Punjabi dating customs

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punjabi dating customs

Punjabi wedding traditions are a strong reflection of Punjabi culture with ritual, song, dance, food, and dress that have evolved over centuries. There are many awesome reasons to date a Punjabi guy, but here I would mention the top No idea about other culture-guys, but a Punjabi guy is usually really. Dating a conservative Punjabi girl one who is attached to her roots can and spiritual — Punjabi girls are always rooted to their customs and.

Ubtan[ clarification needed ] is supposed to bring a glow to the bride's and groom's body, especially on their faces. This tradition is also known as Shaint in some cultures. After this ritual, the bride and groom are constrained from meeting each other until the wedding ceremony. A decorated pitcher of water ghadoli is brought for the bride's bath by the groom's bhabi brother's wife. In the ghara gharoli ritual, the bride's sibling or sibling's spouse visits the nearby temple and fills a pitcher with holy water.

The girl is then bathed with this holy water. Thereafter, the bride wears her wedding attire. The ghara gharoli and the vatna ceremonies take place at the groom's house too. But over there, the groom's sister-in-law brings the pitcher of water. As per the tradition, their wedding dress is presented to them by their respective maternal uncles. In this ceremony, the family dances and sings in the beautifully decorated wedding home. Jaggo is celebrated in the last hours of the night. They decorate copper or brass vessel called khadaa with diveh clay lamps and fill them with mustard oil and light them.

punjabi dating customs

The bride or bridegroom's maternal aunt mami carries it on her head, and another woman will carry a long stick with bells, shaking it. The women will then go into other friends' and families' homes; after being welcomed by sweets and drinks, they dance there and move on. It is a loud ceremony, filled with joy, dancing, fireworks, and food. It is also practised in Pakistan. A young nephew or cousin dons the same attire as the groom. Groom riding a horse with his sarbala Sehra: Like the bride's home, the Vatna and Ghara Gharoli are followed by the dressing up of the groom in his wedding attire.

After the groom has dressed up in his wedding clothes, a puja is performed. Thereafter, the groom's sister ties the sehra on the groom's head.

After the completion of Sehrabandi ceremony, all those who witness the function give gifts and cash to the boy as a token of good luck.

A groom with sehra Varna is a ceremony that is supposed to ward off the evil eye. The groom's bhabi lines his eyes with surma kohl. Ghodi Chadna is the final ceremony at the groom's place.

The groom's sisters and cousins feed and adorn his mare. To ward off the evil eye, people use cash and perform the Varna ritual. The cash is then distributed among the poor. After this the boy climbs the horse and leaves his home for the wedding venue. Ghodi chadna Rituals at the marriage venue[ edit ] Milni literally means "introductions".

In a Sikh marriage, Ardas is performed by the person in charge of looking after the Sikh scriptures, followed by the formal introductions of senior men in the families. For example, both eldest chachas father's younger brother will come together and exchange garlands of flowers. In the Milni ceremony, the girl's relatives give shagun a token of good luck to the groom's close relatives in descending order of age.

Cash and clothes are gifted. After Milni, the bride and groom come in the center of the circle where the family is standing, and place a heavily made garland made of flowers- varmala on each other to state, they accept each other and will love and live together with one another.

Friends and relatives of the bride and groom indulge in teasing and fun, to celebrate this happy occasion. An auspicious time or muhurat is chosen for the performance of wedding ceremony. Hindu bride and groom Kanyadaan and Phere: The bride's father puts a ring on the boy's finger and then he gives his daughter to the boy.

This ritual is known as the Kanyadaan. It is after the kanyadaan that the pheras begin. The pheras take place in front of the sacred fire, agni. After this the groom applies Sindoor vermilion to the girl's hair partition and the Mangalsutra Rasam takes place where the groom ties a beaded necklace i. When all these rituals are over, the couple gets up to touch the feet of all the elder members in the family and seek their blessings for a happily married life.

punjabi dating customs

In a Hindu Punjabi Wedding, Agni sacred fire is usually encircled seven times. In a Sikh weddingthe bride and groom will walk in tow around the Guru Granth Sahib four times, called laavaan. This signifies they not only accept each other as one soul in two bodies, but also as the Guru as the center of their marriage.

