshi Yamazaki in Although Yamazaki's original version did not turn out to be a success, the cover version by SMAP peaked at 2 and was certified double Platinum.

The band became a catalyst for the recognition of the song, turning it into one of the most popular songs in Japan. The band's single "Celery" became the theme song for the show. Nakai and Kimura made a cameo appearance on the show.

Nakai, Kimura, Inagaki, and Katori had played a main role in a television series and with Kusanagi starring in Ii Hito, all five members had become leading man-class actors. From this point on, SMAP changed the pace of their releases from two albums per year to one, due to their busy schedules after experiencing individual success, as actors and television personalities. In Septemberthey released a new single, "Peace", which peaked at 2. On December 31,they performed at the annual music show, Kohaku Uta Gassenfor the seventh consecutive year.

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While they appeared as the performer for the previous six years, Nakai became the host of the show, which is the most prestigious job for television personalities. Nakai also hosted the program in and established himself as a highly regarded host on television. It reached number one on the charts and became the best selling single of that month and the second best selling single of that year. From Aprilit has appeared in text books used in music classes in middle school and has become one of the most recognized songs in Japan.

Many artists have released a cover since its release. Its subsequent single, "Taisetsu", which was used as the theme song for Nakai's drama television series, Brothers, peaked at 4 and was certified platinum. On June 18,the band released their eleventh album, SMAP Viva Amigos, which reached number one in the charts and became their tenth best selling album. The band headlined their fourth stadium tour, Viva Amigos.

From OctoberNakai and Katori launched their own variety program, SataSma, which was created and aimed towards younger viewers and families.

Katori starred in a segment titled, "Shingo Mama's Secret Breakfast", where Katori would cross-dress into a character called, "Shingo Mama", and visit houses to cook breakfast for children instead of their mother, allowing her to sleep in and rest in the morning. Katori started to used the phrase, "Ohha", a pun for "Ohayo", meaning "good morning" during the segment as his trademark phrase, which soon became a popular word used among children.

Shingo Mama, the lovable character Katori played, and the phrase "Ohha", became a social phenomenon. As a result, SMAP incidentally brought in kindergartners and preteens to their fan base.

In Januarythe band released "Asahi wo Mini Ikouyo", which peaked at 3 and its subsequent single, "Fly", peaked at 2 in the charts. The episode became the most watched program among all television series broadcast inwith In Augustthe band released their thirty-second single, "Lion Heart", which became a massive success with over 1, copies sold, reaching number one on the charts for two consecutive weeks.

It quickly became one of the most recognized songs in Japan. In AugustKatori also released a single, "Shingo Mama's Oha Rock", as Shingo Mama, which reached number one on the charts with over 1, physical copies sold and became a social phenomenon.

James Brown guest starred in the music video, along with other Japanese celebrities who made a cameo appearance. In Decemberthe term "Ohha", used by Katori, won the Ryukougo Taisho, an annual traditional event of announcing words that describes that year.

From this point on, SMAP changed the pace of their releases from one album per year to one album every two years, due to their busy individual schedules, as actors and television personalities. They headlined their sixth stadium tour, S map Tour, from October to November. The tour was released through DVD on March 14, The number of shows performed changed to one per day from this tour on.

Kimura announced his marriage to singer Shizuka Kudo and her pregnancy during the tour. He had a press conference after the show at Saitama Super Arena. It sold one million copies during the first week of release and 1, copies in total, becoming the band's best selling album. On August 8,another compilation album, pamS read as "Ura-suma"was released just four months after Smap Vest. It was a compilation of fan-favorites and songs that the members personally like, that aren't usually sang on tour or on television, such as B-sides and songs from past albums.

From July to September, the band launched their seventh stadium tour, pamS Tour, which was also their first five-dome tour and the first five-dome tour ever headlined in history.

Since the invention of this new touring style, the five-dome tour is now used by many artists in Japan, as a symbol of being a first-rank artist in the music industry. Throughout the yearall five members starred in their own drama television series individually. Katori starred in a special episode of a comedy-drama television series, Ohha wa Sekai wo Sukuu.

