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polio women dating

Find the perfect Polio Women stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Download premium images you can't get anywhere else. Welcome to Ask Dr. Maynard, a new feature of Post-Polio Health. . Question: I am dating a woman who had polio, but if you didn't know it, you could not tell it. Some immunizations are recommended for all women during pregnancy . However, polio vaccination is not usually recommended during pregnancy and other health professionals up-to-date on the latest medical findings.

Also, having the good knee replaced will put more pressure on the weaker leg. How does that work out for people in my situation?

polio women dating

I contracted polio inwhen I was 3 years old. I have been on medication since then but there is no change thus far. At times I feel so weak after taking medication. Is there a link between post-polio and high blood pressure? I have a question regarding differential diagnosis specifically utilizing electromyographpy EMG, a test that measures the electrical activity of muscles at rest and during contraction.

polio women dating

I am 63 with a family history of stenosis. An MRI shows L stenosis. My right leg has always been very weak. The neurologist attempted EMG in the right leg but said there is no electrical response and so there is no way to identify nerve root involvement for possibly repairing the problem.

Is there another way to do an EMG on an essentially flaccid leg or another test to diagnose the origin? I have lower left leg PPS atrophy. Other than trying not to sit for too long, cutting back on salt and elevating the leg more, is there anything else I should be thinking about or doing for this? I had been having redness, swelling and lot of pain in the foot of my polio leg, and then the knee-lock in my brace caliper collapsed, and I fell, resulting in a fracture at the base of the first metacarpal bone, extending into the joint surface cuneiform bone in the polio foot.

There was no dislocation as the foot was in the brace and shoe. I wore a cast and nursed the foot back to health for five months through regular physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Recently, I have noticed redness, swelling and pain again in the foot of the polio leg. Is this a cause for worry?

This leg does have osteopenia. I had polio inand I am now Adapting was less difficult due to the helpful information gathered at support group meetings. However, I am not finding information or answers that address this issue: Has breast reduction and surgical reduction of abdominal fat been suggested and utilized with other post- polio women?

While remaining relatively active and napping daily, the genetic characteristics typical in my female family members have increasingly resulted in unwanted, exhausting weight gain. The weight impacts the low back weakness and pain initially brought on by accidental injury before I discovered that recovery was hampered by post-polio syndrome. Any response would be helpful and appreciated. To rule out a stroke, I had an MRI.

This showed some, what was thought to be, old injury. It is in the right front lobe.

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I had polio in at the age of 2, and I now have PPS. The polio affected my left leg. Could what showed up on the MRI be caused from the polio? I am now 76, had polio when I was 4. Since post-polio syndrome PPS hit me, I needed a leg brace and walk with two canes. I can never remember a day without pain, but now it seems to have spread all over my body, not just my legs.

My internist feels that this will help. I had paralytic polio 64 years ago at the age of 13 months. My left leg had major paralysis and a small amount to my right leg. I always walked with a severe limp. I was diagnosed 25 years ago with PPS as I was developing new weakness in my legs. Four years ago, swallowing began to bother me and also volume when blowing breath.

I recently saw a neurologist who thinks I have ALS. I have been having a LOT of pain through my butt into my lower back. I looked up muscle groups and think I see what is causing the problem.

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I sit at my desk nine or so hours six days a week in order to survive financially. I never realized sitting in a wheelchair could atrophy some muscle groups. Do you have any words of wisdom for PPSers who use wheelchairs? At night I lie down after supper to watch TV and unwind. Can post-polio syndrome PPS be the cause of a nerve ending problem over the stomach region? I have annoying, tingling pains over the stomach region at about skin level or just below.

It continues on and off throughout the day but not serious enough to wake me at night. Also, temperature appears to affect me and brings the pains on. I had polio in At age 50, I started having new weakness. I am now 79 and my legs have shown greater weakness. I wear a full brace on my left leg and a short brace on my right leg. Lately I have been falling, even with my walker. My left leg is very swollen but medical tests do not show anything.

Could the late effects of polio be causing the swelling? Do you know of any polio survivors who are experiencing numbness in their affected areas? I did some physical therapy recently for about six weeks using both sides of my body to improve the strength in my unaffected leg, and noticed that my left arm the affected side was becoming numb and then later in the day, my left leg would also become numb just the top part of my arm and leg.

My family doctor is sending me to a neurologist to see if I have a pinched nerve but he and I both think it is polio related. I'd appreciate your advice. I had all three types of polio. I was paralyzed from my throat down and was unconscious. My physiatrist says that paraplegics have a lot more diabetes, so I started wondering how post-polio and spinal cord injury compare with regard to the disease.

My father-in-law is 88 years old and has post-polio syndrome. What is your professional opinion? I have a severe rotator cuff tear and an orthopedic surgeon has recommended a shoulder replacement because of the severity of the tear and the presence of significant arthritis.

Apparently the increased dependency has weakened my arms and, perhaps, injured them. The surgery may help or may create complications. Can you share any knowledge to help me make an informed decision? Do you have any statistics on PPS occurring 60 years after having polio? I am nervous because he is questioning my medications, and I am not sure he understands my history.

Can you help me understand his approach and offer assuring advice as he and I get to know each other? I am a polio survivor who has had untoward and paradoxical responses to muscle relaxants and meds in particular, but also possibly to lidocaine pain patches used for the first time this year.

I was hospitalized, through the emergency room, with cellulitis of my stronger leg while on vacation. I found it scary to think that my medical history information was not treated as important! I would like to know if this reaction relates to being a polio survivor.

polio women dating

I read about muscle wasting in people who age sarcopenia in the syndicated column of "Dr. Is there a way to tell the difference? Are the management recommendations for each cause? Has there ever been a study of whether antidepressants help relieve muscular pain and fatigue? Is it a plausible treatment for people who have had polio? I am a polio survivor with PPS. Recently I began to suffer severe knee instability, but a sports medicine specialist recommended against braces, saying they would inhibit the muscles from regenerating.

It seems to me that polio-atrophied muscles will not regenerate anyway and that braces would at least help to prevent collapse. Can a Grade 3 concussion cause the onset of post-polio syndrome PPS? I developed the symptoms during recovery from a concussion and have been diagnosed as having PPS.

Are there any nutritional issues that polio survivors should pay special attention to? Are there any particular dietary needs or concerns? Any supplements that are beneficial?

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Can I regain some muscle mass and strength through exercise? Adopt a positive attitude In a culture obsessed with physical perfection and beauty, it is hard for polio survivors to maintain a positive self-image, especially if the illness has left them physically disabled.

It is likely that from time to time they may start thinking of themselves as somehow inferior to a person with intact limbs and thus as less attractive.

So if you are dating someone with polio, it is important that you should say positive things to them. For instance compliment your girlfriend on her hairdo or mention to your boyfriend that the jacket suits him very well. If you lie, then your partner will see you as insincere and patronizing, traits which are hardly welcome in a meaningful relationship.

Allow the relationship to develop at its own pace and avoid trying to force anything, especially intimacy, too soon. Though sexual intercourse is possible even after polio, the exact nature of the condition will determine the extent a polio survivor can enjoy normal sexual life. Since notions of self-hood in human society are so intricately wound up with physical perfection, your partner may be hesitant to move your relationship to the intimate level. In the end, approach a relationship with a polio survivor like one with any other person.

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polio women dating

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