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Women are sharing their dating red flags to help others · Dating · Instagram account created to shame men who are abusive on dating apps Home News. English News and Press Release on Kazakhstan about Agriculture, Recovery The disaster response effort to date has been marked by public posted by Aktobe newspaper Diapazon and has since been shared widely by. This year our country has celebrated th anniversary of cycling in Kazakhstan. In order to identify the exact date for the beginning of the first.

A video of year old Aktobe resident Mahabbat Yesimova, whose house was destroyed in the floods, has attractedviews — a sizable number for Kazakhstan. All my books and things are gone. Why are they tormenting us in his way? The tearful appeal for the government to do more was filmed and posted by Aktobe newspaper Diapazon and has since been shared widely by bloggers and on social media.

In response to the outcry, local businessmen said that they would pay for a two-story house for Yesimova and her family. Not everybody is so lucky. In the neighboring Kostanay region, in the village of Zelenovka, where 43 homes were destroyed, residents are complaining of not getting enough help from the government.

Officials, they say, are instead trying to intimidate them into keeping silent. They are scaring people. The village akim arrives and warns people not to call anywhere or write to anybody. But I am not afraid of anybody. I have lost too much. Flooding has even threatened the outskirts of Astana.

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In an effort to protect the capital, local authorities ordered water be pumped out of the Astana reservoir. But that move caused the Yesil and Nura rivers to break their banks and swamp the suburban villages of Talapker and Semyonovka. In the midst of the crisis, privately owned broadcaster KTK reported that the administration of the Tselinograd district, which surrounds Astana, had run out of money to cope with damage caused by flooding. The wealthy have not been spared. In the suburbs of the city of Petropavlovsk, three elite residential communities — Teplichnoe, Michurino and Ozernoe — were hit by overflowing waters.

Among the homes suffering damage was one belonging to Petropavlovsk Mayor Marat Tasmagambetov. The officials ostensibly responsible for overseeing the rescue, mitigation and recovery effort have engaged in mutual sniping. Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev accused Malik Murzalin, the governor of the Akmola region, where Astana is situated, of failing to make proper preparations for the season.

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Interior Minister Kalmuhanbet Kasymov said that a criminal investigation has been opened into the bursting of the Atbasar dam.

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