Tyson beckford dating 2013

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tyson beckford dating 2013

Tyson Beckford Addresses Rumors Of Not Dating Black Women. The NY Post caught up with Tyson Beckford backstage at the Ralph Lauren Children's .. jdm1humanities40fall on September 2, at pm said. 'I have no filter': Model Tyson Beckford admits he is a 'controlling' boyfriend after bloody brawl with ex Shanina Shaik's new fiancé DJ Ruckus. Though the two are rumored to have stop dating in November (and she was even "rumored" to have hooked up with Justin Bieber).

It did not take long for him to get the attention of big fashion brands. The following year, inTyson was recruited by Ralph Lauren. Tyson Beckford has also made a decent career as a television personality. He is also an outspoken advocate about the need to stamp out domestic violence. Inhe worked with giverespect. For the followup season, Beckford also filled the role of mentor to the contestants, along with Nicole Trunfio and some other notables in the world of fashion.

He was also on the Australian spin-off of the modeling show with former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins. Since then, he has been in many films including Zoolander ; Kings of the Evening ; and Supermodel Tyson Beckford is the definition of exotic where it concerns the genes responsible for his appearance.

It was his mother, Hillary Dixon Hall, who relocated Tyson and the rest of the family to Jamaica where the young lad spent the first seven years of his life.

tyson beckford dating 2013

Beckford shares a child with the latter from their time together. The child, a son named Jordan Beckford, was born sometime in Details of their wedding remain largely a mystery, however, the two have been together for a number of years.

tyson beckford dating 2013

As ofno children have resulted from the relationship. They'd say, "Man up! She could work four jobs and still make dinner. She was also a beauty queen — Miss Jamaica. But it's my grandmothers who were particularly influential. My grandmother on my father's side, Louise, she's Chinese Jamaican.

Tyson Beckford

She's a very strong woman. She'd work two jobs but always be there for me.

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She's a noble woman, comedic, very funny, likes to dance, she makes dirty jokes. She'll dance all night if you let her, still, at I get my energy from her side.

My grandmother on my mother's side, Kathleen, was a seamstress, another hard worker.

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She showed me how to cut patterns, to lay down a seam, how to thread a sewing machine. That's where my fashion side comes from. And like my other grandmother, she taught me my gentleman ways. Getty Images From an early age I was carrying bags for them, opening doors, and that's something I've passed on to my son, Jordan, 15, who lives in Los Angeles with his mom [stylist April Roomet].

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He's one of the most intelligent kids, such a pleasure to be around. His mother has done a great job raising him, and I think I've done a good job as a father.

tyson beckford dating 2013

A lot of credit for that goes to the women who raised me. I wasn't comfortable around girls at school until my sophomore year. I met a girl who was a junior and she really fancied me, and she asked me to go on a date.

I lost my virginity to her when I was 18 and we dated until she graduated and left for college. My confidence around girls changed a lot near my senior year, when I grew into my looks.

It was like I went away one summer a boy and came back [to school] a young man.

tyson beckford dating 2013

I shot up four inches [10cm], put on 15 pounds [7kg] of muscle, had a deep voice, broad shoulders. Girls would stare at me in the cafeteria and they'd be like, "Wow, he's really filled out.