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Images: Quebec’s famed ‘Van Doos’ were formed years ago | World War I

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Two Brave "Van Doos"

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Images: Quebec’s famed ‘Van Doos’ were formed 100 years ago

Say what you want about Tinderbut it gets the job done. Everyone shits on the shallow matching, but that fast-paced action is exactly what many young people want. The details called out on active service were disbanded on 31 December This unit served in Canada in a home defence role as part of the 7th Canadian Divisionand three companies of this unit served in Newfoundland.

On 10 Januaryit embarked for Great Britain, where it was disbanded on 18 January to provide reinforcements to the Canadian Army in the field. This unit served in Canada in a home defence role as part of Atlantic Command and in Newfoundland from April to September The battalion was disbanded on 14 January The 2nd Battalion formed as part of the Special Force was the first to arrive in Korea, serving there from 4 May to 24 Aprilfollowed by the 1st Battalion from 20 April to 21 April then the 3rd Battalion from 16 April to the Armistice on 27 July The battle group was made up of a company from each of the regiment's three regular battalions.

It also included combat support and service support from all the units of 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group in Valcartier, Quebec.

vandoos dating sight

The battle group, awarded the Commander-in-Chief Unit Commendationwas "instrumental in dismantling improvised explosive device networks, re-capturing checkpoints and returning them to Afghan control, enhancing the capacity of Afghan forces and providing guidance on community building and local governance". As well it provided a protection company for the PRT in Kandahar.

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The regiment distinguished itself in Kandahar through its determined and successful efforts to establish Afghan police sub-stations, protected by ANA and Canadian presence, in an ever-widening secure zone in the former Taliban home districts of Zhari and Panjawaii. Light infantry elements often fought toe-to-toe with the Taliban, relying heavily on sniper fire and man-portable grenade launchers to gain the edge over the militants.

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The many wounded included Captain Simon Maillouxa Van Doos platoon commander who returned two years later to Kandahar even though his leg had to be amputated. The composition of this battle group was nearly identical to previous incarnations, and it was able to rely heavily on the recently deployed CH Griffon and CH Chinook helicopters to perform a wide variety of airmobile operations, as well as traditional mechanized manoeuvres.

vandoos dating sight

The Griffon helicopters proved especially capable at spotting Taliban movements and directing accurate artillery fire on them, preventing Taliban groups from effectively re-infiltrating areas cleared.

Over the course of the seven-month Roto 7, ten soldiers from the battle group were killed in action "Roto 7" denoting that this was the eighth consecutive Canadian battle group deployment in Kandahar sinceas rotations are numbered starting at "0".