Schneller wundheilung nach herpes dating

schneller wundheilung nach herpes dating

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schneller wundheilung nach herpes dating

Diese Effekte konnten auch mit Aprotinin erreicht werden. These effects could be achieved with aprotinin. Surprisingly, the number of the in flowing as a result of experimental stimulus inflammatory cells was drastically reduced and sustainable with PAI-2 and indeed to the found in healthy tissue normal level.

schneller wundheilung nach herpes dating

The following positive effects could be achieved beyond surprisingly: Bei der Behandlung mit Aprotinin wird zwar die Ulceration und die Perforation der Cornea verhindert, die Transparenz jedoch bleibt verloren.

When treated with aprotinin, although the ulceration and perforation of the cornea prevents transparency remains lost. The already achieved with relatively low PAI-2 dosages positive effects were not reached by higher aprotinin dosages. Inhibition of plasminogen activators by PAI-2 also opens to the inhibition of plasmin, for example by aprotinin, other advantages: The extremely high potency of the active principle used allows the use of very low inhibitor concentrations, so that even a combination therapy, eg with antibiotics such as chloramphenicol, is quite possible.

In einem weiteren Versuch wurde die Behandlung des Corneal ulcer nicht direkt nach der Induktion, zB mit Alkali-Einwirkung, begonnen sondern erst nach 10 Tagen. In another experiment, the treatment of corneal ulcer not directly after induction, eg with alkaline exposure, started but only after 10 days was.

However, this effect only lasts for about two hours, then the plasmin levels rise again. The effect of a single PAI-2 administration keeps surprisingly in a very long time. So is, for example, the plasmin concentration in the tear fluid 48 hours after a single application or PAI-2 at 1. This surprisingly long-lasting effect is observed only at inhibiting plasminogen activators by PAI-2, but not in an inhibition of plasmin by aprotinin.

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While local administration of steroids is associated, for example, dexamethasone sodium phosphate for the treatment of the eye with side effects such as change in swelling of the vitreous body and the ocular pressure is a treatment of the eye with PAI-2 in the normal eye no side effects. So stay histology such as the pattern of the lamellar structure of the anterior stroma, but also biochemical findings such as the hydrogenation of the cornea, enzymatic activities lactate dehydrogenase, acid phosphatase, acid glycosidase, alkaline phosphatase, succinate dehydrogenaseunchanged.

In addition, the re-epithelialization is not inhibited in addition to the successful inhibition of inflammation could be shown.

Measurement of plasmin activity in the tear fluid: The substrate solution was prepared as follows: For the determination of plasmin concentration in the tear fluid, the paper disks were placed onto the cornea and lacrimal fluid was aspirated for 5 seconds. The intensity of the emitted fluorescence in UV light yellow tear fluid samples were compared with samples of known plasmin concentration calibration curve from paper disks with known plasmin and so determines the plasmin activity of the samples.

In a rabbit model, the effect of PAI-2 was examined for the regeneration of corneal epithelium. The investigations were 2. Die Augen wurden dann fixiert und die Hornhaut mechanisch verletzt: Die ganze Hornhaut wurde vorsichtig zweimal deepithelialisiert im Abstand von einer Woche mit Hilfe eines Graefe'schen Messers.

The eyes were then fixed and the cornea injured mechanical: Control animals received equal volumes 0. The animals were sacrificed after 1, 4, 7, 14, 21, 28 days after setting the injury after different times. Die Hornhautstruktur wurde histologisch und histochemisch untersucht.

The corneal structure was examined histologically and histochemically investigated. In the tear fluid, the plasmin activity was determined and correlated with the histological data. Zweimal pro Woche wurde das optische Erscheinungsbild der Augen photographisch dokumentiert. Twice a week, the visual appearance of the eyes was photographically documented.

The determination of plasmin activity was carried out as described in Example. After killing the animals, the eyes were enucleated immediately cut the cornea or the entire anterior segment of the eye.

After removal of the epithelium, the preparations were placed in gelatin. All other methods were carried out with all the anterior eye segments. A portion was quenched in mineral spirits, which was cooled with a mixture of acetone and dry ice.

In a cryostat Sections 12 microns thickin parallel or perpendicularly to the surface of the eye were performed. Dehydrogenasen wurden in unfixierten Kryostat-Schnitten nach Lojda et al.

Some of the fixed corneas were examined for morphological changes using hematoxylin-eosin staining. The proteases may be present in vitro, or they may be present in a subject having a pathology. Die Begriffe "Polynukleotid" und "Nukleotid", wie hierin verwendet, werden austauschbar verwendet.

The terms "polynucleotide" and "nucleotide" as used herein, are used interchangeably. The term "polynucleotide" includes double, single and triple-helical molecules. Unless otherwise specified or required, any herein, embodiment of the invention, which is a described polynucleotide, both the double-stranded form and each of two complementary single-stranded or shapes that are known or predicted to obtain double-stranded form.

