Sailun atrezzo tyres review uk dating

Sailun Atrezzo SH /70R14 88T XL 70 14 88 T XL tyre: Car & Motorbike

sailun atrezzo tyres review uk dating

Results 1 - 48 of 70 tyres. £30 each good for road use or farm use 7mm re-grooved Pair Of /80/14 Partworns Tyres Sailun ATREZZO ECO 5mm Tread T Rate. £ FAST & FREE. Est. delivery dateEst. delivery Tue, Jan 8Brand: Sailun Type: All-Weather .. Get it in front of 17+ million UK buyers. I'm thinking about putting some on my ti. Is anyone using / has used them? Seem to have pretty decent reviews for a budget tyre. Also have. Sailun Atrezzo ZSR /50R17 95W XL 50 17 95 W XL tyre: Free Delivery; UK Based customer service; No Hidden Charges; Fast dispatch; Item is tyre Also check our best rated Car Tyre reviews Date First Available, 11 Oct.

The main factory and test facility is located in China, but there is also an engineering team here in America.

TYRE ATREZZO ZSR XL: Car & Motorbike

Sailun claims these are not Chinese tires designed for the Chinese market that are then being sold in the USA. No, these tires are designed for the American market from the start. Our test day is divided into three separate exercises. First, we will take two cars, one with the Sailun tires and one without, on a city driving course that includes highways, rail crossings, speed bumps and side roads.

Next up is an autocross-style course that includes slaloms, sweeping corners and threshold braking.

sailun atrezzo tyres review uk dating

This course will be tackled first in the dry, and then with the road completely soaked. Finally we will get to drive the entire two-mile PBIR road course. The vehicles we are using are Mercedes-Benz C sedans. All tires are set to 34 Psi, and remember, the names were scrubbed off so we do not know what tire we are driving on. As expected under normal conditions, the differences between the Sailun and Continental are minimal at most. There is slightly less road noise and more steering feel from the Continentals, but the Sailuns isolate road vibrations better.

Comfort is a dead heat between the two. Once on the autocross course, the differences between the tires, although still minimal, become more apparent. The Sailun required less stopping distance and has more lateral cornering grip in the dry, but the Continentals feel more predictable. In the wet these traits are amplified. All are very dangerous tyres. I would recommend these. Your life is precious, invest in a better tyre.

If money is an issue try other better Chinese brands such as Intertrac, Keter, Goform.

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Please help millions of other drivers make an informed tyre choice and pick the correct tyres for their car by submitting your review of the Atrezzo Z4 AS. These things are atrocious. When I purchased my car some clown had fitted these to it all round. I am now changing them and they are not even half worn.

sailun atrezzo tyres review uk dating

Dangerous in dry conditions, lethal in wet conditions. Abysmal breaking distance, terrible handling. The list goes on. The noise is borderline obnoxious as well.

sailun atrezzo tyres review uk dating

It sounds like someone has tape sand paper to the tyres when you're driving along. How these meet EU safety standards I cannot fathom.

sailun atrezzo tyres review uk dating

I think the car would have handled better with two tea trays strapped to the front wheels. Watch the video to find out!

Sailun Tires, Atrezzo Z4+AS High Performance Testing Video

Very pleased with these tires, yes, less exp however other than somewhat noisier than most high end brands, 22", very good in wet, torrential and great in the dry.