Joota chupai literally means 'hiding the shoes'. The bride's sisters indulge in stealing of shoes. It is a fun tradition, in which the girls charge a fee for agreeing to return the shoes. They demand Kalecharis of gold for the bride's sisters and of silver for her cousins. Vidaai marks the departure of the bride from her parental house.

As a custom, the bride throws phulian or puffed rice over her head. The ritual conveys her good wishes for her parents. Touching feet as a sign of respect In many parts of India it is a sign of respect to elders to touch their feet.

I had never attempted to do this tradition while we were in the United States, but I had seen my husband do it many times.


When we went to India I was going to be meeting all different relatives and I was told I needed to touch feet as a sign of respect, and not doing so could make me look stuck up. There was a big discussion about who I was supposed to touch the feet of and who not, I was very lost and confused.

There were some special people I was supposed to cover my head for and also touch their feet, but there was disagreement between my husband, mother-in-law, and sister- in-laws as to who was important and not. They were still disagreeing when the guests came!

punjabi dating customs

I felt quite embarrassed and I glowed red! I pretty much hid in the kitchen at that point, volunteering to make food and such.

I still get embarrassed when I think about this story; I am currently glowing red right now! How to cook Punjabi food: Food is really important to my husband, as it is for most men actually. I personally could eat anything really and be content. When I was single there had been many a dinner of cereal and milk or a cold sandwich. Food is paramount in the family. It must be hot, fresh, and homemade. Home food is considered sacred in some ways, eating out is not even in the same realm as home food.

I personally love eating out occasionally. I love getting new ideas and being inspired to make new foods. I am a foodie. I love to cook and bake and make sweets and try all kinds of different ethnic foods. When my husband and I first started dating we used to cook together and he taught me how to cook many Punjabi dishes. I learned the rest from my mother-in-law and from the internet.

Dating a Punjabi girl when you're Gujarati..

I took me a lot of time to master the art of making round roti that puffs up when you cook it. For the whole first year of our marriage I failed miserably at making Roti!

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I would actually get frustrated and cry. When I went to India my wonderful mother-in-law finally taught me the art of roti making, and since then I am now a Roti Master! My husband does not like food that is bland or does not have a sauce. Everything must be super seasoned and have chilies in it. My 3 year old daughter is the same way.

punjabi dating customs

Even as a baby she hated plain baby food. She loved subjis curries and paranthas stuffed whole wheat savory pan cooked flat bread. I love Punjabi food, but I also love things like mash potatoes and basic baked chicken.

I have introduced him to a lot of foods, and he likes them as long as they are very flavorful! Here is out menu for this week. Chana masala chick peas and rice Tuesday: Filled pasta with pesto sauce and garlic bread Wednesday: Aloo potatoes masala with Puri fried flat bread Thursday: Homemade pizza with Capsicum, chilies, mushrooms and olives Saturday: Vegetable Biryani rice dish Sunday: Yellow Daal and rice 3.

Punjabi is a language similar to Hindi and very challenging to me. I speak decent Spanish but Punjabi was nothing like anything I had ever learned before. My Mother—in-law does not speak very much English and she will be moving in with is soon so I really need to learn as much as possible before she comes.

My husband is a terrible teacher. Its just not good to mix teaching and marriage. I have learned to comprehend a lot of Punjabi. I have had to learn or get left out of the conversation. I am working hard on learning to speak it as well.

I started a great audio program through pimsleur and it has helped me with accent and retention.

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I started the program and learned secretly and then surprised my husband with a few good phrases and was shocked and happy, and said the accent was great. Here is a free lesson for all those that want to learn. I listen to the program with my daughter because she also needs to use Punjabi more.