Railway enthusiasts dating advice

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railway enthusiasts dating advice

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After crossing the Pacific by steamship, and while passing through California en route to school in New England, the youngsters were exposed to many modern technological marvels, including multi-storey buildings and electric lights.

Born in Guangdong, Zhan would prove to be one of the most brilliant students in his class, particularly in mathematics.

Zhan was sent to the coastal port city of Foochow now Fuzhou, in Fujian province to work for the imperial navy. Having been inspired in the United States, he eventually realised his dream of becoming a railway engineer inat the age of 27, when he was enlisted to work on the line running between Peking and Mukden Beijing and Shenyang, respectively.

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For 12 years, Zhan soaked up everything he could learn under the stewardship of British expert Claude William Kinder, engineer in chief on the line. Zhan was permitted to engineer railways for the Qing regime without foreign assistance from He would begin work on the Jingzhang line in As a result of the Railway Protection Movement, provincial governors were permitted to build railways.

railway enthusiasts dating advice

Some functioned well, but others soaked up funds and went bankrupt, causing the imperial government to nationalise the network. The move provoked civil unrest that fed into the revolution, which ultimately toppled the Qing dynasty. Zhan Tianyou is my hero. He did things most of us will never manage to do. Wang Wei and I first meet in Zhejiang, in the amber-hued autumn ofwhile attending the Lishui Photography Festival November So you could say I was raised by the iron road.

However, I do recall one photography teacher, called Mr Xu, who told me I should photograph things that are disappearing. If you go to a train show with them, they will show you what they have and what they want.

railway enthusiasts dating advice

If your railfan has always wanted to visited a railroad, but has never gotten the chance, plan it. If they really like photography, book a photo charter. Many tourist railroads have these as special events. Additionally, talk with your local shortline or tourist railroad about providing your railfan with a cab ride.

railway enthusiasts dating advice

Visit a railfan hotspot. This should be fun both for your railfan and for you…and also not too expensive! An example of this is the town of Altoona, PA.

With plenty of rail traffic, Horseshoe Curve, and railroad-themed hotels right by the tracks, you can enjoy this area for a whole weekend. Take a train trip, whether it be a day trip on a tourist railroad or a whole train vacation I took my railfan to ride on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. You might become a railfan. It will happen slowly. One day you are an observer, and the next you are found in the bushes with a camera trying to get the perfect shot of a train to upload to Railpictures.

How did this happen? When did this happen!? All I can say is, embrace it. Talk about what it means to be a railfan to your significant other. Ask if they are comfortable with you discussing their hobby with other people. Some are perfectly fine with it, and others are not. Some railfans feel embarrassed about their hobby, so they prefer not to talk about it outside of the railfan community and hide their passion. There are many reasons behind why, and understanding them is key.

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As they required a permit and this could be hard to obtain some "shed bashers" were illegal. Even the shortest haulage will count, such as being hauled for a few hundred yards by a shunting locomotive when one portion of a train is being hooked up to another at a junction.

In some cases fans who like the sound of a particular type of locomotive working hard hauling a train will ride behind them as much as possible, even following English-built locomotives exported abroad, Portugal's Class similar to BR Class 50 being one example. This may take months or years in the case of dense networks.

The definition of 'complete' riding may change from person to person, and non-passenger routes may be included by travelling on locomotives, freight trains or special excursion trains, others may attempt to ride on each individual track and curve, rather than the route as a whole, some may not include riding during night, and others may require visiting each station rather than just passing through.

British enthusiasts who attempt to cover a railway network are usually referred to as "gricers" or "track bashers". Chasing a fantrip by road for the purposes of photography is often referred to as "Motorcading" in Australia. Many railfans also collect " railroadiana " or "railwayana".

railway enthusiasts dating advice

Railroadiana refers to artifacts from railroads and railroad operations and could include nearly anything to do with a particular railroad, including public or employee timetableslocomotive number boards, dining car china, passenger train ticketstools and pieces of equipment such as lanterns, or sometimes items as big as train hornsor track speeders. Although few can afford the acquisition cost or the space for storage, some railfans collect full size rolling stock or locomotives.

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Searching for and exploring abandoned railways is another area of railfan interest. Using old maps, one may find the former route, and the abandoned railway stationstunnels and bridges may remain after a railway closure. Some abandoned rail rights-of-way have been converted to rail-trails for recreational use such as bicyclingwalkinghikingrunning or jogging. This would be considered railbankingwhere the right-of-way is preserved, by keeping it intact, for the potential reactivation of rail service in the future.

railway enthusiasts dating advice

List of railroad-related periodicals Some railfans are interested in other aspects of railroads not directly dealing with the trains.