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pro jr dating

Just picked up a tweed Fender Pro Junior and was wondering how to date it. Its a 10 inch speaker and the serial number is T Pro Jr.'s have been manufactured from to the present.. its not considered a vintage amp by most people. So dating it might not be too. The Fender Pro Junior is a guitar amp manufactured by Fender Musical Instruments Co. It is the lowest-priced model of the Hot Rod series and has a 10" .

pro jr dating

Why it does not sound like a vintage Fender Amp! It is fair question these days. The Blues Junior has become such a common commodity that holds a place as a moderately priced amp that everyone has tried. A Junior sounds okay but if I could not build amps that sound better than a Blues Junior I would be doing something else. The Blues Junior is a good choice for someone trying to get their first tube amp but it not a professional's amp by any stretch.

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So why is that? What about the Blues Junior is so different from the vintage 50's and 60's Fender designs that are so coveted and that so many of my amps are inspired by? In this article I will delve into the differences in construction and circuit design and how they compare to vintage Fenders. First a Common Misconception about the Blues Junior: While it is dressed that way it is nothing like a Tweed. The Blues Junior is it's own design--it's own thing.

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Basic Construction Differences from Vintage Fenders: The basic construction of the Blues Junior is very different from vintage Fender amps. By lowering the labor and material costs Fender keeps the price low and the profits high. Here are some major differences: Pine is resonate and adds to the tone.

pro jr dating

Particle board at best is neutral in this regard. Finger Joints are much stronger than the Dado joints found in the Blue Junior.

pro jr dating

The downside is that finger joints are laborious adding to the cost. This width makes the baffle act as an extension of the speaker adding to the coloration to the sound. The downside is that the speaker is less efficient in a "floating baffle design".

Whether you like the "floating baffle" or fixed baffle sound is really a matter of taste.

Why a Fender Blues Junior does not Sound Like a Vintage Fender — Carl's Custom Amps

PCB Board rather than hand wired: The layout is not as ideal since components must be mounted to suit the PCB rather than the best layout for the circuit. Components are smaller and of lower quality in some cases some parts are just fine.

pro jr dating

The filter caps are poor quality causing problems with the amp turned up. Illinois Capacitors the big grey ones are know throughout the boutique amp world as being the worst brand of caps out there. Inexplicably Fender uses them in almost all their amps. Many other foreign brands sound and work better.

Dating a Fender Pre Junior

The tank is in the bag but you get the idea! Turned up the power supply is sagging due to the power transformer! Sometime I will be shooting for less headroom so I might pick a smaller transformer in an amp design but I think the Blues Jr.

There are many differences in circuit design from vintage Fenders. El Power Tubes rather than 6L6 or 6V6 tubes. Els are great tubes but sound little like the 6V6 or 6L6 found in most vintage Fenders. They have less bottom end and more chime. They also tend to be a bit crunchier when pushed. To most ears ELs are hard and harsher sounding tubes. This tweed-finish model was first reviewed in Guitarist magazine in the May issue, which went on sale in mid April.

Discounting was a separate matter entirely and was, I seem to recall, pretty enthusiastic.

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The tweed covering was prompted by the major blues resurgence of the early s, which saw many original blues guitarists such as John Lee Hooker, Albert Collins, BB King, Buddy Guy and Otis Rush becoming icons of cool. More modern artists such as Gary Moore had dropped their contemporary slant to focus on blues, and were keen to invite the old American greats onto their albums and live tours.

Meanwhile, people like Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt and Robert Cray — always popular blues guitarists — gained additional exposure, and the whole thing developed into a buzzing movement. Once wider commerce began to associate its products with authentic blues in TV ad campaigns, it was clear the blues movement had considerable earning potential. Evidently Fender could see that tweed finishes could equate to seriously big sales at that point in time.

The tweed Pro Junior is actually a much sought after piece of gear these days. But this is not ebay. The stuff under scrutiny on Planet Botch is not for sale, and it always gets a completely unbiased appraisal. The only way you can properly control the level for low-volume practice purposes is to route the guitar through an effect or volume pedal before feeding into the amp, and use the Master Volume control on the effect to reduce the wellington, so to speak.

I use a Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal for this purpose and it sorts out the problem very nicely. That said, if you were to get hold of an original blue on black Bluesbreaker pedal for use with this model of amp, the two do make an ideal combination. The physical size of the cabinet creates concerns. However, the Pro Junior provides a much rounder and more balanced tone than its size would suggest - remarkably so.

With volume very low the amp is loud but middly and light on bass.