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items used by the crew to clean the magnetic tape recorder head, support other scientitic .. the manel_vers were performed for rendezvous with the Orbital Workshop. The shortened preflight timellne, necessitated by the earlier launch date Several caution and warning parameters, such as molec- ular sieve flow. Main · Videos; Salman in comedy nights with kapil online dating hussey 9 · christa allen and connor paolo dating · sift heads 4 walkthrough rendez vous dating. For Far Cry 4 on the Xbox One, FAQ/Walkthrough by DomZ Ninja. Tagged targets have an icon above their head (which also notifies you of the enemy type) A guard is outside puking his brains out, so execute a swift and silent kill. Meet the Rebels at the Rendezvous Point =- If you have liberated Rochan Brick Co.

Bait can be used in tactical scenarios by using predators to do your dirty work for you. Walk up the hill to find a dead bharal and skin it for more bait. From the ridge, throw a piece of bait down towards the three soldiers and sit back. Two things come from this strategy: It basically comes down to: Keep going upstream to reach the outskirts of a small settlement. Use a melee attack to destroy the side of the wooden cargo container to find a chest and some body armor.

Now is a good time to whip out your camera. Your camera can be used to scope an area and gain valuable intel on nearby foes. You can tag enemies by pointing the lens at them, which causes a marker to appear over their head at all times and and makes them visible through barriers.

Access your camera by pressing Up on the D-Pad. Zoom in on the village to see some normal grunts and a caged snow leopard. The enemies are on the west side of the river, save for one soldier sitting on a stump.

Climb up to his position press A while against low walls and execute a takedown. You can move bodies by holding the Right Stick in order to hide them, but doing so makes you stick out like a sore thumb at times. One strategy is to shoot open the cage containing the snow leopard. Like with the bear, it typically helps maul the enemy soldiers.

In the case of predators, they will attack the closest available body, so make sure to keep someone between you when you try to side with an animal. Once everyone is dead including the leopardscour the place for goods and continue towards the bell tower in the distance.

Sift Heads 5 (Walkthrough)

You can reach your destinations on either side of the river, so keep heading up the mountainside up to a wide gap. You can either run and jump across or shimmy along the narrow planks on the wall. Any time you see rope or vines hanging from a ledge or wall, you can use it to catch or hoist yourself. Move ahead to hear a voice calling for you. A Golden Path soldier throws down a rope for you.

Grab onto the rope and begin climbing up. While rappelling, use the Right Trigger to ascend and the Left Trigger to descend. Run up the snow-covered steps to the bell tower. Baddies will come from the north, both on foot and on snowmobiles. Crouch behind the boxes and sandbags while peeking out to take shots or throw grenades. You can always claim more ammo downstairs, and you have plenty of help from the Golden Path, so you shouldn't ever be in any real danger As the game progresses it becomes altered by which individual you choose to side with, but in this case you have to complete each of their offered missions.

Talk to Amita to receive your first quest, which is fairly mundane compared to what you just went through. - Registered at

She is found at [X: Now that you are on the grid, you should use the map as frequently as possible press Back. There may be a unit or two of difference between players, but ultimately they are accurate enough to act as tools of guidance.

Right now the map is a cloudy mess, but it opens up and becomes more visible as you liberate bell towers. Further, collectibles and important locations appear on the map as you buy the appropriate items at trading posts. The driving controls have a slightly steep learning curve, so be careful as you veer around the sharp turns and high drops.

As you reach the farm, speak with the old woman. There is a note pinned to the front of the nearby building. Notes are increasingly common and add a bit of development on the area and its inhabitants. The vantage point is southwest of the farm, and following the trail of dead pigs should prove useful.

Eventually you come to a Tibetan wolf scavenging one of the pig corpses. Using your Hunter's Bow, crouch and hold down RT to draw your arrow.

When you lined up your shot, let 'er rip. Aiming with a bow can be difficult at first, but you can always retrieve your arrows after a kill.

