Speed dating rooster teeth monty

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speed dating rooster teeth monty

A page for describing Heartwarming: Rooster Teeth. If you're For episode 3 of Social Disorder, Aaron and Chris set up a speed dating event in a local bar. The RT crew being able to do a podcast so soon after Monty's death, and their fond. RWBY () is an anime-styled American web series from Rooster Teeth Studio ; Although director-cowriter Monty Oum begins his commentary talking about Not Rated; Studio: DOCURAMA; DVD Release Date: November 12, of it. its fast pace. light heart and very humorious I love how the characters are first. idk, I actually thought he was going to get a date with that chick at the end. She seemed like she didn't give a shit that he was married.

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Uranium and not, gossip, from the year beginning from rooster. The topic of Ouija boards comes and at More from Extra Life Michael and Iris' "Daddy-Daughter Dance" is too adorable for words. Jack was in tears. Burnie tweeted out a screenshot of a comment he made on Gavin's RT journal and how proud he is. For International Women's DayAshley hosted a livestream spotlighting many of the company's female employees, especially the animators and behind the scenes crew. Everyone shared their stories of how their careers started, their passions, how they came to Rooster Teeth, and how much they love their jobs.

Not only that, the livestream raised funds for Girls Who Code, a non-profit organization dedicated to getting girls interested into STEM fields. The new RoosterTeeth Animation bumper is a combination of this and Funny. It seems almost disbelieving that what started off as a bunch of friends dicking around making Halo Machinima got as far as they have.

Many of the viewers began wondering whether they were dating or not in the chat. After an hour, Ellie and Miles noticed their observations and announced that they had been dating for a while, to the chats unanimous excitement.

Later, Miles leaves the stream to use the bathroom and Ellie encourages the chat to spam everything they love about Miles to make him cry. Everything they say is heartwarming enough alone, but Miles reaction is even better. After that, Ellie steps away for a bit and the chat decides to spam her praises as well, before Miles even has a chance to suggest it. When Ellie gets back, she assumes Miles told the chat to spam the praise, but he is quick to tell her that they did it all on their own.

After they started dating, Monty had told her he helped because he believed in true love and thought they would make a good couple. At RTXMichael and Lindsay announced that they're expecting their second child in February to massive cheers and congratulations. Also, as a sign of how close he is to the Joneses, Gavin had noticed Lindsay was acting more strangely that she normally was, and had jokingly asked if she was pregnant again.

Little did they know, he was correct a week before they officially told anyone. Geoff takes a moment to sincerely thank all fans who are former or current military. No jokes, no snark, just a genuine moment from him.

RT Extra Life raised a whopping 1.

speed dating rooster teeth monty

Jack could barely choke back his tears as he thanked the community, the company and everyone else involved. Moments later, Michael appeared on the set with Iris in tow, leading to an adorable moment of Iris meeting Mush.

Achievement Hunter as a whole were one of the first select few within Rooster Teeth who got to preview gen: While they normally like to make fun of other programming within the company, they had nothing but rave reviews for the show. In turn, Gray had let it known that if it weren't for Achievement Hunter's popularity as Rooster Teeth's first successful non-machinima project, shows like RWBY and gen: LOCK wouldn't have been made in the first place.

But absolutely feel free to include any extra artwork for the character in whatever cool poses etc. I'd like to note that this won't be the last time we hold this sort of contest; in fact, my hope is that this will eventually lead to having completely original, fan-designed characters incorporated into the show someday.

The Contest Page is here: Get designing, and good luck everyone! With the amazing rate rate of submissions for this contest.

Rooster teeth dating

I'd like to note that starting now you'll have one more week to submit your designs. With nearly submissions I've certainly got a lot to look at I know how I'm spending my Christmas!

speed dating rooster teeth monty

From there it'll take a lot of time and thinking to decide a winner. Again this is the final week to submit your Velvet design.

So get your images in by next monday. And thanks to everyone who's entered thus far.