All programs were that year's high-rated programs. The title was derived from a superseded soft drinkcalled SMAP, which was sold in Japan in the s. Six million drinks were shipped on the day of its release. From July to November, they launched their eighth stadium tour, SMAP 02 Drink Smap Tour, which became the largest tour in terms of attendance in Japanese history, with a total attendance of 1. The tour was released through DVD on March 5, On September 21,they released their first video album, Clip!

It reached number one in the charts for three consecutive weeks twice and for seven non-consecutive weeks. It became the best selling single in the 21st century and the fifth best selling single in Japanese history. It is the band's best selling single, with over 2, physical copies sold and their first record to sell over two million copies. The song has been covered and re-arranged by heavy metal guitarist Marty Friedman on his album Loudspeaker.

Due to scheduling conflicts with Katori's NHK Taiga dramaShinsengumi, the number of shows were reduced compared to previous years, though the number of attendees surpassed one million two years in a row. The tour was released through DVD on December 24, Out of the fifty-eight artists on the program, SMAP performed last for the first time, serving as the ootori, the most honorable and prestigious title in the Japanese music industry. SMAP became the first pop artist and the first group in history to perform as the ootori since the program started inas Kohaku is a historical and traditional music program and enka artists dominated the position of the ootori.

As artists are ranked according to the ratings during their performance, SMAP ranked number one out of fifty-eight artists and was the most watched act of that year's Kohaku, with a household share rating of Individual activities and Sample Bang[ edit ] Although all five members were able to work actively as a group while pursuing solo careers since their debut, intheir solo projects were on a tight schedule compared to the previous years, as they all carried their own television programs and worked as actors, on both television and film.

This was the first time in thirteen years that the band did not release any new material or go on tour. A song titled "Wonderful Life" was initially scheduled to become the band's new single in After finding out that the release was unlikely, they first decided to wait until the coming year but later had Inagaki release the song as a solo artist instead. The song served as the official song of the Summer Olympics and used during its television coverage on TBS.

In DecemberSMAP aired a television special as an apology for their musical hiatus and to show the fans their appreciation for their support on the group's solo projects. By the end oftheir single, "The One and Only Flower in the World", released inhad become the best selling single in the 21st century and the most recognized song in Japan. Although many assumed that the band would be performing the song again at Kohaku Uta Gassen as the ootori, as they did the previous year, the band declined their invitation from the show due to not releasing any new music in Kohaku experienced a fall in ratings that year and became the lowest-rated Kohaku in history and the absence of SMAP is thought to be the cause of this.

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Later init was announced that "Triangle" would be appearing on text books used in music classes in school. It also became the highest-rated 24 Hour Television since its launch in As artists are ranked according to the ratings during their performance, SMAP ranked number one out of fifty-four artists, and was the most watched act of that year's Kohaku, with a household share rating of Pop Up Smap, super.

On July 26,the band released their seventeenth album, Pop Up! SMAP, which reached number one and became their ninth best selling album. As artists are ranked according to the ratings during their performance, SMAP ranked number one out of fifty-eight artists, and was the most watched act of that year's Kohaku, with a household share rating of On January 18,"The One and Only Flower in the World" was chosen as one of Nihon no Uta Hyakusena collection of one-hundred songs, widely beloved in Japan and encouraged to be sung in future generations.

On September 8,Kimura starred in Heroa sequeal to the detective television series of the same name. The film was a commercial success and became the highest-grossing film that year, as well as becoming the second highest-grossing film among all films starred by a SMAP member, after another one of Kimura's film, Howl's Moving Castle In Decemberthey released a new single, "Dangan Fighter", which reached number one in the charts.

Their hit single from"The One and Only Flower in the World" was performed by all fifty-four artists together as the finale and marked On September 24,they released their eighteenth album, super. SMAP became the second artist in history to have a total album sales of ten million, after Chage and Aska. The song was first aired through a live broadcast of the World Aquatics Championships.

On April 26,it was announced that SMAP would be hosting an event for their fans in China on June 13,as a part of Expo Shanghai Chinathough it was later canceled to avoid complications at the venue. As noted in Merkle, this format of displaying information about the discount allows you to save space in the ad and show other extensions free delivery, product rating. Therefore, referential audits are needed if there were any violations in the history of the resource. Testing is carried out in the mobile and desktop Google versions.

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