Samsung note 8 review uk dating

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Why now could be the best time to buy Samsung’s phablet |

samsung note 8 review uk dating

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a release date of 15 September with a price of and you can read our first impressions in our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a pleasure to use, packed full of In the UK that falls to EE, with the company rolling out support in big cities. Read our full Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review here. When reviewed the S8 we ran across a few websites that let words run over shows time, date and a limited number of notifications when the device is off.

It doesn't have the same huge shift that your TV does. However, we've no complaints about the power of Exynos either. The platform you'll get in the Note 8 depends on your region and Samsung doesn't detail too much about how that breaks down.

In reality, it doesn't need to, as it's unlikely to cause you any concerns whichever is to be found under the hood - although with the launch of the Note 9, there's now a more powerful set of hardware in play. If you're a gamer, newer devices will give you more graphical power, but otherwise, day-to-day running isn't likely to be that different.

This might be different when it comes to intensive AR and VR applications, and its certainly nice to know that there's the hardware backup if you're an intensive multi-tasker, something that the Note 8 does with aplomb. Importantly, the refinement that Samsung puts into its software these days is evident throughout the Note 8. Some manufacturers say they are stripping away the additions they make to Android to speed things up: Samsung Experience UX is a more comprehensive skin than any other and it still flies, which is testament to Samsung's experience and attention to detail.

This means that the mobile connection on this phone has the potential to be really fast, if you have network support for it. In the UK that falls to EEwith the company rolling out support in big cities first.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review: Dual camera skills meet S Pen thrills - Pocket-lint

We've found the Note 8 to offer good, solid, network reception, as well as excellent Wi-Fi performance. The long and short of it is that the Galaxy Note 8 performs like the flagship phone that it launched as. There's little that makes it stumble and it can compete with if not exceed the performance of most other devices of and some of Moving into it's now bettered, but it still stands-up as a leading device.

But then we come to battery life. Battery life mAh battery Quick charge support WPC and PMA wireless charging support Glance over the Note 8's spec sheet and there's little that will cause concern, but you might raise an eyebrow at the mAh battery capacity. Pocket-lint We typically managed to get into early evening with the Note 8 under fairly intensive use, but this doesn't feel like the Note of old that would easily get through the day.

samsung note 8 review uk dating

There is a lot you can do to extend the life of the battery, however, thanks to power-saving modes. Customising the "mid" level mode is a good starting point, with options to change the screen resolution, throttle the hardware and reduce the peak brightness, all of which make a difference and all of which wind back what makes the Note 8 more special than much of the competition.

There are also options to manage background activity to make sure there aren't apps using power they don't need. However, this battery performance needs to be put into context of the 8.

A bigger battery would undoubtedly mean a thicker phone and, for obvious reasons, we suspect that Samsung is erring on the side of caution here. The Note 7 battery was larger in a phone that was a little thinner, but we know how that turned out. Pocket-lint Is this a critical failing?

Galaxy Note 8 Review - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Not really, but it's the weakest aspect of the Note 8's otherwise premier offering. The battery life of the Note 8 means that this isn't a superstar performer, but at the same time it's not debilitating.

But it's also here that the Galaxy Note 9 will tempt you - it has a mAh battery and boy, does it show it. The newer phone easily outlasts the Note 8. With support for fast wireless charging of both standards, the Note 8 is the phone you can drop onto the charging mat in your car or at Starbucks, as well as getting a full boost from a short time on a quick charger.

It is, without a doubt, the best stylus-equipped device out there, which is an easy statement to make, because there are few others. What's most important is the functionality that the S Pen offers and the innovation and practicality that comes with it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Why now could be the best time to buy Samsung’s phablet

This new version increases the pressure sensitivity and expands the feature set offered, so it now does a little more. Using Wacom technology, the S Pen gives a lovely feel when using it to write or draw. Our favourite feature is off-screen memo, which allows you to walk into a meeting and start gathering handwritten notes without having to turn your phone screen on - simply scrawl on the front of it.

You can collect up to pages of these notes, with the ability to save, pin and share them. People always talk about replicating the feel of pen and paper and off-screen memo gives you that easy practicality in much the same way. But what the S Pen is really good at is using information around the device. Smart select is excellent, letting you capture a piece of information and extract the text that you can share or save.

You can now also use this to share with Bixby Vision, so you can identify an image, which is all clever stuff. This is potentially more useful for those receiving documents as Chrome users will know that Google will translate websites on the fly where you hover the S Pen over the word or phrase you want translated. It's really very simple and it's the S Pen feature we've used the most. The question remains whether you're an S Pen person or not. This is also something that the Note 9 better realises too - with remote control features on the S Pen that the Note 8 will never offer.

Again, the newer phone is better equipped if you are an S Pen fan. Dual camera shooting Main: Pocket-lint There's a standard main camera on the Note 8 that's essentially the same as the Galaxy S8, but it's joined by a second megapixel camera sitting behind a telephoto lens. In the real world this offers 2x optical zoom like that iPhone, letting you switch from 1x zoom to 2x zoom.

One important addition on the Samsung is that the telephoto camera has optical image stabilisation to keep things stable and sharp. Samsung has also popped this vital sensor right next to the camera which often leaves a mucky mess all over the lens. Colours spring from the screen and content looks pin-sharp and packed with detail.

Samsung has also slightly reduced the size of the curved edges that are found on the S8 and this is a smart move.

samsung note 8 review uk dating

To make full use of this monster monitor, Samsung has included a new feature called App Pair which instantly loads two of your favourites applications side by side on the display. This means you can surf the web and check your emails at the same time, or watch YouTube and tweet without closing apps. App Pair is fully customisable with users able to choose which applications they want to be paired.

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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review: Dual camera skills meet S Pen thrills

Samsung has finally caught up with the competition and included a double camera lens on the rear of the Note 8 and this snapper is incredible. With a wide-angle and telephoto lens both included, the Note 8 now offers the ability to zoom, without losing image quality, and add DSLR-style depth of field to your snaps. We put the Note 8 to the test at a family wedding and the results had the guests desperately wanting to know more about the Note 8.

This is because the Note 8 always keeps a copy of the original image tucked in its memory banks. Bundled with the camera are plenty of effects and stickers which add style and a bit of fun to your photos.