Rune factory frontier dating guide

Harvest Moon Forever: 'Heart Events' and 'Story Events' in Rune Factory Frontier

rune factory frontier dating guide

Dates in Rune Factory Frontier. Having organised Dates with almost every Eligible Girl for Autumn, reloading Rune Factory 3 Site and Guides. Rune Factory Frontier Courtship and Marriage Guide By .. In Rune Factory Frontier, there is a set Romantic 'Date' for each season. The Dates. In Rune Factory Frontier, each Eligible Girl has her own 'Story' and there is another Girl out on a Date in Rune Factory Frontier AFTER marriage to Mist! In any case, my Guides will be revised to include the information that.

The monster being used by Gelwein to fuel his power is sealed in a seperate dimension called the Era of Disconnect in order to prevent it from sucking all the energy out of the world. Iris Blanche and Noire. Though Word of God is they aren't really vampires, even if they like blood, tomate juice, are nocturnal, can't enter the church, and faint if you give them garlic.

Subverted; you don't get to see the girls on the other side, but you can clearly hear what they're talking about. You pay a very small price for accidental eavesdropping, though. A God Am I: Gelwein, after powering up with the Dark Rune. Until all the girls come in to save your arse, anyway.

Selphy, especially when it comes to books. Melody's generally quite peppy herself. Getting Crap Past the Radar: The bath scenes, though only conveyed through dialogue, often get pretty suggestive.

Frontier is full load of this. A lighter way to look at the Runey system. The Runey system, finding out where to get all of your tools especially the hammerwhere anyone is at any particular time is and how to enter in a few of the dungeons could take you a lot of time guessing, if you can figure it out at all, or you could just look it up online. Hello, [Insert Name Here]: Just like its parent series, Harvest Moonyou can name your player character, your farm and the monsters you succeed in taming.

Unlike Harvest Moonthough, default name for the player is already given. Lampshaded by Raguna after naming the farm and Mist says that it's a very good name: I hope you weren't prepared to say that no matter what I named it Unless you named the farm by the default name "Mist"which prompts Mist to say, "T-that's a name that will spread around fast In the English version, Raguna is voiced by Ichigoso he's probably already familiar with the Irises, who are voiced by Rukia.

Any item you can equip can be used to fight monsters other then the brush that befriends them. While the sickle and hoe seem somewhat reasonable to use as weapons, you may also use the fishing pole and watering can, which tend to do more damage than a sword. Not made any more comprehensible by the fact that all chests reapear between dungeon runs. The other warriors in town. As is common for the series, you can almost never, EVER see them fight anyone or anything, despite everyone else saying how tough they are or how well they fight.

Due to Gameplay And Story Segregation, most likely, but even so, it's become a running joke for many fans of the series. When you inform Stella of the reason, she will announce a new Festival in honour of the Spirits who give their blessings to Trampoli. None Multiple Harvest Crops: Apple Other Seasonal Items: Dried Fish Winter Constellations: Uzuki, Weapons Skill Cross Constellation: Cinnamon, Fishing Skill 1 Winter: Quiz Contest Test your knowledge against others and come out on top!

There are ten questions, with a 'commercial break' in the middle of the Contest. It can be quite hilarious. There will be four contestants, including your character and each is represented by a different fruit. For each correct response, a piece of fruit will be placed on the ground. The winner ultimately will obtain all the fruit from each character's correct responses. Hotpot Convention Every one in town brings an ingredient for one giant hotpot!

Some ingredients will result in a 'good' hotpot but others in a 'bad' one. Most Fish will have a good result. Many vegetables, however, will result in a 'bad' hotpot, including Carrots and Yams. Minerva's Birthday Flop, Chestnut 22 Winter: Rita's Birthday Wine, any jewelry accessory 23 Winter: Iris' Birthday both of them!

Tomato Juice 24 Winter: Year End Festival Reflect on the past year and prepare for the next. Go to the Public Square after 9. She will give you a 'New Mochi'. This is the item that you will need on the 1st of Spring if you wish to pound Rice Cakes at the Square. All other individuals have only Friendship Levels. Note, however, that the 'heart' and 'smiley face' icons really do not represent the significant turning points in relationships precisely.

The actual triggers occur when specific LP or specific FP in terms of point totals are reached. As there is no equivalent of the 'Love Bangle' in Rune Factory Frontier to allow you to see point totals, you must rely on the heart and smiley face icons instead. It is at 4 Hearts approximately that a significant Event will occur in Rune Factory Frontier with respect to many characters.

