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the mask animated series intro latino dating

The Mask: Animated Series is an American animated television series based on The . To date the only thing that truly affects the Mask is the Common Cold which throws .. Don Julovit (voiced by Cam Clarke in a Spanish accent) – The greatest . The Mask was able to stop him by opening a manhole which sucked him. Static Shock All Intro's HD p - Duration: SORA 1,, views. the latter needed to look through the mask with X-ray vision to see who was behind the mask. Static Shock is an American animated television series produced by Warner Bros. animated TV series was created by Craig Bartlett and ran for episodes over 8 including the United States, Australia, Europe, India, and Latin America. Though the original Japanese series has 2 opening theme songs, . and "Pinky and the Brain," the title character in "The Mask," and many more.

He is a parody of Don Quixote. Dynamite Joe voiced by Jeff Bennett impersonating Sylvester Stallone — One of the sleazy low-lives who disguised himself as Santa Claus at Christmas Time in order to get away with his illegal escapades. He didn't bother to introduce himself and only spoke 3 or 4 times during the entire caper.

He stated he had worked with explosives his whole life when confronted with something as extraordinary as Kablamus The Exploding Man.

He was arrested along with the other criminals. He is called Dynamite Joe as he was a sleazy explosives expert. Chet Bozzack voiced by Dan Castellaneta — The high school bully of Stanley who resurfaced when he got a job at Edge City Saving and Loans, though by that time he had more or less reformed himself into a nicer person.

Unfortunately, he accidentally wore half of the mask when it was split into two by Walter which reawakens his darker urges and did one of the attacks on Charlie. It is later shown that their Mask sides have something akin to a rivalry to the point that Stanley's mask form willingly abandoned a chance to dance at the Coco Bongo an almost impossible task at any other time just for a chance to get even with Chet's Mask form.

Upon meeting, the two Mask's proceed to fight using their respective reality warping powers. Stanley and Chet along with their half mask personalities battle ended only when Chet stopped his mask personality from killing Stanley. After Chet was liberated from his half of the Mask and apologizing to Stanley, he was fired by Charlie.

Chet then decided to leave Edge City and find a new future. Colonel Beauregard Klaxon voiced by Jim Cummings — A southern businessman who helped in the unveiling of a statue that Mayor Tilton hosted. This resulted in the creation of a swamp monster abducting the Edge City Team. During the tournament, Peggy used a security camera to obtain a confession from Beauregard about Edge City Stadium being built on unstable swamp grounds and the creation of a swamp monster.

After the swamp monster is defeated followed by the destruction of Edge City Stadium, Beauregard is then given an atomic wedgie by The Mask and is then arrested by Lt.

Billy Bob — Colonel Beauregard Klaxon's henchmen. Cookie Baboom voiced by Cree Summer - A exotic dancer once dated Mayor Tilton and gatecrashes his Bavariaville ceremony and threatens to blow herself and the Mayor to whom she refers as "Mortimer" with two megatons worth of dynamite strapped to her body which The Mask strips off and makes into a cocktail.

Channel Surfer voiced by Gary Owens — A madman who glides using his surfboard and travels by teleporting through televisions as well as manipulation of electricity and whatever is in the television.

He was once a man named Raymond Nielsen who went insane after his favorite TV show Pointy Peaks a parody of Twin Peaks was canceled due to complaints from viewers. He had all of Edge City watch the TV shows he liked and he was able to trap Stanley wearing the mask inside the television. Peggy managed to place The Mask in a live broadcast of Channel Surfer's show. The Mask then sucks Channel Surfer into a satellite and shoots him into outer space, although Channel Surfer vows "I will return — same time, same channel!

He makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Broadway Malady" auditioning for a musical with villain Sir Andrew Bedwetter and then joins him in prison which indicates he may have returned. He is obviously a spoof of Silver Surferand may have been inspired by the Couch Potato, a villain with television-based powers that The Mask encountered in the Dark Horse Comics series.

Gorgonzola the Cheese Witch voiced by Cree Summer — Her powers include the Cheese-Eye an eye laser that turns anything into cheese and the Shot- Cheddar an extra-sharp cheddar cheese arrow, that is fired from Gorgonzola's palm.

