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Venue: Ranga Shankara, Bangalore . When are you performing next in Bangalore Sir. Looking forward Please update the dates (TMK) Bengalooru concerts. responses to “Upcoming Concerts in Bangalore” Dates for Smt. Neela Ramgopal's felicitation function given in the post is incorrect. Wonderful kutcheris, good sound system with no fiddling required, a hall with decent acoustics. Nadasurabhi at Koramangala, Bangalore is promoting Classical Carnatic Music. It conducts Monthly Carnatic Coming Up Dates and timing: January

Balasubramanian and Meenakshi a Carnatic vocalist as well. Born into a Palakkad Iyer family deeply involved in classical music, Ranjani and Gayatri's musical talents were discovered at a very early age. They started their violin training at the early age of nine and six respectively from Sangita Bhooshanam Prof. Krishnaswami at the Shanmukhananda Sangeeta Vidyalaya, Mumbai. As Violin Duet Artists: Ranjani and Gayatri began their music career as violin duet artistes even before they reached their teens.

Through their intense training from Sangita Bhooshanam Prof. Krishnaswami, they quickly established themselves as top-class violinists of international repute. The sisters achieved success as violin duet performers, and subsequently they also proved successful as violin accompanists. Both Ranjani and Gayatri have accompanied various artists on the violin, including D. The sisters have given vocal concerts sinceafter they became students of Padma Bhushan Sangeeta Kala Acharya P.

upcoming kutcheris in bangalore dating

They have learnt quite a few Bhajans from vocalist Seetha Narayanan. Their chance meeting with an amateur Hindustani vocalist in Chennai, Vishwas Joshi, an official of the World Bank working in Washington, from whom they learnt a few abhangs and gavlis, paved way for further learning from Manek Bhide and Appasaheb Deshpande of Kolhapur.

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Upcoming Concerts in Bangalore

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