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tony from skins dating quotes

The first episode of Skins has finally arrived! We came, we saw, we laughed, and now we're looking forward to an entire season of quips from. Skins is a British television program from Company Pictures which premiered on E4 on January 25, Tony []; Cassie []; Jal []; Chris [ ]; Sid []; Maxxie and Effy: Don't be a twat, Thomas, give your girlfriend a hug. Skins quotes at the Internet Movie Database · Skins at TV. com. Tony is a smart-ass, super-confident year-old, with the good-looking girl on his arm and ability to charm most other females he encounters. He launches a Release Date: Quotes. Jal Fazer: No one's gonna touch you with a cock that tiny.

Do you remember when you rode with me in the ambulance after I tried to kill myself? That's what love feels like. Jal discreetly hides the knife] Chris' boss: Can I have a word?

Simultaneously, Chris' colleague Jon completes a sale and begins a loud and over-exaggerated celebration. The noise can be clearly heard in the manager's office] Chris' boss: It's just that, you've not sold anything yet.

You've been here a while now. No, no, I understand.

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If there's anything I can do to help Do you know what hurts most about a broken heart? Not being able to remember how you felt before You lay waste to the world Jal, don't you understand I wanna- Jal: Make a new fucking pact that means nothing to you? We'll build something, and we'll tear it down! You're not who I thought you were. You're an empty, poisonous smile. Jal, can't we just- I don't know what I'm meant to say! Jal, look at me. I was perfectly happy killing myself. But then you asked me to try.

And for the first time in my life, it felt like someone actually gave a shit, and that that person was worth trying for. I'd fucking, I'd make the world record biggest sandwich if you asked me to. I'd kick old grannies in the tits, I'd fill the river with Panda Pops! But these walls they exist. I just, I want you to imagine dying.

Shagging on a Sunday afternoon.

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Skinning up in the garden. Alright when you do that, is this the house that you see in all those memories? You don't know a fucking thing about me, you sanctimonious cunt. But since we're playing the guessing game, let's make a few assumptions. A divorced, lonely, middle-aged lecturer who lives alone and gets his rocks off-- Professor: You are really fucking blowing this Other hobbies include intimidation and furtive masturbation. I bet you thought you'd died and gone to heaven when you got here, didn't you?

Your own office, and all the students you could eat? An ounce should do as they can sell it at the party. Sid agrees, and Tony gives him a card with the guys name and address. Tony and Michelle are again too busy with each other to listen to his concerns about that being his actual name, so Sid just sighs and leaves. Even the teacher playing the piano gives him a smile.

Meanwhile on the bus, Sid looks at pictures of Michelle on his phone, but stops when he sees an old man looking over his shoulder at the pictures as well. The party will start at 8. Using his ringing phone as an excuse to escape the mad girl, Tony exits the music room. Tony goes to the Roundview College across the green. The head of French gets all uppity, so Tony tells him he was actually here for choir rehearsal as he saw an ad for male parts.

With a quip about his French teacher being called Pierre, Tony leaves, closing followed by a raving head of French. He approaches the door and knocks just as his phone rings again.

Tony tells the seller, Kenny, to get a job and asks about his holiday. Kenny complains about the crap 4-star hotel and the food. Tony goes over to and sits with his friends, Anwar, Maxxie, Chris and Jal on the green. This is the first time they've seen each other today. Jal tells Chris that no will shag him with a cock that tiny.

Anwar tells him he should never have got it out at that game of poker, not least because he wasn't playing. They all get up to go to psychology with Angie the teacher.

She offers him a Coke, but he just asks if Twatter will be long.

tony from skins dating quotes

Immediately, Sid is drawn to the rather large comedy mustache that Twatter sports and starts staring at it. Not knowing where to look, Sid thinks of something to say and asks about him being a doctor.

Getting down to business, Twatter asks if Sid wants to get laid. Sid almost gives the game away with his half-response but stops himself and asks for some splif instead. Twatter wants to see some money first, but Sid says he was told that he could pay later. Sitting very close to Sid, and moving closer every time he moves away, Twatter suddenly grabs Sid by the balls, saying they are his collateral.

In school, Jal is reading a report she has written aloud for the psychology group, making her teacher, Angie, cry louder with every sentence.

tony from skins dating quotes

Chris tries to cheer her up by suggesting she stop dating Sport Science teachers. She then starts crying again as the kids leave as Chris comes over, saying that he could get back at the Sport Science teacher by saying he could say he touched him up in the showers.

