Persona 4 dating nanako iwasa

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persona 4 dating nanako iwasa

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She staunchly believed in doing the right thing, and her determination, kindness, and gentle-heart reached a man she never thought she could attain in her wildest dreams. He was her brother, her older brother, the one she went to with her problems. Yet there are enemies everywhere, there are expectations. The weight of the village rests in the balance. Halyn Leander isn't one to let her quirk force her into the lime light.

That being said, she's not above raising a little hell in everyday life. Say hello to the hell raiser of UA. What once had been a normal, if not awful, day to day existence, now has become something strange and joining this growing crew of strangeness is a girl who creeps around like a spider on its web, awaiting its prey.

Jiraiya the Sannin never expected a second chance to keep a certain promise. And Naruto Uzumaki never expected to come home one day and find a strange woman living in his apartment. Who knew that one small request from the fourth Hokage could change the course of history?

Dead for years, yet she still has the power to consume his soul. Some women are built from it. No one with power stumbles through life with bloodless hands. Still, a girl has to protect her pack somehow, and if that means that I must live with the taste of blood on my tongue then so be it.

Her life was already a complicated mess before the club not to mention her best friend got her heart broken by the devilish twins, but when the twins start to fall for Rin they are hit with a devastating revelation.

Not only is she a girl, but she has cancer. She's just an orphan that doesn't talk unless spoken to and she's content with that. Or she was before the day her fate got intertwined with a silent giant and a boy Lolita.

She saved two lives and now the Haninozuka and Morinozuka families are indebted to her. My heart beats steady in an orchestrated sequence of beeps, tugging red and blue lines to its whims. One single feather, fallen among a sea of black Lost to the fluttering, ebony waves, cold and drowning We should have guessed we were bad for one another The spotlight and main role is heavily sought out, but one girl prefers to play the supporting role instead.

Rejecting the notion of becoming a "hero," she becomes the much needed support of one boy absorbed by his own complexes and insecurities. Hikaru wasn't ready to let anyone else in. Or do you leave because it's too hard for you to watch? Follow Kimura Mirai as she goes through the struggles of her teenage years and discovers more about friendships, love and change. She looks good on camera, so there is always a camera pointed at her face.

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She looks good on TV, so there are always commercials plastered with her face. She looks good in real life, so everyone always stares at her face. Miran Kagamine is photogenic. So why do these Hitachiin boys say she isn't fit to be their mother's model? This is the story of how two mutants and a sniper followed the little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb to run away from a fight into the jaws of death Does this belong to you?

She had a bird head with long gold and crimson feathers. She released the blonde's hand when she saw the jet-black bird. To be fair everyone did. She didn't remember much; she only knew her soldier, and she was determined to keep him safe. Determined to watch over him. T - English - Chapters: But this time, she wasn't sure if it existed at all. How do you save people in a world so full of brokenness, when you are no longer whole yourself?

Divine Strength by January Lily reviews Astrid is the last of her kind. Orphaned and then collected by Thanos who trained her to be lethal and loyal to him. Despite this, she has a natural knack for healing, much like the people she came from. Deep down she knows she can never be loyal to Thanos.

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Astrid is simply biding her time until one day Loki appears in the Sanctuary and she is asked to work her magic on him. In fact, most people aren't.

persona 4 dating nanako iwasa

Cecilia is quite content with her life at Hogwarts, while still facing the difficulties every teenager suffers under. She had her friends, her job, and occasional hobbies. But when her new neighbor with a metal arm saves her from a would-be assailant, she starts down a path that she didn't quite anticipate When they meet again, they both have to learn how to navigate parenthood, relationships, careers, and school amid the chaos of their lives.

Will their one night stand stay a one night stand? Or transcend that moment to become something more gratifying? Fruits Basket - Rated: Previously known as Glory Rewritten. T - English - Drama - Chapters: On her first day at Ouran Academy, Aiyanna and Kyoya were reunited once again, but they were different from each other as time went on after being childhood friends.