In the case of an Eligible Girl, it is 4 Hearts in Love. In the case of other Characters, Events will be triggered at 4 Friendship. There are Events that can be triggered at lower Heart Levels but the most significant personal Event tends to occur at 4 Hearts. For example, Eunice's plan to lose weight will be possible only when she attains 4 Hearts.

There are events with higher Heart Level requirements. Minerva will arrive in Trampoli when Tabatha attains 6 Hearts.

rune factory frontier dating guide

The Event wherein Kross moves a Boulder in front of your door occurs at 4 Friendship. Vital personal information usually is given at specific heart levels as well. On any other day, however, you can give as many items as you wish. A Most Favourite Item can be given again and again on the same day in order to boost Friendship Levels quickly.

Although any second or subsequent gift will have a smaller point value than the first gift of the day, it still can boost Friendship Levels significantly, especially when it is a Most Favourite Gift. Note that only the first item given on any day will affect Love Heart Levels. A Date can be organised only when an Eligible Girl reaches 8 Hearts but only if she is a permanent Resident of Trampoli.

What this means in effect is that, even at 8 Hearts, you will not have the Date option with respect to Iris or Anette unless Iris has moved to Trampoli and Anette has taken her break, then decided to live in Trampoli both in order to deliver the post and to teach.

At 8 Hearts, you will have the option of asking an Eligible Girl for a Date on one of the following: As there is only one 'Date' per season, your rendezvous can be set a season in advance, depending on the day when you ask. When a girl is working, you have to choose the first option to speak to her before the Date option menu will appear. Note that having an Eligible Girl even at 10 Hearts, 10 Friendship is not sufficient.

Rune Factory: Frontier - Courtship and Marriage FAQ/guide

The Hearts Love gauge must be completely filled before Stella will speak of marriage and offer the Recipe Book, even though you will have the option to ask a Girl on a Date as soon as her Heart Level reaches 8. When you have made the Wedding Bouquet, provided all other marriage requirements have been met, you will be able to propose successfully to the Eligible Girl in the course of another Date. Marriage Requirements are a little more complex in Rune Factory Frontier than in some of the other Harvest Moon or Rune Factory games simply because they tend to involve Events with third parties.

The necessity for being able to make the Wedding Bouquet yourself is an additional aspect, although the Skill Level Requirement is fairly low for this. The Whale of Whale Island is involved in the ritual of courtship as well as you must provide him with a Tide Cluster in exchange for one of the ingredients in the Wedding Bouquet.

The Wedding Bouquet is discussed at length in another section of this Guide. Last Chance for Organising any Date As previously indicated, there is one set 'Date' per season and when the Date option appears, you can organise a Date with an Eligible Girl almost a full season in advance.

Once you have the option, however, there is one day when it will NOT appear. That is the actual day of the Date itself.

Your last chance to make a Date with any Eligible Girl therefore is the day prior to the Date for that season. If you wish to experience the Date for any season with every Eligible Girl, save your game early on the day prior to the Date day. Ask each Girl for a Date and play through the Event, then reload without saving back to the previous day. If more than one Eligible Girl has reached 8 Hearts, you will have the option to ask her for a Date even if you previously made an arrangement with a different Eligible Girl.

It will not allow you to organise your romantic Calendar at any given moment so that you can take one Girl out in Spring and another in Summer and so on. The only Date that is available is the next one. If, therefore, you ask another Girl on a Date when you previously set a Date with some one, you will experience an interesting and somewhat damaging little Event.

You then will lose Love points with her. It appears to be almost a full Heart Level that is lost in this Event. Interestingly enough, you will not lose any Love or Friendship with the Eligible Girl you first arranged to meet and the original Date will remain in place.

It is only the Eligible Girl that you attempted to court 'illicitly' that will be affected. The lesson here is that you should experience any outstanding Date before you set another. As there is but one Date per season, if you wish to experience a Date with more than one Eligible Girl on any specific Season, you should wait until the last possible day to ask and save your game BEFORE you set the Date with any one. You then can set and keep the Date with each Eligible Girl who has reached 8 hearts as long as you do not save the results afterwards.

When you have experienced all possible Dates, you can reload once more to experience the Date with the Girl who matters most to you, then finally save your game. The Date Event Each seasonal Date has its own venue and is based partly on the idea of enjoying a splendid view with an Eligible Girl.

In most cases, the Date will occur during the day but if you ask either manifestation of Iris, or the ultimate Iris manifestation for a Date, it will occur at 9. If the Date is set for noon, the Eligible Girl will enter the screen about half an hour prior to the time that was arranged. If you meet her before noon, she will remark that you are early and that she hopes you have not been kept waiting too long.

