Velvet sky dating bully ray

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velvet sky dating bully ray

Bubba Ray Dudley, who left the WWE after a recent one-year stint, has Bully Ray's wife Velvet Sky wasn't pleased with Orton's comments on. This is especially true in regards to who is dating who in TNA, or as it's The couple started dating back in 10 Velvet Sky & Bully Ray. WWE Hall of Famer Bubba Ray Dudley and former Impact Knockout Velvet Sky have been in a relationship for years now, but it seems one of their bedside arguments made it’s way to the internet. In the tweet, Dudley explained that even after being a professional wrestler for

After the match, Terrell gave Ryan a low blow when Sky distracted him.

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On the March 27 episode of Impact Wrestling, Sky turned heel by attacking Rayne during her match with Love, allowing Love to get the win. The celebration was interrupted by Gail Kim, which allowed Rayne and Brittany to strip Sky and Love of their evening gowns.

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This led to the Beautiful People defeating Rayne and Brittany in a tag team elimination evening gown match the following week. The following week, Love issued an open challenge for her Knockouts Championship, which was accepted by Brittany, who was unsuccessful in her attempt.

velvet sky dating bully ray

After the match, The Beautiful People humiliated Brittany by smearing lipstick on her face and placing a paper bag over her head, resulting in Kim coming to Brittany's aid and attacking Sky and Love. Sky would then aid Love in numerous title defenses against Rayne, Kim and Brittany.

On the January 23 episode of Impact Wrestling during the Feast or Fired match, Sky grabbed a briefcase for Robbie E, and because Sky had retrieved the briefcase, she was forced by Robbie to open it, revealing a "fired" slip. On the May 29,episode of Impact Wrestling, Love brought out her own personal security team and provoked Sky, who was sitting in the audience; Sky jumped the barricade and attacked Love, but was removed from the arena by Love's security team.

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Sky was later attacked by Rebelwho joined The Dollhouse. On July 6,Szantyr announced her retirement to focus on going back to college. She would later state that she was retired from in-ring action, but not from professional wrestling as a whole, as she would still do appearances.

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StylesTaylor Wilde, and Angelina Love. Anderson and Rob Van Dam. Personal life[ edit ] Szantyr has Polish heritage in her family. At the end of the show Ray powerbombed A.

Styles off the entrance stage through a table, sidelining him with a storyline injury.

velvet sky dating bully ray

Styles, in a Lethal Lockdown match. During the match Styles made his return, attacking Ray as he was beating Daniels. Andersonwhen he cost him his steel cage match against Kurt Angle. When the group stage of the tournament concluded, Ray finished in the top four and thus advanced to the finals at No Surrender along with James Storm, Robert Roode and his Immortal stablemate, Gunner.

Bubba Ray Accuses Velvet Sky of Being 'Stiff' in the Bed

However, later in the event Roode managed to defeat Gunner via submission, which meant that he tied Ray's score to set up a tiebreaker match between the two. In the tiebreaker match, Ray was defeated by Roode via pinfall.

velvet sky dating bully ray

Anderson in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Hardcore Justicewhere he defeated Sabin, following interference from Mr. Styles in a five-on-five tag team match against the Main Event Mafia. Anderson, with Anderson disagreeing with Ray claiming he never needed Devon and bring Tito Ortiz into the stable without a group vote.