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But little as they know it, the two were arranged to get married. Surprise by Melya Liz reviews She was the first one to surprise him, ever.

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He was Fred Weasley! He was the one who was supposed to make girls feel uncomfortable. Harry Potter - Rated: Having to resort to drastic measures, he convinces the OR nurse Uraraka Ochako to pretend going out with him. Hmm, I can't seem to do so very well But getting that picture would help in visualizing.

Looking at my picks, there'll definitely be a good handful of familiar favourites, but at the same time I think there'll be quite a surprise in store.

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Well, House Haruo doesn't really make an appearance because as awesome as that is, I'm simply not a fan of House music all around, but With this introduction, I believe we can begin. I tried arranging the selection in order, but it's just a rough estimate as I feel like I like a good number of them to a similar degree.

Otone Mujou I feel like the list will not do if I don't add the song that piqued my interest in Japan's National Singer. I suppose I've been watching "Chanchiki Okesa" videos often enough to realise that the fellow would always raise his hands up, as if shading himself from the light, at the very last verse of the song. Now this is a festive song!

The brisk pace with the clanking percussions, thumping drums and the shrill flute makes one feel as if they've just been transported into the middle of Itoigawa's festival.

My favourite bit of "Omanta Bayashi" has got to be when Haru-san calls out to the folks of the different regions in Japan to join in on the fun - I really like the way in which his voice just bounces around from word to word when he sings it. Yonaoshi Rock 'n' Roll Y'know that little surprise I mentioned earlier? Yeah, this is it: The previous entries have focused heavily on what Haru-san was known for, ondos, minyos and rokyoku. Now, let's have something different. Let's have rock 'n' roll.

If only there was a live version of this! I wonder if he'd still stick to his kimono, or if he'd actually wear a black leather jacket. By the way, "Yonaoshi Rock 'n' Roll" can only be found on Spotify, so I've put the link to the album it's in. Kobe wo Hiraku Kiyomori Leaving the chaotic foray into rock 'n' roll, we come back down to earth for the chouhen kayo-rokyoku, where most cap at around 8 to 9 minutes.

They're really lengthy by regular song standards, but Haru-san just makes them sound so fascinating. Coming from his "Tale of Heike" series inMinami tells the tale of how the powerful Heian era figure Kiyomori Taira and his son, Shigemori? I'm not sure on this end built Kobe's port.

Though this doesn't have him yelling about something, I find that his portrayal of Kiyomori via the grand and noble score, and the trials of constructing a port in the face of rough seas through his threatening baritone are spot on.

Though I like "Kobe wo Hiraku Kiyomori" in its entirety, I also find that the first two and the very last stanzas are good enough to work as a regular length enka song. Though intimidated by its duration at first, the melody variation, his skillful and expressive delivery, and elegant moves shine through and makes one lose track of time.

And in the way of his violent outbursts, I thought "Otone Mujou" had Minami going nuts - how wrong was I.

Chihayafuru (TV)

Nothing prepared me for "Soba-ya ka! Plus, this was where I discovered his aptitude for rap. Man, guy must've been fire at tongue-twisters.

persona 4 dating nanako iwasa

This one revolves around Horibe Yasubei of the 47 ronin and his, well, showdown at Takadanobaba. As to why this is ahead of "Tawaraboshi Genba", I feel that Minami takes you on a wilder ride with "Ketsuto"; the music itself has got a more modern and groovy touch, and his voice gets a lot more intense and guttural, making for a more dramatic sound. And, of course, the shouts and growls in this one are off the rails.

I love me some grand sounding melodies and Minami portraying heroic characters, and its considerably shorter length made it once of my go-to tunes for listening on the go, so this one was a pretty obvious choice for the podium.

The song can be found at part 4 at the 7: You can also listen to it on Spotify, but as with his other rokyoku stuff, I find that half the joy comes from watching him perform it.