If you meet her after Any Date with an Eligible Girl at 8 to 9 Hearts will consist of an Event where the views at the specified location are enjoyed. The Date then will end with a declaration of hope that you and the Girl in question will be able to go on another Date in the future together. At the point where a Date with a Girl at 8 or 9 Heart ends, the Eligible Girl at 10 Hearts will announce that she has prepared a picnic for the Event.

As previously indicated, it is only when an Eligible Girl is at 10 Hearts that she will bring food to the Date and offer it to you. If the Girl is at 8 or 9 Hearts, the Date simply will end with a declaration that she had a good time and would like to experience another Date with you in the future. If the Eligible Girl is at 10 Hearts, however, she will tell you that she has brought some food and will give it to you.

Your character will consume it promptly. The Girl then will ask if the dish met with your approval. If you tell her it was delicious, she will be thrilled. Tell her it was less than perfect and she will weep.

The Cooked Dish that is offered will vary from one Girl to another. In most cases, the Dish is chosen randomly from a very short list consisting of a couple of Dishes. After this, when a Girl is at 10 Hearts, you will experience a moment where the intensity of your emotions overcomes you, urging you to propose marriage to the Girl. If you have a Wedding Bouquet in your rucksack, this is your sole opportunity to propose marriage.

Whether or not she will accept depends on whether you have met her personal marriage requirements in terms of completing her 'Story' and gaining her 'Memory' for your collection.

If you do not propose marriage or if you are rejected when you do, the Date will end with a farewell and an offer to meet again on another Date.

If you make a proposal of marriage and are accepted, the Wedding will occur immediately after your first kiss. There is no variation in your character's dialogue with any Eligible Girl he meets for a date but obviously the responses of each Girl vary a little according to her personality.

Gifts from other Villagers for Dates Whenever you make a Date with an Eligible Girl, speak to Rita afterwards to be given a gift in honour of your action. She will reward any action she considers a 'rite of passage', including any House Expansion or Date, usually with a beverage. Afterwards, each member of the community will congratulate you and your new bridge and wish you happiness.

The dialogues for most characters will not vary but there always will be at least one unique dialogue for each Eligible Girl. In Melody's case, Nolan is the character who has a special relationship with the bride and his dialogue will differ from the simple congratulation he ordinarily gives. In Anette's case, it is Danny, who had a crush on her, who will have a special dialogue after the ceremony.

If Tabatha is the bride, Lute's intense unrequited love for her will be displayed in his dialogue at the conclusion of the ceremony. Once all the Congratulations have been made, you will find yourself at your Farmhouse with your Bride at 6. Your bride will give you a special packed lunch for the day. When you begin to leave the house, she will stop you briefly to give you a kiss in parting. Courtship and Family Accessories On Tuesdays, Selphy will sell special books containing Recipes for items that are related specifically to courtship, marriage and family life.

The books consist solely of Recipes for Gifts or 'Presents' for girls and for children: Isn't that just awesome? The actual Recipes are included in my Cookbook Recipe Guide at: If you attempt to give an Amazing Bathing Suit to any Girl who has not reached 8 Hearts, she will refuse it. You therefore may wish to refrain from spending your money on these books until you have purchased necessary Recipe Books and home improvements.

At 8 Hearts, any Eligible Girl will accept either the Cute Bathing Suit or the Amazing Bathing Suit but although she will promise to wear either at the next opportunity, you never will see a girl model the 'Amazing Bathing Suit'.

rune factory frontier dating guide

Instead, she will confess to you that it was too revealing to be worn in public. It is a very traditional white bathing costume that is more functional and demure than 'cute'. Other Accessories as Gifts Accessories in Rune Factory Frontier, apart from those designated specifically as Gifts, can be equipped by your character or given as gifts. If given to an ordinary character, the item will be accepted variously with pleasure, disgust or indifference, but you will not see the item again.

As with any Gift, each individual Eligible Girl has her own specific responses. It is in the case of Head Equipment that results will be visible on the screen, although they will not appear in the Girl's Portrait.

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Ordinarily, when you give an Eligible Girl a second item of Head Equipment, it will replace the previous item on the Girl's head or face. There is one exception to this rule, however, in the case of the 'Mask'.

Once given, the Mask will be worn by an Eligible Girl even if you give her a different item of Head Equipment. This can be rather frustrating, as few players really wish to be confronted by an Eligible Girl in a face masque on a daily basis. Social Gathering Spots As in any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game, there are specific locations that are popular for social gatherings.