Angie seems to like the idea, but Chris is quickly dragged off by Jal. In the school corridor, Sid meets Tony and tells him he has the drugs. He offers to carry her books. Her phone rings and with her hands full of books, Chris answers it instead. Angie thanks him, but says he shouldn't have. He takes her books and walks off down the corridor. Before Sid can explain what happened with the drugs, Michelle and Cassie arrive.

Tony and Michelle immediately kiss, while Sid and Cassie just stare at each other. Cassie is reintroduced to Sid, who in her own slightly mad way, manages to say she doesn't remember him and insult his dress sense all at once. Tony asks how her treatment is going, and finds that she can now eat yoghurt, soup and hazelnuts. Saying that her progress is encouraging, Cassie gives Tony a big hug, almost knocking Michelle over in the process. Eventually they go in, but not before Sid lets them all know they have 3 ounces to sell, not one, and shows them the big bag of drugs to prove it.

John Foster tries to turn Effy into this. He basically admits as such, in the season finale, that it's so he can have her for himself, by taking away all her memories of Freddie and Cook and everyone to whom she was ever close. When recovering anorexic Cassie and one of her loony bin mates play Scrabble, the whole board is covered in foods. The first season opens with Tony in bed, close up on his face; the second season closes with Effy in the same bed, close up on her face.

The beginning of that second season closer also begins zeroing in on Tony's face in the bed, essentially in the same place he was at the beginning of the first episode. The first episode begins with Tony in his bed, and finishes with Tony and Sid in the bed. The last shot of Series 6 the final regular series of the show, as well is a zoom-out shot of Rich saying "bye," contrasting to the first shot of Series 1 being a zoom-in shot of Tony opening his eyes.

Contrasting as well to the first shot of Series 5 being zoom-in shot of Franky opening her eyes which is most likely also a Continuity Nod to Series 1. Happens a lot - just about every character deals with getting "broken" to some degree, and they all have varying degrees of cuteness.

JJ's Season 4 episode. In Effy's Season 1 episode. Julie asks Spencer if anyone calls him Spence; he flatly says no. After The Revealhis buddy Josh calls him exactly that. Seasons range from episodes. Tony and Effy are very infatuated with each other. Tony's own girlfriend admits that Effy is the only person in the world Tony truly cares about. Expect eye rolls from Effy every time a girl hits on Tony in her presence. Also, Tony's Season 2 episode reveals that he has thoughts of having sex with Effy.

It's also implied that Tony's absence was one of the contributing factors to her deteriorating mental health in Generation 2.

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Conversed with Tony's cruel prank on Josh where he sends out sexy photos of Abigail, implying that Josh is doing her and with Josh's revenge where he tries to get Tony to have sex with Effy.

The fact that Tony does not and in fact cannot might rebuff the Stonemcest theory, although it could also have been because Dude, She's Like, in a Coma! According to the showrunners, Effy is short for Elizabeth. She is later revealed to be a manifestation of his subconscious. Make of that what you will.

And it's Beth i. Tony the one who implies that he has thoughts about having sex with Effy. Cook shortly after seeing Effy and Freddie kissing at a party.

In S6; Alex holds one for his gran after she kills herself. But Not Too Bi: Tony and Cassie are the second type. Mini is a version of the first type; while she never had sex with or dated other girls, she clearly had crushes on at least two of them - but there's no sign of any of that as of the S6 premiere. Many people assume Franky's "I like people" comment when asked about her sexuality to mean that she's bi, despite the fact that she'd only ever shown interest in boys.

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But Not Too Gay: Played with for Maxxie in the first generation, as the only on-screen stuff to happen between him and another dude is making out, whereas Alex from the third generation was seen doing pretty much everything. Averted with Naomi and Emily in the second generation.

Doubly subverted with Tea in the American remake in that she was billed as being a really strong lesbian character and her episode makes her out to be one, but her main series plot ended up focusing on her confusion over and hook-ups with Tony rather than anything she had with other girls. Skins is not known for its sense of continuity across generations, but in series 4 Tony's accident is revealed to have had a far more significant impact on Effy than she'd ever let on. Calling the Old Man Out: Sid in his S1 episode, first when he calls his dad a dildo, and second right after his mom leaves them because of his father's insufferable behavior.

Mark in turn does this to his own father in Sid's S2 episode. Alo and Nick do this too in their S5 episodes, though it doesn't go very well for Alo as his father collapses and ends up in the hospital after Alo yells at him.

Cannot Spit It Out: