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Wong Fu Productions · 11,, vistas. Check out our Patreon page & help us continue to make original films! For the director's commentary, check out WongFu's website. A simple Special Thanks: Sam Bay Mimi Chao Ted Fu Tina Ong Diana Tran. Mimi chao and philip wang dating Online Dating With Horny Individuals. and wesley chan interview: philip wang and wesley chan of wong fu productions.

This is something we eventually had to face and accept, and we had to leave behind what we had. When I loved was my first girlfriend in high school. The feeling of young love is unique and impossible to replace or replicate because we can only be that age once.

High school was a time of innocence, discovery, and adventure. We shared these three elements together in things like our first kiss, late night sneaking out, and matinee movies, all of which now have become a nostalgic love, preserved in a time neither of us can touch, but know was there. Where I loved was the girl I met in Los Angeles.

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I never intended to stay there that long. It was just a six month internship after graduating. But it all changed when I met her. Soon, a year had passed, and somehow, another year after that. Maybe it was my desire to be on my own or prove something to everyone back at home, but she helped me accomplish it over there with a relationship reflective of the city we were in, an new energy, new experiences, that really pushed me to mature more than anyone or anywhere else.

When people ask what city I love the most, I say LA. The city where I lived the most. Why I loved was a close friend of mine who passed away. She told me after she was diagnosed that death was not what saddened her the most, but the fact that she never really felt like she had fallen in love.

After she passed, those words stuck with me the most, teaching me to see that one of the great gifts we have of being alive is the ability to give and receive and even lose love. Watch the whole episode for a surprise How is that even real?! It's been 20 years since an all Asian American family on network TV, let's hear from them what they're feeling!

Support by watching on TV, or better yet online, cause really who watches TV now? A special guest makes an appearance to help him on his quest Renegade Craft Fair - http: There's always that one girl in school you dream about! Sadly, we didn't have much luck.

Jason Lee Turtlist Productions http: Five household objects express their feelings toward their owner when she begins to neglect them for someone else. When Five Fell is a new take on the ideal boy-meets-girl love story.

Although the short is told from a unique and unconventional perspective, the emotions described should be familiar to anyone that's fallen in or out of a relationship. We crumble in the dread of falling from love. Director's Notes and Commentary here: Mimi Chao - http: A handful of geeky references. Watch Phil's Commencement Address! Time for candy cavities, pumpkin carving, and finding the perfect costume.

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