If you wish to meet and greet the largest number of characters daily, you should plan your route in order to make a brief stop at the most popular locations. For meeting and greeting eligible girls as well as Candy, the Laga Springs Bathhouse is a good choice. At some point during the day or night, most of the characters will appear at the Bathhouse, especially if the weather is fine. Candy as well as some of the Eligible Girls can be found in the antechamber to the Women's Bath from 6. Candy will conduct business as usual here.

On the men's side, you will find various individuals as well at different hours. Nolen will be there early in the evening. Late at night, both Danny and Erik tend to stand in the men's antechamber.

A full schedule of the appearance of all characters follows. Laga Springs Batthouse Schedule for all characters: The schedules of appearance of characters at the Laga Bathhouse are as follows. Note, however, that the schedules of characters in Rune Factory Frontier often will vary significantly according to the progress you have made in the game and the Friendship Level you have reached with an individual. It therefore is impossible to provide a quick schedule that will be consistent throughout the game.

Mornings, any weather, 6. Melody Weekday Mornings before she begins to study with Cinnamon: Melody Weekdays from 9. Selphy Weekdays in any weather, 5. Cinnamon, Candy Weekdays, 7. Mist and Rosetta Anette during her break from work as a postal carrier and afterwards and only in fine weather Weekdays, Bianca and Tabatha, Minerva Weekdays, Selphy Holidays, fine Weather, 3. Eunice, Rita Holiday, 5. Iris only after moving to Trampoli and not in Summer Holiday, 6.

Lara, Cinnamon, Candy Holiday, 7. Mist Anette only during her break from work as a postal carrier and afterwards Holiday, 8. Bianca and Tabatha, Minerva Holiday, Rosetta Laga Springs, Men's Side: Erik, Danny Holiday, 3. Kanno Another popular gathering spot is the Public Square. For the older adults, the Tavern after 6. Lara fine weather 6. Mist Noon to 6. Eunice, Turner, Rita 6.

Stella Public Square Schedule Weekdays, fine weather 9.

rune factory frontier dating guide

Bianca Materia Shop Schedule Weekdays: Eunice all weatherTabatha all weather 6. Rosetta Holiday, fine weather 6. At the very start, your character will be restricted in almost everything, whether it is a matter of energy, money, tools, weapons, expansions or access to other characters.

Ordinary 'visiting hours' with respect to most buildings, whether a residence or business, tend to be from 9. The bathhouse and Tavern are open until midnight for the most part. The Church never closes, although the Clinic does. When your friendship levels with characters increase, you will have the option of visiting them outside of ordinary visiting hours.

Stella will advise you: I have every one lock their doors when it's early morning or at night just in case. But if it's some one they trust, they should unlock their doors. Why don't you try knocking on the doors? Just shake the Nunchuk when you're in front of their door. But don't do it when it's too late or you'll just bother them. If you attempt to knock on a locked door after midnight, your character will muse to himself: Use the Nunchuk instead, as advised by Stella, to knock.

You can enter any house or bedroom as early as 6. Uzuki is the exception, as she begins to train with her naginata outside the Inn at 6. Early morning is a good time to care for all your Monsters as well. If you perform all your Monster Care activities as well as your gift-giving between 6.

That having been said, although daily routines make it easier to perform all necessary actions without forgetting anything essential, it is important to change your routine once in awhile. In the same way that you ought to allow a rainy day periodically in order to experience a special Event that requires rain, you need to enter and exit screens at different hours in order to trigger Events.

An example from my own game of the danger of never varying from a routine was the routine I had developed to spend time with Bianca, Tabatha and Minerva each day. Meeting them at the bathhouse each night from I did this on a nightly basis, quickly raising her Friendship Level to When I entered the Mansion at 1.

If I had visited the girls at the Mansion regularly during the early afternoon, those events would have occurred at different points as Friendship levels increased. It really did not make any difference to the final result. I experienced ALL the Events in a single afternoon. It would have been more logical, however, had I experienced them in the fashion in which they had been intended to occur.

Characters List Guide Characters in Rune Factory Frontier are divided into two basic categories between Eligible Girls and all individuals who are not eligible for marriage.

The Relations Page in your Farm Menu will display a full-length Portrait of every character you have met, with a brief description and current love and friendship levels. As is the case in most Harvest Moon games, only those individuals who are eligible for courtship have both a Love Level and a Friendship Level. All others have only a Friendship Level. Friendship is designated by a 'smiley face' icon.

