Rhov mary zilba dating

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rhov mary zilba dating

More than any other Housewife, Mary Zilba has been put through the On the occasion of her most emotional episode to date, Zilba reacts to. .Mary Zilba of Real Housewives of Vancouver discusses her views of # RHOV, her relationship with Jody Claman, being set up on a date. Since she left RHOV, Reiko separated from her husband Sun Mackenzie, who we met on the show. She also came out as genderless and.

The tension is palpable. This does not seem to be an act. Claman looks at Negus in exasperation. In Season 2, Ferrari-driving Reiko Mackenize and party girl Christina Kiesel are gone, replaced by three new cast mates. Christina wanted to travel. Reiko wanted to move on.

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The show can be stressful. Negus says she likes the new vibe. The new cast members are: She is focusing on a career as an art dealer while looking after four stepkids. A self proclaimed sex-addict, Hansen says she has given up her partying ways.

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Former Texan Robin Reichman is living off a healthy divorce settlement with two nannies and a country chic lifestyle.

She was part of the cast. Meanwhile, Negus says fans have been mostly positive. Drama, conflict, tension are all essential elements in a good story.

Real Housewives of Vancouver Mary Zilba says: "Spank the right people"

And in the Canadian version, the casting has been picture perfect from the bullied housewife, to the nasty villainess, the happy party girl and the trophy wife. Vancouver meanwhile, will never be the same.

Is Real Housewives of Vancouver Scripted?-Mary Zilba

The five women insist nothing is scripted. The drama, the tears, the yelling -- they're all real. There are incredible highs and incredible lows on the show, and it's real.

rhov mary zilba dating

You can't make that stuff up. Claman says she wanted her success in business to be a positive example for young people, while raising awareness for her Larry Lunch Bucket charity in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

MacKenzie, too, wants to be a role model, with her martial arts training serving as an example of a strong woman. Kiesel has dreams of hosting a travel TV show, and she hopes her exposure to the cameras can help launch that career.

rhov mary zilba dating

Zilba says she hopes the show might help her restart her music career, while also raising money for the Tubular Sclerosis Society, which researches a disease that affects her son.

And Negus, whose daughter has special needs after a premature birth, plans to donate all the money she receives from the show to charity.

rhov mary zilba dating

She sits on the board of the B. Nevertheless, some of them were still cautious about laying out their lives for public consumption and exposing their children to the cameras.

rhov mary zilba dating

Claman says her husband and teenage son both refused to be on the show, although her son does make brief appearances, she says.