Slugger bat dating guide

Baseball Bat Dating Guide

slugger bat dating guide

Hillerich & Bradsby Crackerjack baseball bat dating and Price Guide Goldsmith MacGregor baseball Bat dating guide complete with images, manufacturing. This page will act as a quick reference guide for the dating and overall Earliest Louisville Slugger bat. "Hillerich & Bradsby Co" in center label of all bats. Hillerich & Bradsby Co. The oval mow reads: "HILLERICH & BRADSBY Co." with the catalog number directly above it. "MADE IN U.S.A." replaced dash-dot-dash in , and is directly below "HILLERICH & BRADSBY Co." with "LOUISVILLE KY.

Vintage and significant Louisville Slugger bats

The year history of Louisville Slugger all started with a year-old playing hooky from work and choosing baseball over butter. He had made bats before. An amateur ball player himself, Hillerich had crafted some lumber for some of his teammates — as well as himself.

slugger bat dating guide

Browning, a three-time batting champion who finished his year career with a. He snapped his slump, collecting a trio of hits and setting in motion a chain of events whose effects are felt still today. At times in the s, he actually turned away professional ball players seeking new bats.

Baseball Bat History

Eleven years later inthe company forever changed not just baseball — but sports marketing — by paying future Hall of Famer Honus Wagner to use his name on a bat. Bud and his father were experts in making bats — but lacked professional sales and marketing expertise.

slugger bat dating guide

In stepped Bradsby, who, bybecame a full partner in the company. Before Wagner, no player endorsed a bat nor an athlete endorsed an athletic product. That practice, of course, continues to this day across all sports.

The closed oval is now open and elongated.

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The letters "LS" is squeezed in between the outer and inner boarders, at the top. These bats were produced since The labels pictured below are dated to the first catalog appearance and could over lap the new label during the transition year.

The oval was sandwiched between two question mark like one inverted ornate designs. The sample shown is the "Cracker Jack" No. Other models with this oval design included the "Safe Hit" and "Junior League" models. The earlier bats features a decal on the barrel. Inside the oval reads: The "f'" like ornate design is also removed.

Otherwise the information in the oval remains the same. What Does the stand for?

Baseball Bat History | your baseballsa history

The "" is the catalog number designated for Professional and high quality store model bats. The highest grade of wood is reserved for all baseball bats.

slugger bat dating guide

Before the the No.