Killing animals with arrows or melee attacks result in clean kills, which offer twice as many skins. By killing the wolf with your bow, you can obtain two Tibetan Wolf Skins.

Walk onto the vantage point: Sprint down the hill and crouch when you near the wolves. Remember that you can also rely on your machete in combat, since the animals are bound to rush you when shot at. Make sure to skin them for valuables and head towards the cave entrance.

There is a red barrel resting against some support beams, and targeting it with your bow will cause the den to collapse. There you meet up with Amita and Bhadra, and they reward you for the mission. Despite the allure of an open-ended world, I suggest completing the next campaign mission before going sightseeing. You can Fast Travel from the map by selecting any liberated area and hitting A.

For starters, you should have gained enough XP to level up, granting you a Skill Point. Press Back to access the Skills Menu, where you can spend it. Far Cry 4 features two skill trees: Tiger, which is primarily offensive in nature, and Elephant, which focuses on defense.

I recommend starting off with the Capable Skill strength, which increases your overall health. Next, you can use the Tibetan Wolf Skins to craft a new weapon holster. Go to the Crafting Menu and press A to use three Tibetan Wolf Skins to upgrade the holster, which allows for one sidearm and one weapon.

Enter the building to begin the mission. You can see the bell tower looming in the distance from the front porch, so you have a bit of a trek in front of you. From Banapur, run through the fields and slide down the zip line. You often find a Sherpa wandering the road here; Sherpas are basically traveling vendors, so they sure are a sight for sore eyes if you are ever in the wilderness craving ammo or other items. Hop onto the ATV here and zoom up the road.

Take the injured man's grapple and use it for yourself to get up the wall. While Far Cry 4's map is smaller than its predecessor's, the game's depth is impressive with its mountainous regions and deep caverns.

You'll use the grapple nonstop for the rest of the game. Since the aforementioned are found right in front of you, look up to reveal the grapple point and hold X. While grappling, you can climb by holding RT or rappel by holding LT. Jump with A and use the Left Stick to sway from side to side. Pull yourself up and reach the next grapple point. This one hangs over a gorge, so grapple and jump to swing across the pit.

The same controls apply, but you can use B to detach yourself and land on the other side. Loot the dead soldier and make sure to take his Mark IV sidearm. The next two grapple points are more of the same. In this case, you have to grapple to the second spot while in midair, a task that is much easier than it sounds.

At the top of the wall is the bell tower. The bees become agitated and swarm the closest victim an unlucky soldier. Bees can attack you if you aren't careful, so keep your distance until they dissipate. There is a Propaganda Poster hanging next to the tower's main entrance. One of the many types of collectibles, Propaganda Posters can either be manually torn down with X or set ablaze with any type of incendiary weapon.

Collectibles will not be covered in the walkthrough, so consult to Section 8 for all things collectibles, including locations of all posters. Bell towers are identical to radio towers in Far Cry 3, and offer even more of a platforming challenge. There is never an easy way to the top, so look for stairwells, planks to cross, ropes you can use for hoisting, and locked doors to bash open. Once you reach the top, hijack the signal. Liberating bell towers open up regions of the map, unlocks new weapons, and activates new activities.

And in the case of this one, ends missions! You can find Longinus in a small church at the following coordinates: You will be treated to his inane, religious ramblings once inside. You have six minutes to get back to town, so a vehicle is necessary here. Take the ATV parked outside the church and get movin'. Six minutes is very lenient so you don't have to book it; take your time and make sure to avoid collisions or unwarranted spills.

You can even turn on the game's autopilot mechanics by pressing the Left Stick. You don't reach max speed, but again, you don't have to. Sit back and let the game's AI take you to Banapur. There are close to a dozen soldiers ransacking Banapur, with an equal share of normal soldiers and Chasers.

