Rules of dating korean trailer tires

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rules of dating korean trailer tires

Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 23/02 – Passenger Car Tyres) . Very light trailer Pneumatic tyres shall bear the date of manufacture in the form of a group of four digits for Cyprus, 50 for Malta, 51 for the Republic of Korea, 52 for Malaysia, 53 for Thailand, 54 and 55 (vacant) and 56 for Montenegro. ST, Special Trailer tire - not for use on passenger vehicles. That's the simple answer, and it's a safe rule of thumb to follow. . Always choose a tire installation shop with experienced mechanics and an up-to-date shop. you can buy Ecsta SPT Colored Smoke tires from the reknowned Korean tire manufacturer, Kumho. You will have a hard time (impossible?) finding trailer tires bigger than 15". . The +10//+1 is a very general rule, mainly for sub 18" sizes. .. NEXXUM ( Korean company) /45/ZR18, why they went to the expense of To date, they tow and track great and don't show undue wear or heating when.

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rules of dating korean trailer tires