Ssb coaching classes in bangalore dating

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ssb coaching classes in bangalore dating

Find SSB Coaching classes in Bangalore by checking ✓Reviews ✓Addresses ✓ Ratings ✓Contact Details ✓Fee Details and choose from the best SSB Coaching . Selection Centre South is located on Cubbon Road at Bangalore. 12 SSB was the first board which was raised on 1st April for selection. National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination is one of the renowned Banglore, Click here for NDA-II SSB dates at Banglore.

PGT is about set of obstacles in ground in a specified area in that you and your team members should cross each obstacle defined by set of rules. Also while crossing those obstacles we should carry a load. To cross those obstacles, some helping materials are given by the G. Balli wooden logPlank, and rope to tie these. The difficulty of the task increases from one obstacle to another in a progressive manner.

So it is named as Progressive Group Task. We provide high quality, personalized care to all students, while also providing consultation to them regarding mental health concerns. The team of retired officers train and groom as per the required standards of SSB Boards.

Only Major Kalshi classes pvt. Students can issue these books for self study, revision, practice etc.

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These rooms are open daily till late hours. Motivational lectures and movies: Major Kalshi classes pvt. Students interact with candidates from all over the country working towards a common goal.

ssb coaching classes in bangalore dating

Motivational lectures and movies shown, leave the students inspired to do something for the country and become better human beings. Ltd, failing which they may be expelled without refunds.

SSB Coaching Classes in Bangalore

These guidelines enforced by the academy inculcate good values and discipline in the students. Students also learn the importance and benefits of proper time management.

ssb coaching classes in bangalore dating

Sundays and other holidays are not observed to maintain continuity and to ensure students can focus on upcoming exam without distractions. MKC is concerned about the accommodation problem of the outstation candidates.

Keeping in view this fact we extend lodging and boarding facility to the candidates at reasonable rates. These hostel rooms are well furnished with all basic amenities. It also provides an optional fooding facility to them.

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The Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd is highly qualified and vastly experienced in successfully coaching students for SSB Interview. It is notable that Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. It is notable that Major Kalshi classes has got team of retired officers from Indian Armed Forces who possess vast experience of assessing candidates in the selection system.

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SSB Interview Correspondence Kit Keeping the requirement of the SSB Candidates Major Kalshi classes has developed comprehensive study material which not only covers detailed methodology and procedure about the various Tests and Tasks but also provides practical knowledge and helps to develop the right approach of a candidate.

These qualities makes these books a must buy package for all defence aspirant. To clear them, you need to first understand the interview process, the analysis of intelligence, and how to prepare for the same. SSB Interviews is specifically designed for aspiring candidates, to acquaint them with thec Services Selection Board and help them tread the path of success.

SSB Interviews has been split into two parts. The first part of the book deals with an introduction to Services Selection Board and the series of tests involved including screening, psychological analysis, group testing, etc. As for the description part of this test, candidates must provide a story of the picture in about 70 words, describing the mood and approximate age of the characters.

In the next step of this test, candidates are provided with their stories that have to be revised before being asked to present the same in a group within a minute.

ssb coaching classes in bangalore dating

Psychological tests This stage involves the following four skill tests: Thematic apperception test Situation reaction test Self-description test. The thematic apperception test is similar to the PPDT, with the difference being the candidates getting a clearer picture that the candidates have to analyse.

SSB Coaching classes in Bangalore

Here, 12 pictures are shown one-by-one and the last of those is a blank slide on which the candidates have to write their own story. The word association test involves being shown 60 words that are used pretty much every day. Each word is shown for 15 seconds and the candidates need to write the first thought that arises in their minds, about the word they saw. The situation reaction and self-description tests are also administered on this day and they are self-explanatory.

Days 3 and 4: Group testing tasks Group discussion, group planning exercises, progressive group tasks, half-group tasks, individual tasks or obstaclesgroup tasks snake racecommand tasks, lecturette, and a final group task are part of this phase of the interview.

ssb coaching classes in bangalore dating

Personal interview, assessment and results The personal interview is conducted by a panel of judges, who look for confidence, expression in speech, attitude during adversity and in life, and honesty.

After this, the final results are announced. The successful candidates have to undergo a medical examination that last three to five days and is conducted at a military hospital.