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25 miles away. Hotel Aux Tamaris. reviews miles away. VVF Villages Belle-Ile-en-Mer. reviews. miles away. Hotel Le Clos Fleuri. reviews . This French island off the coast of Brittany inspired some of Monet's famous coastal In Photos: Discovering France's Idyllic Belle Île En Mer. Belle Isle en TerreRef: BN Lannion is 35k NW of gite . Key £ = From price is ferry inclusive* per party & based on date of stay £ = Extra week rental.

Despite the presence of a huge Gothic cathedral, and a souped-up art museum, it still feels like a pretty provincial market town, stretching languidly along the banks of the river Odet, which is criss-crossed by flower-bedecked little footbridges.

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In truth, land and sea are so intermingled that the only rational way to explore is by boat. Instead, an hour out to sea, you come to a tiny sliver of land, home to a low huddled village and a solitary lighthouse. The tides here at the western tip of Mont-St-Michel Bay — yes, the namesake abbey stands silhouetted on the horizon — are among the largest in the world, leaving scores of fishing boats stranded on the silty seabed.

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Ten miles east of St-Malo, the little port of Cancale has been famed for centuries for ostreiculture — cultivating oysters on terraces flooded and flushed by the tide Credit: Walk it off afterwards with a bracing hike to the dramatic Pointe du Grouin. Carnac Carnac may look like a perfectly ordinary little Breton village, but amazingly enough archeologists consider it to be the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in Europe.

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Carnac may look like a perfectly ordinary little Breton village, but amazingly enough archeologists consider it to be the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in Europe Credit: Rent a bike or a car, if you must and you can explore the whole island in a day, from secluded sandy beaches in the north to the wild and rugged southern coastline, with its steepling cliffs pounded by the ocean.

Its interior, on the other hand, was dark and dangerous, covered in legend by a vast forest known as the Argoat. The French were well- entrenched and their fire took a heavy toll on the British attackers.

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A company of grenadiers managed to scale the nearby cliffs, but they were not supported and many were killed and captured. Realising that they had lost any chance of surprise, and apparently faced with little alternative, Craufurd's troops abandoned the attempt and withdrew back to the ships.

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A violent storm then blew up wrecking many of the landing craft vital for the operation. The expedition's commanders believed a further attempt was not practicable, and after further reconnaissance they wrote home to Pitt suggesting that no assault was now possible, raising the likelihood that the force should sail for home.

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The immediate results of the attack resulted in dismay in both Paris and London. The French court were infuriated by the fact that Pitt had pressed ahead with the operation in spite of the ongoing peace talks, which they regarded as an act of bad faith.

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Troop transports carrying forces to take part in the attack on Martinique were diverted to join Keppel along with significant reinforcements. Augustus Keppelthe British naval commander Now reinforced, a second landing was planned by Keppel and Hodgson.

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After lengthy examination of the island's defences it was decided that the best chance of success was another attack at Port Andro. This time two diversionary attacks were planned to draw attention away from the main effort with one in the west against Sauzon and one in the north against St Foy. Meanwhile, the diversionary attack to the north led by Brigadier Hamilton Lambart discovered the stretch of coast around St Foy undefended by troops as the French had believed that the high cliffs were a strong enough defence against any attack.

Lambart decided that they could be scaled, and his troops successfully gained a position on top of the ridge.