Roku 2 xs review uk dating

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roku 2 xs review uk dating

Roku 2 XS p Streaming Player: TV. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews Boxed-product Weight: g; Item model number: EU; ASIN: BVTASW4; Date first available at 9 Jan. Apr 26, Roku Roku 2 XS: A lovably compact media streamer with a great but the selection is very much focused on US viewers rather than UK. Apr 3, In this media streamer dust-up, the rookie Roku 2 XS is pitted against the Apple TV. in-depth info on each, read my Apple TV review and Roku 2 XS review. .. .but the Apple TV lets you buy and watch up-to-date movies.

Included with this device that's scarcely larger than a hockey puck is a brand-new game remote with an accelerometer on board. That lets you control objects on the screen using gestures, much like the Nintendo Wii.

roku 2 xs review uk dating

Here's a Roku product matrix to help you keep the three models straight. Connecting the Roku 2 is a simple process of plugging in its power cable and then connecting Ethernet or not if you're using its on-board Wi-Fi and HDMI cables to your TV or home theater receiver. The tedious part of the setup is getting the Roku acquainted with your various credentials on services such as NetflixHulu Plus and Pandora.

Aside from its newfound gameplaying capabilities and radical design changes, the Roku 2 interface and sources are almost identical to its predecessor. It does an admirable job of playing high-definition content from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and lots of other video sources that you can see listed here.

roku 2 xs review uk dating

As a longtime Roku user, I've always admired its simple interface, allowing you to quickly select sources, and skip forward or rewind video playback with ease. If you'd like to watch YouTube videos using Roku, you're out of luck. I'm a big Angry Birds aficionado, so I had great fun playing this Roku version, which adds more physicality to an already excellent game.

The home screen consists of a single banner running across the centre of the screen that has large icons for the various 'Channels' Roku-speak for apps.

roku 2 xs review uk dating

It's fairly easy to use, although the more channels you add, the more tedious it becomes to scroll over and back along the long list. The presentation is quite basic as it lacks the graphical flare that marks its rival out from the media streaming pack.

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Apps like iPlayer also take an age to start up. The Roku 2 XS has a single navigation banner spanning the middle of the display, which is simple but can be tedious to scroll along. The menu system on the Apple TV is by far the best you'll find of any media streamer on the market. It looks absolutely gorgeous and it's packed full of neat transitions and smooth animations.

Cover art scrolls effortlessly by in the various menus and the lightning-quick interface makes it obvious that the whole system is running on much more powerful hardware -- in this case, a single-core A5 processor. Apple TV Round 2: It also has a great Netflix app onboard that's a cinch to use.

24 Hidden Roku Tricks for Streaming Success

There are plenty of other apps that you can install from the Channel Store, including the likes of Cracklewhich offers free streaming of older movies and TV shows. It's also home to a neat version of Angry Birds, which is fun to play with the Roku's motion-sensing controller.

It then goes and lets its guard down by missing out some critical apps. It's bewildering that there's no YouTube app included. Where are you going to go to watch cute videos of cats? Okay, you could use the Vimeo app instead, but it's not quite the same.

roku 2 xs review uk dating

While the Roku does have a surprisingly broader selection of apps than the Apple TV, a lot of them offer pretty pedestrian content. It also lacks a premium movie service where you can buy and stream recent titles.

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First-time users will need to create an account on Roku's website, while veteran Rokuites will simply need to add the unit to their accounts via a short identification number.

While the whole setup takes a matter of minutes, you'll need to provide Roku with a credit card - in case of any additional fees - and you won't be able to use your new streamer until it receives a short firmware update. A bummer, I know. Content Easily its biggest strength, the Roku 2 is an equal opportunity player.

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Roku has over 2, channels available to download with varying degrees of paid content, interesting shows and specificity. If you're looking for a film noir alien channel or an ultra-specific '90s country metal hybrid station, Roku's storefront is the place to find it.

Of course, while there are plenty of niche channels to pick from, the streaming staples are front and center.

Roku 2 XS - Streaming Player (UK) Unboxing and Install

Audio apps of note in both territories include Spotify, Rdio, Tunein and Vevo. Cord cutters who live in the US will also have access to Sling TV, the new live TV cable alternative that's bringing new life to the cord cutting movement.

The stream was crisp and clear on Roku 2, just as it was when I tested it on Roku 3.

roku 2 xs review uk dating

Obviously, your mileage may vary, as my home setup isn't identical - or even necessarily in the same ballpark either way - as everyone else. The amount of content available on Roku's boxes is vast, and while the majority of the options are either too oddly niche to be concerned with or poor ports of YouTube channels, the additional options don't detract from the experience.

Plus, the ability to customize the contents and order of your home screen means you only ever have to see the channels you want to see.