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This character was created as it was the winner of a contest held by Disney Adventures to create a new villain for the series. Legend says that Gorgonzola is the half-sister of Parmaseana, the greatest dairy farmer in Mesopotamia. After Gorgonzola was caught trying to steal her brother's riches, she was shunned and vowed revenge. Many years later, Mrs. Peenman's niece Jennifer found an amulet during a dig in a Mesopotamian tomb that ends up transforming her into Gorgonzola by the third-quarter moon when she removed it from the Mesopotamian tomb.

When the transformation occurs, Gorgonzola plans revenge on the mortals that "treated her like sour milk". This led to the final confrontation with The Mask at Edge Stadium. The Mask managed to turn Gorgonzola's Cheese-Eye attack against her. Once the Mask removed Gorgonzola's amulet and returned it to its tomb, Jennifer alongside everyone and everything was restored to normal. In "Convention of Evil", Gorgonzola popped up as one of the villains attending Pretorius' convention.

Pete made a lot of cheese puns around Gorgonzola, where she shot melted cheese at him. What no one knows yet is that Sly and the director had a stolen U.

This was part of a revenge plot against the critics that made a bad review of his last movie. When it came to the movie's final scene, Peggy managed to warn Mask and Lt.

Kellaway that the bomb is real. The Mask manages to disarm the bomb and Sly Eastenegger is arrested by Lt. He is a parody of Arnold Schwarzeneggerbut speaks in the style of Sylvester Stallone. His name is a combination of "Sly" Stallone's nickname" Eastwood " and "Schwarzenegger".

Director voiced by Carlos Alazraqui — An unnamed director of Sly Eastenegger's latest movie who helped Sly in his plot to use a stolen U. Phony Frenchman voiced by Jess Harnell — A patriotic French terrorist with a bad French accent who conducts plans to benefit his home country of France. Chronos' time portal at her and exploding.

Satan voiced by Jonathan Harris — Appearing in the form of Bub a human with vampire -like teeth and a demon shadowSatan appeared as a villain. The first time, he convinced Stanley to sign a contract to make him become a winner without using the Mask. The contract worked, Stanley gaining prices twice and becoming the Bank vice-president, but the Devil then tried to take him including as the Mask to the bad place as a payment. However, The Mask was able to discard the contract by challenging and defeating Satan in a dance competition at the Coco Bongo.

In "Convention of Evil," Bub appeared at Pretorius' convention when he arrived during Gorgonzola the Cheese Witch's story of her fight with Mask and recapped his fight with Mask after that. When Pretorius comments that they will all join Bub in his domain at his point, Bub states that he doesn't see any halos over either of them.

The Tempest voiced by Bud Cort — Fritz Drizzle is a fired weatherman who was struck by lightning which rebounded from a satellite dish onto him and he was mutated into a freak with the ability to control the weather. Taking the name "the Tempest" He put Edge City into a hailstorma blizzardand a flood. The Mask was able to stop him by opening a manhole which sucked him down, along with the flood waters he created.

In "Convention of Evil," he was present at Pretorius' convention. During that time, he did get into a fight with Stinger when he called him "Beeboy". He is not to be confused with the Action Man villain with a similar name, origin, and powers. He resembles Robin from Batman: The Hood voiced by Jess Harnell — A criminal wanted for loan sharking, smuggling, jewel heists, and other crimes.

His true identity is Lawrence Lorenzo who was hired to be the police chief. Kellaway was appointed to head up the stakeout with his visiting mother attending. When he and his henchmen kidnap Mayor Tilton as well as Lt. Kellaway's mother, Hood reveals his identity to Mayor Tilton and states that he will dispose of him and take over Edge City. The Mask managed to find Hood's hideout in the Cornitos Chips Factory and lured every policeman there.

When Hood threatens to use Mrs.

Kellaway as a human shield, she manages to stomp on his foot and beat him down with her purse enough to expose Hood's identity to the other cops while Mask tricked Hood's henchmen into going into the bagging machine. Hood and his men were arrested after that. He had the ability to control the behavior of bees to do his work and also developed a taste for honey. He was able to hypnotized the entire city into building a giant beehive. He was eventually stopped by the Mask who removed his stinger and Buzz was returned to normal.

