Strike witches dating game

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strike witches dating game

StrikeWitches · comments . For us tankers, there's better games out there. On Steam there is now a tank dating simulator, or something. Mar 9, @ pm. Originally posted by Dangerous Beans: Strike Witches? Wouldn't mind that; but they aren't based off planes. #4. Strike Witches is a mixed-media project originally created by Fumikane Shimada via a series of magazine illustration columns. The franchise has since been.

Minna continued, "I also have completed the transferring procedures for those of you that served in a different squadron prior to this reformation, but if you have anything left behind you are welcome to contact them to ship your things here. Supplies wise, everything is provided here so you don't have to ask from your home countries like back in Romagna.

Another thing to address is the room assignment, currently most of you have to share with 4 people. After I checked on the possible room arrangements here, the room arrangement is mostly going to be two partners like in Romagna except for Major Sakamoto since she's also going to be the combat instructor here as well, you are welcome to discuss room arrangements after the meeting. If you have any further questions you can ask me or Major General Galland later.

Minna nodded and then left as Gertrud and Erica follow. Adolfine walked toward Mio to catch up on each other. After all, ranking isn't my thing. As Adolfine and Mio chat, the others begin to discuss room arrangement. Eila said, "I'm definitely going to just stay with Sanya like before! Although Captain Barkhorn and Lieutenant Hartmann shared their room then, they have their own room in this base.

Lynette explained to Yoshika, "I think it's like an act of kindness a noble person would do.

strike witches dating game

A few hours later, Minna gathered everyone that need the room adjustment. After the room adjustment and dinner, everyone were free on their own. So, Mio, Minna, and Gertrud went to their own room. Sanya went on to night patrol with Heidemarie and other local night witches. Perrine had to call Amelie to check on the situation in Gallia.

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Shizuka was over exhausted from her excitement so she went to bed. So the rest of the st hang out at Yoshika and Lynette's new room because Eila have a card game idea that was similar to the card game she played back in her time in Suomus' 24th Unit, so Francesca and Charlotte brought some Romagna sweets to share with everyone in the room. While playing cards, everyone were talking about things they did during the time they were apart.

Then after an hour of conversations, Francesca brought up an interesting question. Francesca said, "You know, I just realize that Yoshika and Lynette's relationship are very close compare to normal best friends. Yoshika and Lynette looked at each other and blushed for a bit.

Charlotte said, "Looking at each other like that makes it more suspicious Francesca took the hint and followed her, right after she told everyone good night. Erica said, "Well, I'm going back to my room too, night night.

Eila was still cleaning up the cards when everyone left. Once she finished, she said, "Well, I'm going to bed too. With everyone gone, Yoshika and Lynette faced each other awkwardly.

So Yoshika decided to break the ice, "Umm Ever since our first team up kill back in Britannia, I've always enjoyed your company. So I've been always grateful that I met you too. Yoshika hoping to ease Lynette's embarrassment and said, "I still remember that I went frantic on the Neruroi that shot you down from a few months ago, I remember that day made me thought of Eila a lot during the rocket booster mission.

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But then we got a weather interference with high magnetic readings after being informed by one of the British Meteorological Stations. After that, we hit by some freak unnatural storm and finally end up here. So far we have failed to initiate any contact with them. I'm afraid we're stuck here for awhile. For now you and your fleet are welcomed here temporarily until I can confirm it with the Allied Forces High Command. I'll see what I can do.

Hawke looked at the Admiral and said, "Yeah, it's charged full. Admiral nodded as the work is getting done by Hawke, he then turns to his aide, "Commander Newman, please close the curtains. Before he shows it to the st, he give and advice, "Well girls, what you're about to see are some…disturbing images.

Are you so are you guys ready? Robertson finally turns off the projector as he deemed it is more than enough for the witches to know. He has expected the shocked face or every witch including Commander Minna herself after watching the video, especially as it involves the three nations of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and the Japanese Empire which bears the same resemblance to Karlsland, Romagna and Fuso.

After a moment of silence, Gertrude Barkhorn finally said, "Your world…is this world you guys living until now? Though at some point in time, we STLL live in relative peace…even though conflicts still brewing up at some parts of the world like what happened in the Second Korean War which has ended a year ago.

Mio still shaken after the footage of the documentary especially the war in Asia which she witnesses the Japanese Empire which resembles too much of her Fuso Empire committed such atrocious crime especially against prisoners of wars and civilians in the territory they conquered. Mio looked at Captain Tatsuya, "Is this what the counterpart of Fuso has done in your world? Is they who lead my country to near ruin in the Second World War.

Now we're not called as the Japanese Imperial Army or even being called an Army anymore, we only being called as the 'Self-Defense' Force since our defeat in Why there's the Chancellor instead of Kaiser? Robertson tried to ease the witch's worries after seeing them distressed over the fact about the World which the Admiral and his fellow commanders lives in, "Hey, let us think of this another way.

