Top 5 myths of christian dating

Christian Dating's Top 5 Myths and Misconceptions

top 5 myths of christian dating

Common Myths about Christian Dating & Relationships. Kunlé Oyedeji. Myth 1: He, who finds a wife, finds a good thing (Proverbs ). There is a significant. A few lies we believe about dating that tend to hold us back. 5 Myths of Men, Dating, and Singleness With this in mind, let me debunk five myths associated with guys, singleness, and Christian dating culture. But seriously, this is not a good deal for you. It's like attempting to win at.

The result was nothing short of a written intervention!

top 5 myths of christian dating

She also begrudgingly claimed that if the guys actually took them on a date, it would probably be to their dorm room to play Halo anyway.

I was both shocked and entertained. Why did an attractive woman need to write such a plea?

5 Myths About Christian Dating

Fast-forward twelve years from when this article was published: It seems the tidal wave of frustration from single women has yet to subside. These invalidated memes only agitate the frustration and do nothing to heal the wound. With this in mind, let me debunk five myths associated with guys, singleness, and Christian dating culture.

Hopefully these will begin to calm the tumultuous waters caused by these issues. So cheer up women! The odds are in your favor—you will most likely be married. Furthermore, in my social circles, the statistic is much higher.

top 5 myths of christian dating

Men Are Too Picky Truth: Actually, this stereotype has at least the potential to be true. Statistically, there are just more women in church than men.

top 5 myths of christian dating

But seriously, this is not a good deal for you. What is true is that both women and men often write absurd non-negotiable lists for their future spouses.

5 Myths Christians Should Stop Believing About Dating

Lastly, it only takes one person to marry, regardless of which gender is dominant in church. Men also feel the sting of singleness. Biologically, we have the same number of pain receptors as women. You should always, ever, only date to marry: I used to be a firm believer of this.

But, eventually, my misinterpretation of these concepts got me in a lot trouble. And sometimes, ending those things is the best decision a person could have ever made. While I would have and still do agree that dating is a stepping stone to marriage, deep down, the fear of failing in a relationship was actually what was driving me in how I interacted with the opposite sex.

And the fear of failure can be a very paralyzing thing. Just because I was afraid to fail. Looking back now, I see failure after failure in my relationship history. He comforted me, guided me, stretched me, and taught me more than I realized then.

Because nothing — absolutely nothing- is ever wasted in the hands of the Creator. People tend to end up with someone who they believe they deserve-and sadly, for some people, their view of themselves causes them to think they deserve very little.

I look back at some of the people I invested in, and see a sad reflection of the view I had of myself. Change your beliefs about yourself—and then wait for the best. Here are some thoughts I have about this phrase: Someone you connect with deeply on an emotional, spiritual, social and physical level.

A friend who you can laugh with, talk to til 4am, and cry with, but also have the freedom to do absolutely nothing with. If you have that with someone of the opposite sex, maybe the friendship is the first step of something bigger. When I got married, the friendships I had with the opposite sex changed drastically anyway. When John became my priority, I had to guard my marriage by setting up boundaries with guys and distancing myself in different ways.

They were no longer carrying the role they used to carry, because they were not my husband.