In "Convention of Evil," Stinger was present at Pretorius' convention. During that time, he got into a fight with Tempest when he called him "Beeboy. After being on the brink of being fired from a carnival by its owner Admiral Wombat, she encounters Stanley Ipkiss and learns of his Mask as it was part of her family's magic.

Around the same time, she gives Stanley a love potion that spilled on Mrs. Peenman that causes Stanley and the MaskLt. Kellaway, and other males to fall in love with her. She plotted to steal the Mask and siphon its powers to get revenge on Admiral Wombat.

When she does, it caused Stanley as The Mask to miss some of his powers. The Mask managed to trick Madame Suspiria into using her magic attacks on him to regain part of his powers. Kellaway, Charlie Schumaker, and every man at the carnival to be attracted to her. The Mask crashed the show and his antics made the show successful.

While Andrew was preparing his next play against The Mask, his two employees were secretly robbing banks to obtain money to fund it. While in a giant robotic gorilla, he did a musical battle against The Mask and was defeated. After learning what his employees did, Andrew Bedwetter is then arrested by Lt. Andrew and the villains he called to the audition were seen in the asylum doing a musical when The Mask dropped a chandelier on Andrew. He is a parody of Broadway playwright Andrew Lloyd Webber.

At some point after a thermonuclear crisis, he found the mask and used it to power everything in Edge City.

Static shock intro latino dating

However, he made laws that banned anything related to fun. He wore the mask of the 23rd century, while a time-traveling Stanley wore the Mask he brought with him from the 20th century, thus allowing two people to wear the mask at the same time without the Mask being split in two.

Despite wearing the Mask, he is defeated quite easily by The Mask due to his lack of understanding of the powers it grants. He is a parody of Ross Perot. Airtight — A top researcher at Wrapmaster Corporation until she was fired for knowing too much about the food preserving part. She formed Putterware Corporation and secretly used the Putterware products to turn the leftovers into leftover monsters in her plot to take revenge on Wrapmaster Corporation.

Stanley ended up becoming a salesman and later an inner circle for Wrapmaster Corporation thanks to The Mask. Upon escaping a sandwich leftover monster and upon regaining the mask, Stanley became The Mask and fought the leftover monsters.

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After The Mask defeated the leftover monsters, he subdued Celia N. Airtight and Harold and left them for the police. Harold — Celia N. Tex Clobber — A bounty hunter that was hired by Pretorius alongside Baxter Simon to capture the Mask so that Pretorius can discover how the Mask can feel no pain.

Tex Clobber is a wilderness hunter that uses normal hunting weapons. The Mask manages to outwit both bounty hunters and place a bounty on them. Baxter Simon - A bounty hunter that was hired by Pretorius alongside Tex Clobber to capture the Mask so that Pretorious can discover how the Mask can feel no pain. He is a businessman that uses high tech gadgets.

The Mask manages to outwith both bounty hunters and place a bounty on them. She ended up getting her bag mixed up with Stanley's bag and traced down his address.

When she finds him and the bag full of counterfeit money gone, she plans to obtain both of them by kidnapping Milo. Davida Steelmine voiced by Cree Summer — An illusionist-turned-criminal and an old schoolmate of Stanley where she was his crush, unknown to him she harbors a similar infatuation towards him not enough to give up her life of crime though.

She uses illusions as diversion while she robs the actual places while using an illusion of herself during her magic show to throw off suspicion, though she is capable of creating fireballs to attack with, she commonly escapes through her top hat.

the mask animated series intro latino dating

She originally appeared to steal valuables from Edge City but met her old crush Stanley and makes him an offer to leave with her.

He refuses and dons The Mask to stop her. After several failed attempts to woo her, The Mask stops her with his own magic tricks and Davida is defeated in the end.

The Mask manages to take her Top Hat escape route after she does an escape trick from Lt. Kellaway's car and dives into her hat. Her original name was Vicky Pratt. She is a parody of magician David Copperfield.

