Ofer zur boundaries in dating

Demystifying Therapy: What are Dual and Multiple Roles? - Dr. Keely Kolmes

ofer zur boundaries in dating

Add to Wishlist. ISBN ; ISBN ; Pub. Date: 02/ 28/; Publisher: American Psychological Association. Dual Relationships, Multiple Relationships, Boundaries, Boundary Crossings & Boundary Violations in Psychotherapy, Counseling & Mental Health. By Ofer Zur . Dr. Zur is one of the top experts in the field of psychological ethics, multiple relationships and therapeutic boundaries. He is the author of.

Jones meet for several sessions, Andrea mentions at lunch with Dr. Suppose Mike tells Dr. Jones that Andrea is physically abusing their child.

ofer zur boundaries in dating

Jones because he fears negatively influencing his and her friendship with Andrea. This is an unfair burden for Mike to hold. Clearly, in the above scenario, there are a number of role conflicts that could get complicated very quickly.

Jones having to hold confidential information that she hears from Mike that she cannot share with Andrea. Jones may have very good boundaries around protecting confidential information, it can still be easy to slip up and forget who has shared what when she is hearing stories about the same events and relationship from two different people.

Here is a different scenario which provides an example of multiple roles leading to potential exploitation: After a few sessions, Dr. Bloom attends a dance class and discovers that Anthony attends the same class.

ofer zur boundaries in dating

They discuss this in the next therapy session and decide that it seems okay to continue both therapy and attending the same dance class. After a month, Anthony stops attending the dance class and starts coming late to sessions.

He seems easily angered by the therapist. Bloom tries to explore this with Anthony, he angrily accuses Dr. Bloom of using the dance class to monitor his progress on social anxiety issues and admits that his anxiety has worsened due to his feelings of being scrutinized by Dr.

Bloom to consider attending another dance class. The above examples illustrate how even with the best intentions, multiple roles can create an array of potential problems. This is a time in which it may be better to look for a therapist who is a bit more removed from the relationship. And this may also help you to understand why some therapists make particular decisions to avoid such situations.

Of course, not all multiple roles will be apparent to you or your therapist from the beginning. Social Networking and Multiple Roles Social networking is creating new opportunities for therapists and clients to encounter one another out-of-session, and one of the discoveries it may provide for both therapist and client is social overlap.

You may uncover information via the internet that leads you to find you have friends or other contacts in common with your therapist. This can be magnified when you are a member of a minority group and are seeking a therapist who serves such minorities or identifies as one. This can happen in ethnic, religious, disability, or sexual minority circles. Therapy is a place where you need to feel secure and comfortable. If you think your therapist has a significant relationship that may have an effect on your feelings of safety in therapy, then it is reasonable to bring this up with your therapist.

Be aware that if the other person is an actual client of your therapist, your therapist will be unable to disclose or confirm this fact. But a competent therapist should be able to address your feelings around this and talk to you about it. In some situations, it can make sense to get a referral to another therapist, if the role conflict has could interfere with your therapy and your experience of safety as a client. The ethics code is explicit that sexual role conflicts are always unethical, but there are times when non-sexual multiple roles cannot be avoided or when they may not be harmful.

Multiple relationships that cannot be expected to cause impairment, risk exploitation, or cause harm are not considered unethical. Different situations offer unique characteristics that need to be weighed on a case-by-case basis.

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For example, when practicing in small or rural communities in which it is difficult to find a therapist nearby, it may be more common to work with a therapist who you encounter in other social or professional settings. Similarly, if you are a member of a ethnic, cultural, or sexual minority group and you are seeking care from a therapist in that community, there may be some overlap of activities and social circles. Speed date a beat. Are available for patients.

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ofer zur boundaries in dating

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ofer zur boundaries in dating

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ofer zur boundaries in dating

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