The fact you girls fought against the Neuroi is somewhat a blessing. Why would you say that!? Minna finally calmed down from the shock said, "It seems what you said is true Admiral. Thank you for showing all of this, we appreciate it. Even now, most of the men in our command have once lost someone too…including him. Roberston approaches him and asks him, "It's nothing Captain.

Please continue with your job and put that projector back into the Seahawk. After Hawke finally gone from their view, Shirley finally asks the Admiral about what has happened to Hawke, "Excuse me Admiral…what Admiral Petrovkin said about Captain Hawke loses someone? You better asks him yourself. So, what's for lunch? Fine food at last! I'm getting tired of the usual menu on my ship. As the rest gone separate ways leaving the Briefing Room, Shirley together with Gertrude, Erica, Perrine, Mio and Lucchini remained in the room to discuss a bit on what they're going to do.

They show this to us so that we won't make the mistake their previous generation done in the past. Before she left to find Hawke, Gertrude with Erica and Lucchini decided to follow her too and the four of them heads out to find the American Air Force Captain. Robertson answers as he sits down, "Yes, I need your personal help Commander.

I'm sure that I can guarantee your protection from anyone who might want to use your or your technologies. No offense but we don't want anything happened to the peoples under my command. Minna immediately remembers the experience with one such people like the clearest example is the Britannian Air Marshal Trevor Maloney.

If there still people like him in the military which she suspected still exists, she really need to do something to gain the Admiral's trust. Besides, his units and technologies prove to be invaluable in the fight against the Neuroi. After a bit of thinking, she finally decided, "Very well, I know a couple of people who can be trusted.

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Until we get back to our world, I think we don't have any choice but to stay here and help you and if there's anything happened your witches. You can ask our help in return. Because I'm informed that she have only two siblings. Yeager, a World War Two veteran pilot. We assumed that Shirley here is the female version of Charles and through Genetic testing, we concluded that Captain Hawke and Shirley IS related…even if those two from different realities.

But she immediately focused her attention to Hawke and decided to asks the American Admiral, "So I heard that Captain Hawke once also lost someone he hold dear to…could you tell me who is it? Yeager stares at the beach before he is interrupted by a familiar voice. What are you doing here?

Hawke looks at the four witches and give somewhat a sad smile as he said, "Ah Shirley, I just reminiscing something in the past. Gerturde walks right next to him and said, "I just heard about you and Shirley, is the rumor that you and Shirley are related is true?

Well…even blood can transcend time and…dimensions. So, what are you guys doing here? Shirley then finally said, "We heard from Admiral Petrovkin that you once lost someone you hold dear, is it true?

Hawke massaged his forehead and said, "Guh…I don't want to talk about it…it'll take time. Please I want to hear it!

Before the situation goes out of control, Hawke finally said, "Alright alright. Let just go and find some suitable place to sit and talk. Anyway, what she said is right, I have a girlfriend who served together with me before.

strike witches dating game

Both of us known long during our time during and after graduated from the Academy. Surprisingly, she is also my first WSO before Albert takes her place when both of us served on the Eisenhower the first time.

Hawke the produces a dog tag and a ring which tied with the dog tags and answered, "Her name is Melinda F. Williams or Linda as I called her. She's a First Lieutenant back then.

When I first saw her in Academy…she was the most beautiful and interesting girl I've ever met. The picture shows a young woman who's the same age as Hawke with green eyes and short brownish-auburn hair with a fair white skin wearing the US Air Force Service Uniform with the attached rank of 1st Lieutenant.

List of Strike Witches characters On an alternate Earth during the World War II era, the world has been invaded by a mysterious alien force known as the Neuroi who take on forms similar to aircraft and spread a corrosive miasma. As a result, the armed forces of the world have allied together to combat the Neuroi threat instead of fighting among themselves. As normal humans have no effect against the Neuroi's technology, the military instead calls upon Witches, young girls who possess magical abilities capable of fighting against the Neuroi.

The Witches, who are inspired by famous real-life pilots, grow animal ears and tails when using their magic, and can use special machines known as Striker Units, which feature designs based on real-life aircraft, to fly through the sky and increase the strength of their magical ability in combat. During this time there was no word on the further development of a Strike Witches animated series, although promotional items such as plastic figures of the OVA's characters were released.

Not until December was the anime officially announced, after which details were slowly released, such as the casting of the remaining main characters that had no lines in the OVA. Light novels[ edit ] Two separate light novel series have been published. The first, Strike Witches: A fourth volume, originally scheduled for Springis in production. The Suomus Misfits Squadron series is set in a different time period and location from the anime, and uses a different cast of characters.

The second light novel series, titled Strike Witches: As of June 11,2 volumes have been published, with a third scheduled for July 1, The publication of this series coincided with the anime television series, and uses the same cast of characters; however, while some of the chapters are adaptations of the anime episodes, several are original. The timeline of the story happens in between from the beginning of the Season 2 anime to the before of the Movie. The first volume was published in Japan on 1 January Volume 2 was published on 1 May and Volume 3 is published on 1 October Volume 4 was published on 1 March and volume 5 was published on 1 November