Speed dating vicar of dibley

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speed dating vicar of dibley

The villagers want to celebrate Geraldine's 40th birthday, so they buy her a ticket to a speed dating evening. However, when she goes it turns out that most of the. It just wasn't right - I found the first part very amusing with Jim doing the speed dating And suddenly they remember about some 'meeting'. It's the vicar's fortieth birthday and the villagers club together to buy her a present - an evening at a speed-dating session. Unfortunately the one handsome.

speed dating vicar of dibley

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Emma Chambers' end joke scenes were the best thing in Vicar Of Dibley - Yorkshire Post

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Emma Chambers’ end joke scenes were the best thing in Vicar Of Dibley

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speed dating vicar of dibley

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speed dating vicar of dibley

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She sees him with an attractive woman who turns out to be his sister. Harry proposes to Geraldine and she accepts. Engagement—Christmas Special However, when David finds out they are seeing each other he threatens to disown Hugo. Meanwhile, Owen proposes to Geraldine after she kisses him. At the event, Alice plays Mary and in the middle of the performance gives birth.

speed dating vicar of dibley

The child is later named Geraldine after the Vicar. However, after a dream she changes her mind. Later, sadness comes to Dibley as Letitia Cropley dies and Geraldine has to take over as the Dibley Easter Bunny which involves dressing up in a bunny costume.

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And, Alice is pregnant. Meanwhile, David's brother Simon and Geraldine start seeing each other.

speed dating vicar of dibley

However, when he says he's got a woman back in Liverpool, she refuses to attend any services and offers her resignation. Meanwhile, the villagers want to build a millennium statue. Love and Marriage Meanwhile, Geraldine meets David's brother from Liverpool and is instantly attracted to him.

Also, Alice surprises Geraldine during her hen night after revealing that her biological father is David Horton.

On the way out she meets Darcey Bussell, but the fame soon goes to her head and a national paper prints some stories about the villagers.