Chasers actively pursue you on foot, and often carry molotov cocktails. The Normals here carry M shotguns, so pick one up if you don't already have one. Track it down and wait for the enemies to disembark, then use a grenade or molotov for a controlled explosion.

After two helis worth of baddies, you'll move on. Two Chasers are dousing it with flames, so use takedowns to eliminate the threat. There is an open window here allowing you access. Approach Bhadra's body for a cutscene. The location is due northwest of Prabhakar's Farm. Approach the area from the west for a vantage point.

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There are a number of hostages in the vicinity in this case, 4 held captive by enemy soldiers. If you are spotted by a soldier, they will begin killing the hostages. Therefore, Hostage Rescues and the mission are purely stealth missions, and you need to keep at least two out of the four hostages alive. If you do not have the Hunter's Bow or some other silenced weapon on you, focus on using takedowns and throwing knives.

From the west end, you can find a pair of soldiers out front and a third on the front porch of a building. There are two more soldiers on the lower level. Five total enemies, with most of them either standing on watch or distracted by abusing the hostages. If things go south, equip a gun and track down the remaining soldiers before too much damage is done. Untie all the hostages after rescuing them for extra bonuses. Your current location is not that far from your destination, so move southeast to Prabhakar's Farm and stay off the main roads.

It's a good idea to attack the outpost from an alternate entrance instead of walking up to the main gate, so try and approach it from a different direction.

There is a zipline north of the outpost that takes you to a good nest overlooking the area. There is also an alarm, which can be used by enemies to call reinforcements. It is imperative that you maintain a low profile so they don't bring in more troops. This goes for all outpost liberations: Now it would be unnecessary to talk about all of the surroundings without mentioning the elephant in the room Some outposts have caged animals that you can free, like in the Prologue.

This mission is very simple so long as you free the elephant and let it trample everyone to death. Shoot the cage door preferably with an arrow to free the elephant and let it wreak havoc on the outpost's inhabitants.

The beast is powerful enough to take down everyone before falling; if not, clean up the rest in their panicked state. If you liberate the outpost without triggering any alarms, the "Tread Lightly" Achievement will be yours. And with that, Act 1 is complete. Co-op Mode is now unlocked so you can pair up with a buddy to complete unique missions and other fun activities. Make sure to buy the Wingsuit, which is an absolute must-have.

Next, go inside the Golden Path's meeting place at Khilana Bazaar to start the next story mission. Amita and Sabal often have different priorities when it comes to war strategies and the Golden Path's future. Since you're the third wheel, it is up to you to pick a side and choose between Amita and Sabal.

The mission changes depending on who you ally yourself with, forcing two playthroughs to get the full experience. Your choice here is not set in stone, so, for example, if you choose Amita here you are able to choose Sabal if desired in the next Balance of Power mission. Tokyo,Japan - Bloody Bath: Break the glass of the room that have a pool with no one inside it and when the guy goes up shoot him. Tokyo,Japan - Shadows of Traditions: There will be three guys walking with swords,put your mouse away from their heads at the right and at the second it touch the heads shoot, if it don't work try again but a little bit down than it were before.

Tokyo,Japan - Asian Meals: Shoot at the hand of the guy at the right side of the table that have a red bottle when he's going to eat. Moscow,Russia - Midnight Rider: When the car is near the house, shoot the eletric box and when the guy get off of the car shoot him Moscow,Russia - Calling The Office: Shoot at the car tire and when a guy appears at the window shoot him.

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Moscow,Russia - Closed Passage: The target is in the truck, a train will pass by and you shoot the target when there is a empty wagon. Venise,Italia - A Running Info: Shoot the guy that is running. Venise,Italia - Elevator Ride: When the elevator goes up shoot the button. Nice,France - Sunny Day: Shoot the guy with a hat. Nice,France - The ''Rendez-Vouz'': First break the right window and shoot when the two people kiss each other.

Nice,France - The Gentleman: Keep your mouse over the smallest flash of light and when you see a guy walking over it shoot him.