The following are non-limiting examples of polynucleotides: Ein Polynukleotid kann modifizierte Nukleotide umfassen, wie etwa methylierte Nukleotide und Nukleotid-Analoga.

A polynucleotide may comprise modified nucleotides, such as methylated nucleotides and nucleotide analogs. Analogs of purines and pyrimidines are known in the art and include, but are not limited to, aziridinylcytosine, 4-acetylcytosine, 5-fluorouracil, 5-bromouracil, 5-carboxymethylaminomethylthiouracil, 5-carboxymethylaminomethyluracil, inosine, N6-isopentenyladenine, 1-methyladenine, 1-methylpseudouracil, 1-methylguanine, 1-methylinosine, 2,2-dimethylguanine, 2-methyladenine, 2-methylguanine, 3-methylcytosine, 5-methylcytosine, pseudouracil, 5-Pentynyluracil and 2,6-diaminopurine.

The use of uracil as a substitute for thymine in a deoxyribonucleic acid is also considered an analogous form of pyrimidine. If present, modification to the nucleotide may be imparted before or after assembly of the polymer. The sequence of nucleotides may be interrupted by non-nucleotide components.

Ein Polynukleotid kann nach der Polymerisation weiter modifiziert sein, wie etwa durch Konjugation mit einer markierenden Komponente. A polynucleotide may be further modified, such as by conjugation with a labeling component after polymerization. Methylphosphonaten, Phosphotriestern, Phosphoamidaten, Carbamaten etc. Metalle, radioaktive Metalle, Boron, oxidative Metalle etc. Other types of modifications included in this definition are, for example, "caps" capsthe substitution of one or more of the naturally occurring nucleotides with an analog, internucleotide modifications such as, for example, those with uncharged linkages eg.

As methylphosphonates, phosphotriestersPhosphoamidaten, carbamates, etc. Ply-L nucleases, toxins, antibodies, signal peptides, lysine, etc.

Schneller wundheilung nach herpes dating

In addition, any of the hydroxyl groups ordinarily present in the sugars may be replaced by phosphonate groups, phosphate groups, protected by standard protecting groups, or activated to generate additional linkages to additional nucleotides, or may be conjugated to solid supports. The 5 'and 3' terminal OH groups can be phosphorylated or substituted with amines or organic groups cap components from 1 to 20 carbon atoms.

Other hydroxyls may also be derivatized to standard protecting groups. As noted above, one or more phosphodiester bonds are replaced by alternative linking groups.

schneller wundheilung nach herpes dating

Not all linkages in a polynucleotide need be identical. Although conventional sugars and bases are used in applying the method of the invention, the substitution of analogous forms of sugars, purines and pyrimidines for Designing a final product can be beneficial, as well as alternative backbone structures, such as a polyamide backbone.

The term "recombinant" polynucleotide and by analogy, a "recombinant polynucleotide" as by expression of a recombinant polynucleotide generated means one which is not naturally occurring or man-made by the artificial combination of two otherwise separated segments of sequence by chemical synthesis methods or manipulation of isolated segments of polynucleotides, eg. Somit meint der Begriff "rekombinantes" Polynukleotid, wie hierin verwendet, ein Polynukleotid von genomischen, cDNA, halbsynthetischem oder synthetischem Ursprung, welches aufgrund seines Ursprungs oder der Manipulation: Thus, the term "recombinant" polynucleotide as used herein, a polynucleotide of genomic, cDNA, semisynthetic, or synthetic origin, which, by virtue of its origin or manipulation: Solche Modifikationen sind wohl bekannt; siehe z.

Molecular Cl The terms "polypeptide", "oligopeptide", "peptide" and "protein" are used interchangeably herein to refer to polymers of amino acids of any length reference.

The polymer may be linear or branched, it may comprise modified amino acids, and may be interrupted by non-amino acids the terms also encompass an amino acid polymer that has been modified naturally or by intervention.

A Laborstory Manual, 2. New York und periodische Neubearbeitungen. Ausubel et al, Greene Publishing New York and periodic revisions. Ein "Fusionsprotein" ist ein einzelnes Polypeptid, umfassend Regionen von zwei oder mehreren verschiedenen Proteinen. A "fusion protein" is a single polypeptide comprising regions of two or more different proteins. Die Regionen bestehen normalerweise in oder als separate Proteine und sind in dem Fusionsprotein zusammengebracht.

The regions normally exist in or as separate proteins and are brought together in the fusion protein. They can be linked together so that the amino acid sequence of one begins where the other's amino acid sequence ends, or they can be linked via linker amino acids that are normally a part of the individual proteins.

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Ein Fusionsprotein kann mehr als eine Kopie von einem seiner Einzel-Proteine oder -regionen enthalten. They can be linked in any way, such as by amide bonds, disulfide bonds, etc. A fusion protein may contain more than one copy of one of its individual proteins or regions. The individual proteins or regions may contain the entire amino acid sequences of proteins or portions of the amino acid sequences.

