Rena maycock dating games

Dating agency plays Cupid for 1, couples who hit it off -

rena maycock dating games

Rena Maycock and Feargal Harrington know all about the dating game. Not only because they are engaged to each other and due to marry in. We sent a model and a radio star on a real blind date. Set up by Rena Maycock and Feargal Harrington, who met on their very own blind date, the idea at Intro is good old-fashioned matchmaking. All these stupid games.”. My house cost € and is highly unlikely to ever return to positive equity, so it will always be my most extravagant/foolish purchase.

How to get that elusive second date

He's the youngest of Jerome and the late Mary Ita's four children. His mum sadly passed away inaged 54, from a five-year battle with cancer, when he was only My aunties and older sister Sinead were great too.

rena maycock dating games

It was tough, but I grew up a lot. Kids at the time would go on about hating their parents for not letting them go out, but I really appreciated what was important.

We found love, now we'll do it for you! -

That was when Feargal and I decided to start our own business in our spare time. He was working in the estate agency business and the money just wasn't there either, so we decided to set up a dating agency. I've set up people who are married now, and we have a lot of single friends, so we felt we could make it easier for people to meet someone.

rena maycock dating games

When we built it up and it was secure enough to leave our jobs, I went in full-time and Feargal joined me a few months later. Then they search through their database for potential matches, and if the two people they select like the sound of each other, they organise for them to meet for a meal. They have been very successful at matching people, having paired up 1, couples to date, and keep a strict They have members in 32 counties aged from 22 to 80, and say they would love to attract more men to the service, as they have to turn women away at times to balance the ratio.

People can get embarrassed about looking for a partner, but it's a very brave thing to go out and get what you want. She would come into work even if she had a broken leg. I'm a bit too talkative and I don't let things go, but when a problem arises, I want to talk it out and be done with it.

How to get that elusive second date ·

I hate arguments that aren't resolved, but Rena can be a sulker. He's warm and kind, and never talks ill of people.

rena maycock dating games

If we manage to get over hurdle 1 and conclude we would like to meet someone, hurdle 2 is not too far behind — how do I retain the illusion of perfect happiness in isolation? I have spent the last six years posting hilarious pics of myself enjoying my fun, jam-packed-full-of-social-events, tonnes-of-friends-and-generally-great-craic-life on Facebook.

New stats reveal one in 10 Irish people has a Tinder profile

Social media has made us all addicted to advertising the perfect existence to all and sundry. God forbid we should own up to wanting a little more.

rena maycock dating games

So we admit to ourselves that we are on the hunt for love but nobody else is allowed to know. So we join a flirty online dating site in the hopes of meeting Mr or Ms Right only to be inundated with lewd pics and propositions from married people looking for affairs.

Loneliness All joking aside, loneliness is a crippling feeling that affects people of every age all over Ireland.

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  • Dating agency plays Cupid for 1,500 couples who hit it off

Figures show that loneliness kills as many elderly people each year as cancer. We stand to learn a lot from our neighbours on both sides of the water. Online dating is the most popular way to meet people in the UK and US, where there is no stigma at all attached to talking about the willingness to find a match.

Our neighbours have noticed the shocking obviousness of taking the shortcut and selecting an online dating site that exactly meets our needs. If I want an affair, I go to a casual dating site; if I want a serious relationship I go to a matchmaking dating site etc.