Sake review uk dating

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sake review uk dating

'You taste sake the same way as wine, noting its purity, its variable, slightly Niizawa Kishinamien Umeshu (, £). Yet sake, its traditional accompaniment, hasn't made quite the same “Demand for Japanese cuisine is growing in the UK and we wanted to. Supping sake can indeed be challenging to the uninitiated imbiber, savoury, malty, dried banana or dates or sometimes mushroom. In , sake comes to Cambridge with the opening of Dojima, the UK's first sake brewery, . IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust.

Sadly it was a limited edition and unavailable outside their four walls but I did recently spot a very similar one in Selfridges Selfridges sells a very similar-looking one Sake pairs well with sweet things, so for a real luxury treat go to Mandarin OrientalHyde Park, London and book in for afternoon tea at The Rosebery where you can try 3 sake varieties to complement the different parts of the afternoon tea.

The afternoon tea at The Rosebery is the best I've had in London.


A selection of sake served at The Rosebery, all at a different price point but all very delicious A good starting sake is a sparkling brand such as MIO. It's reasonably priced and a good introduction to the flavours.

sake review uk dating

The MIO brand is the biggest national company producing sparkling sake and as a modern brand they are producing modern sake to make it popular in the UK.

Sake selections can be pretty vast and daunting for the first-time buyer so you could leave feeling more confused. Here you can try a whole range of sakes and Japanese liqueurs. If you're making a purchase, there are certain things to look out for.

sake review uk dating

Look at the percentage of grain polishing. So the number on the bottle is not the alcohol content, it's the grade and polishing ratio.

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There are 5 main types of sake Futsu-shu — standard everyday drinking sake and doesn't fit within the premium sake categories. For this there is no minimum rice polishing required.

How to get started on sake

Honjozo — has a small amount of alcohol added. It's light and dry and crisp. Addition of alcohol makes this kind cleaner and crisper. Rounder and full bodied, slightly more complex.

Aldi now sells £ Japanese sake, but does it taste any good?

Serve warm or hot. Like Chardonnay or Pinot Noir.

sake review uk dating

Brewer's distilled alcohol added. Like a Chenin Blanc or dry Reisling.

sake review uk dating

Like a Sauvignon Blanc or Viognier. Junmai Sake bottle 3.

Everything you need to know about sake

Look at the filtering Sake can be clear or cloudy but all sake has to be filtered because of legal requirements. It all depends on the producer. Cloudy coloured sake sometimes has the wrong term written on the label which might say 'unfiltered sake'. But sake has to be filtered somehow in order for it to be called sake! If your sake has a creamy colour to it, the producer has decided to add some sediments back into it to give it this appearance.

If you want to try this kind of sake look for the term 'Nigori' on the label — just make sure you mix the bottle sediment.

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A label showing a 'Nigori' cloudy sake 4. Look at the date. Wandering the streets after a nice stroll through Green Park, my date and I stumbled upon Sake no Hana on our most recent date. The bar at the main level pulled me in, and as we arrived at the restaurant, the beautiful wooden panelling got me to stay and have a meal. The restaurant offers a view of the chefs preparing, slicing craftily away to make fish into sashimi. My date got the Velvet Haiku: We had our waiter suggest items off the menu and he came back with the yellow tail sashimi.

Ladies and gents, I struggled with finding words to describe how good this was. A simple dish — thinly sliced yellow tail with hints of a truffle ponzu sauce and freshly pickled wasabi to really pull out the flavour of the fish. Next we had the Kuro Shichimi squid, which was deep fried in Japanese spices with aubergine. The squid was soft and tender, and the aubergine coated in peanut sauce brought a modern twist to the plate.

sake review uk dating

We also had the Chilean sea bass with a homemade champagne yuzu miso sauce, which had a light subtle taste to it, perfectly accompanying the delicate fish and champagne.