Wie aus der obigen Definition von "Protein" erkennbar, kann das Protein in verzweigter Form vorliegen, z. As can be seen from the above definition of "protein", the protein may be in branched form, such. Example, the side chain of an amino acid in one chain to the side chain of another terminal amino acid in a different chain are linked by means of any of a variety of methods known to those skilled in the art for example, disulfide bond formation. Recurrent herpes simplex labilialis and herpes are the most common clinical manifestations associated with HSV-1 and HSV-2 infections.

Repetitions occur spontaneously, but are associated with physical or emotional stress, fever, exposure to ultraviolet light, tissue damage and immune suppression. Although it is a mild disease in immunocompetent individuals, HSV infections are troublesome, especially for patients with regular incidents. Patients who are charged with either immunotherapy or a primary disease, have an increased risk to develop HSV infections. Renal and cardiac transplant recipients demonstrated an increased severity of infections.

The currently available topical antiviral treatments have only a limited efficacy particularly against symptomatic recurrent herpes. The limited efficacy of these topical formulations on the development of mucocutaneous herpes injury may be due to the low ability of the drug to penetrate into the skin.

The Statum corneum or the cornea provides a barrier to the penetration of most substances is in the skin.

schneller wundheilung nach herpes dating

This layer consists of corneocytes embedded in a bilayer lipid matrix composed of cholesterol, free fatty acids and ceramides.

Therefore, could the use of agents that improve skin penetration, represent an appropriate strategy to increase the penetration of topical formulations.

SLS is a surfactant which possesses skin penetration enhancement properties by increasing the fluidity of epidermal lipids. The skin penetration enhancement properties of SLS combined with its ability to modify viral infectivity could by its chaotropic properties and characteristics as Detergents further the effectiveness of the topical drug formulation increase.

Because of its chaotropic properties SLS also can have a broader spectrum of activity against sperm, bacteria, fungi and viruses than other simple detergents. Poloxamers are widely used in numerous pharmaceutical applications and due to its non-toxic properties make them suitable for drug delivery systems with delayed release. Poloxamers represent suitable matrices for dermatological applications. In addition, the reticular array formed by these poloxamers, act as a drug delivery system with an extended drug action.

In accordance with the present invention, it is an object to provide formulations which comprise a film-forming component, which are preferably applied to the surface of mucosae or skin in the form of a gel, a cream or an ointment. The gel formulations can be used to treat various types of mucous membranes such. For this purpose, a thermoreversible gel is used, which is applied in liquid form, which extends over the surface and after it has reached the temperature of the body surface forms a semi-solid coating.

Das thermoreversible Gel wird aus Poloxamer gebildet. The above formulation may comprise an agent according to claim 1 also, which is capable, with the cell membrane of the organism, enveloped capsid or lipid or to interfere with protein components in the target cell, tissue or microbe.

The above combination of the film-forming component and the above agent may provide formulations with improved efficacy and reduced toxicity. A chaotropic agent and a putative microbial Adhesionsinhibitor sodium lauryl sulfate SLS are only effective against microbes. Die SLS-Wirksamkeit wird ferner verbessert, wenn sie in die vorliegende Formulierung eingebunden wird. SLS efficacy is further improved when it is incorporated in the present formulation.

Daher wird betrachtet, dass SLS allein oder in Kombination mit der obigen filmbildenden Komponente verwendet werden kann, um mikrobielle Infektionen zu verhindern. Therefore, it is contemplated that SLS can be used alone or in combination with the above film-forming component to prevent microbial infection.

SLS may be used alone or in combination with the above formulations at any suitable concentration, preferably at a concentration of about 0.

schneller wundheilung nach herpes dating

Vaginal formulations provide a physical and a chemical barrier due to its film-forming and microbial destructive components. In addition to activity against infectious agents, these formulations may also prevent effective pregnancy.

schneller wundheilung nach herpes dating

SLS wird Nonoxynol-9 vorteilhaft in den Formulierungen ersetzen. SLS will replace nonoxynol-9 in the formulations advantageous.

SLS has a broader spectrum of activity against such. The active ingredient can be used in drug carriers such. Gelen, Liposomen, Nanopartikeln oder Zyklodextrinen eingebunden werden, wobei die Einbindung in einer verbesserten Verhinderung von Infektionen resultiert. As gels, liposomes, nanoparticles or cyclodextrins are integrated, the integration in an improved prevention of infection results. The general design possibilities of the applicator intended to limit the scope of the invention in any way.

It is important to mention that the final shape and appearance of the applicator can be different from the examples shown here. In further preferred embodiments, the present formulations are used to treat viral diseases and they further comprise as a drug an antiviral agent such. Acyclovir oder Foscarnet oder jedes andere mikrobielle Mittel, das allein oder in Kombination bei einer geeigneten Konzentration verwendet werden kann.