Cybermite voiced by Jim Cummings — A living yet obnoxious computer virus in a form of a fat termite wearing a leather jacket who manages to invade and infect Milo's body in Fantashtick Voyage.

the mask animated series intro latino dating

He grows bigger when ever he eats brain cells and occasionally says some pretty bad jokes. Mask had to go inside Milo which also dragged Lt. Kellaway and Detective Doyle with him. The Mask defeats Cybermite who is then dragged away by the antibodies. Kellaway after mistaking him as their superhero enemy Galactic Avenger. A spoof of the Galaxy Trio from the Hanna-Barbera shorts. War Machine appears to be a parody of the Marvel superhero of the same name although he's a robot instead of a man in a suit.

Riptide voiced by Frank Welker - A punky villain and member of the Dark Star Trio with the ability to transform into water. Riptide is a spoof of Hydro-Man. Other characters[ edit ] Francis Forthwright voiced by Mary McDonald-Lewis — One of Stanley's neighbors who sometimes wants Stanley to babysit her baby boy during random moments, which annoys Stanley.

Wore the mask on three occasions: The film featured his son, Mr. Dickey, who also works at the bank. Arthur "Art" Nouveau voiced by Jim Cummings — An art forger who threatened to blow up a dynamite factory unless his demands were met. He only appeared in "The Terrible Twos". Other mask wearers[ edit ] Stanley Ipkiss is the owner and wearer of The Mask, but there have been others who have worn the Mask either accidentally or intentionally. The other wearers are: Milo — Stanley's dog and one of the main characters.

He occasionally wears the mask when Stanley or someone else is in trouble. Peggy Brandt — Stanley's journalist friend. Peggy wears the mask in Counterfeit Mask. When wearing the mask, she sought to give herself an elaborate and feminine makeover. Baby Forthwright — Stanley's friend's child and a recurring character. When wearing the mask he sometimes does destruction just to get some ice cream. While wearing the mask, baby very briefly teams up with Lonnie the Shark and his goons, but in the end turns against the mobster.

He uses a variation of the mask's wedgie antic: Pretorius — The main villain See Villains section. Pretorius is a unique Mask wearer as he completely managed to retain his personality and consciousness in control, possibly due to him having no inhibitions which the mask releases in the wearer.

He tries to kill Stanley and Peggy by eating them, but is defeated after his invention Sister Mask is used against him. During the chase scene Peggy referred to him as "Big Head", an obvious nod to The Mask's more malevolent comic book counterpart.

Pretorius wore the mask in Sister Mask. Chet Bozzack — See Villains section. Chet wore the mask or half of it in Split Personality which was also his only appearance. He has a "Evil Clown" personality, wear a red suit and was Stanley's worse nightmare, but Chet feels guilty after he lost the control over his evil side and vows to begin a new life.

Fish Guy — See Villains section. When the Fish Guy wears the mask, he becomes Shark Dude, and is more dangerous than his previous form. As Shark Dude, he has super-strength, sprouts wings to fly, and turns his arms into 6 tentacles. Neuman — Stanley's cynical psychiatrist and a recurring character.

Stanley typically goes to see him to talk about his problems and The Mask. Foley realizes his views of the world almost cost him his son and starts the long road of turning over a new leaf.

When Static first faces off against Omnifarious, the latter needed to look through the mask with X-ray vision to see who was behind the mask. In the comics, Aquamaria was a member of the Blood Syndicate, a superhero team. She snipped the heads off of roses without a blink.

Why this vulnerability exists is a mystery. In the comics Ivy also has the ability to exude potent pheremones that make her irresistible to men, even Batman and Robin. In "Aftershock", Virgil goes to the doctor to tell him about the changes his body is going through.

I smell an insinuation. However, Harley and Ivy were both former doctors, and still capable scientists in their fields. Fifteen-year old school kid Virgil Hawkins was bullied, like most kids are. Richie, what happened to your arm?

Early in his superhero career, Static flew using everyday metal objects like garbage can lids. And what would we call it, the Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude. He was convinced not to by Dusk, who was leaving Dakota because she had become wanted for murder.

It would be nice if you did speak at the memorial, Virgil.