Love is denoted by a Heart. Hence the term 'Heart level' in Harvest Moon for any individual who is eligible for courtship. Only Characters you actually have met will appear in the Relations Page. What follows are specific sections devoted to each Eligible Girl: Emery Flower Easiest Favourite Gift: Turnips Other Favourite Items: Pickled Turnip Specific Marriage Requirements: There is only one further Requirement involving the Magical 'Dog' from the last encounter with Gelwein.

I'll be looking forward to those turnips. Let me tell you some of the most up to date information today. Do you have a notepad ready? My birthday is on the 1st of autumn. It's very auspicious to be born on the 1st. For Turnip on her Birthday: For Turnip on ordinary day: I love this Turnip! The girl next door. A bit aloof and random but is very nice. Mist's 1st Year Schedule: Weekdays in Fine Weather: Recently, I hear a lot of rustling around my house.

Maybe some monster I saved by the beach came back to repay my good deed? But I've never saved any kind of monster at the beach before… Next she will tell you: Did I mention the rustling around my house? It turns out a duck has moved into the lake near my garden.

It seems pretty tame so it should be all right. It waddles around with its short feet and looks so cute. It became even more friendly when I started feeding it. Speak to Candy and Marco when they stand next to the Pond for a dialogue concerning the Duck's name. Grimore is so cute. That's the duck's name. Doesn't that sound cool? It'll eventually grow into a huge monster and tear apart the town! Candy with thunder and cross hurt: Grimore would never do that! It's a good monster! Mist has other ideas, however, with respect to the Duck and its name.

When I walk in front of my house, Torte walks behind me. It's the duck's name. The Duck Finds a Mate Later, she will tell you: Recently, Torte goes missing at night.

Is he going to a monster meeting or something? When a second Duck appears in the Pond, Torte's mission will become clear. He had been looking for a mate. Mist will remark upon this turn of Events: Now there are two ducks in my garden!

I wonder when they became friends… The Ducks ultimately will have a 'child' of their own… At 5 Hearts: I took Torte and his friend to the bath the other day.

But Melody got mad and said monsters aren't allowed inside. You're looking for a missing girl? I'm very sorry to hear that. If you don't mind this humble placed, you should rest here for the night. Thank you so much! Sister Stella, thank you very much.

My name is… Freyr. That's a wonderful name. By the way, Freyr, was this missing girl your sweetheart? It's nothing like that at all! I see… Well, let's just leave the matter be for now, eh? New event next morning. Thank you for last night, Sister Stella. How can I repay you?

We must all help each other out in times of need. I'll be praying your search goes well. You are… Your choices now: And you… You look just like Freyr! That's 'cause I AM him! Oh, what a coincidence to meet at a place like this. I came looking for you, Mist! So Mist was the missing girl Freyr was looking for! Sister Stella, I didn't know you knew Freyr. I just happened to stop here for the night while I was looking for you.

More importantly, what in the world are you doing here, Mist?! Every one's worried about you because you left so suddenly.

rune factory frontier dating guide

Well, then could you return to town and tell every one I'm fine? You're not coming with me? Some one is calling for me. Again, with the nonsense… Mist: Freyr, you should stay here! I can't do that! If I remember correctly, there's an empty house next to the one I live in. Well… yes, there is, but no one has lived there for so long, it's a mess. Not to mention the farm… Mist with music: Freyr is very skilled at tending to such things. I'm sure he'll clean this one right up!

Um… I don't remember agreeing to stay here… Mist: Outside now, Mist tells you: Just down this path! Freyr, once you finish up some work, can you come to my place? It's always in the sky above Trampoli Village. What a strange island… Mist with music: I heard there's a cave inside it. Piques your interest, doesn't it?

How does an island float above the clouds like that? I'm sure you'll be able to find the answer to that, Freyr.

I just know it. But, sometimes it's unavailable for some reason. What if that happens when I'm fighting monsters? Well there's that saying, 'Only god knows. Oh, come on… Then: The other day, I dreamt of climbing a giant beanstalk to get to Whale Island. It would be wonderful if such a beanstalk actually existed. Screenshots of different aspects, then: This is your new home, Freyr. How do you like it? I guess so… Now the view shifts to show the field covered in weeds, stumps and such.

Feel free to use this house and the farm in front however you like. We should give your farm a name. That's a great name. I think it suits the place. I hope you weren't planning on saying that no matter what I named it. It's gonna be great to have you here. She turns to leave, then suddenly remembers something.

You're going to need this. Cheap Hoe You got: It looks good on you. Don't forget to fill the watering can with water before using it. You definitely have a knack for being an Earthmate, Freyr.

Rune Factory Frontier - Proposal to Mist

I can tell just by looking at you. Oh, and another thing.