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Runt Val Runt, a rebellious dog in The French Revolution in Parishelps Rita and other captured cats get free from a future of being cooked into pies. Papa Bear is having a garage sale refusing to give any refundsbut runs into problems when the Warners take the expression too literally and try to buy his garage. In an avian parody of West Side Storythe Goodfeathers are having a rivalry with a group of sparrows when Squit falls in love with Carloota, the sister of a rival sparrow.

While running away from Ralph, the Warners get hired by a Jerry Lewis -based comedy director for his movie, leading to a clash of comedic styles. Soon, the Warners end up directing, giving the director the worst day of his life. First Hip Hippos short. When Flavio and Marita's giraffe maid quits over a misunderstanding, the Hip Hippos are forced to do their own housework with disastrous results.

To the famous Jan and Dean songSlappy speedily drives her brand new car all over town in order to deliver a letter. Scratchansniff gets a parking ticket, he goes to court to fight it. The Warners act as his lawyers and frustrate the judge with their hijinks. The title was based on the live-action TV series L.

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Issue 58 of the comic starts with a villain saying "My name struck fear deep into the hearts of my enemies. I commanded a legion of evil masterminds who obeyed my every whim. I had a cleaning service! The entire episode "Back in Style" is full of this: The Warners keep being inserted into various Saturday morning cartoons throughout the '60ss, so we get visual parodies of Yogi BearScooby-DooUnderdogand Fat Albert and the Cosby Kidsnone of which are drawn or animated in the usual Animaniacs style.

At the end of "Puttin on the Blitz", set in Polandas the train to Paris departs from Warsaw, there are some tall mountains presumably Tatras in the background. The thing is, the real Tatras and any Polish mountains, for that matter are impossible to be seen from Warsaw, no matter how one tries. Also, the country's outline in the beginning is the modern one, not the correct, Interwar outline. Germany on the map is also its modern borders without Pomerania and Silesia and East Prussia. Finally, taking a train to Paris amid World War II isn't exactly the smartest thing to do when the Nazis are invading Europe and want your race exterminated.

The Polish girl and her father would need to travel through Axis territory. The "Yakko's World" song omits several countries, such as Wales, names Asia which is a continentand refers to Korea as a single country when it's actually two separate countries, officially known as the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and more commonly known as North Korea and South Korea.

It makes the same mistake with Ireland, referring to simply "Ireland" when Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are two different countries. During the Presidents episode, Woodrow Wilson's section has the main characters marching in military uniforms past various World War 1 campaigns, such as Gallipoli, the Somme, and Verdun. The United States didn't take part in any of these battles, and only entered the war in People offered sacrifices to cats; cats weren't offered as sacrifices.

Killing a cat incurred the death penalty. They did their research. It may have carried the death penalty but that didn't apply to priests.

Former figure skater and now commentator Dick Button appeared in Episode 74 to commentate, alongside Dot, Yakko's attempt to sing all the words in the English language. Yakko and Slappy are prone to giving aside glances when they don't just start snarking to the audience directly. Quite a few characters, but Pinky gets special points.

What is "inordinately short attention span", Alex? Subverted by "Wakko's Gizmo," which seems pretty pointless at first but turns out to be successful in helping Wakko order a pizza.

Then double-subverted when it's revealed that ordering the pizza was just another step in the process, and that the real objective of Wakko's machine is to cause an action figure to sit on a whoopee cushion, making a farting noise and causing Wakko to laugh hysterically. Wakko's comment in the comics about Gigantasaurus: He looks just like G— Yakko: Whoa, you can't say that! Buddy's backstory in the "The Warner 65th Anniversary Special" is actually based on a real thing and a real character.

Buddy's first shorts were considered so dull and bland that Warner Bros refused to accept his first two cartoons, which got the original director fired. They had to bring Friz Freleng in to re-edit and condense them into a single short. Obsessing over the minutiae of the show? Interestingly, they're shown using the Internet to vent their rage; given that the show debuted in the mid's, this was new technology at the time.

The lyrics of the Suspiciously Similar version of "Circle of Life" that plays in the background of "The Tiger Prince" are a great deliberate example. Ever since we could think for ourselves We wondered what will happen to us But it can't be foretold What the future will hold If you'll get rich or get hit by a bus Battle Discretion Shot: Slappy spends the entire episode "Bully for Skippy" circumventing Congress' new anti-animated violence bill by building a giant machine that maims a bully plaguing Skippy and a U.

Senator off-screen, so as not to show any actual violence. Be as Unhelpful as Possible: This is seemingly the Warner's mission in life aside from simply keeping themselves entertained. When she finally does find one, she sits down and turns a few pages Dot promptly pulls out a boombox and starts blasting the theme song. An example from the comics. In Issue 26, Slappy and Skippy get a monkey's paw. Slappy accidentally wishes to get rid of her bunions and a guy with an ax visits her.

She redirects him to the Olsen twins. Realizing the paw is dangerous, Slappy throws it away and Walter Wolf finds it. He wishes for a wheelbarrow of dynamite and all fuses are already lit.

He then wishes for a mack truck to run Slappy down and it falls on him. Deciding to "cut the middleman" instead of wishing for more stuff to get rid of Slappy, he wishes "to be rid of Slappy Squirrel once and for all". A chasm opens under him and he falls while Slappy and Skippy save themselves from that fate by grabbing on a tree branch.

He eventually reappears in the Galapagos Islands, where he runs afoul of a gorilla who has a hook to replace a missing paw. Shown rather briefly in "Plane Pals".

Say the word "cat" around Runt, and he'll suddenly be alert and exclaiming, "CAT?? This usually leads to Dogs Are Dumb.

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Oh no, Rita is a dog, she's definitely a dog. Never call Dot 'Dottie'. Call her Dottie and you die. As well as the Bob Hope expy in the 65th Anniversary Special. Justified because Dot was asleep and didn't hear him.

Katie Ka-Boom's berserk button is Beware the Nice Ones: Played straight with the Warner sibs, but also played with: So, the sibs actually beware the nice annoying ones!

Big Ball of Violence: A classic Looney Tunes gag adopted into Animaniacs. Pesto uses this every time his Berserk Button is pushed. When Wakko dies after eating too many Swedish meatballsyou better believe Yakko literally goes to Hell and back to rescue him. Dot, too, of course, but she's Wakko's little sister. Guess who "packs away the snacks"? Tokyo wa totemo omoshiroi tokoro desu ne? Mada iki basho ga areba ne.

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Implied when the Goodfeathers claim they'll "dive-bomb" Mr. Plotz's new car and splatting is heard offscreen. Wakko's birthday in "Clown And Out". Quite frequent during the earlier episodes on FOX. Begone, pests, and give me the bird!

We'd love to, really, but the FOX censors won't allow it. It's that time again. To make the Fox censors cry? Another instance, blink and you'll miss it, but during "Phranken-Runt", we get a shot of Phrankenstein's brain-in-a-jar shelf.

The most audacious example is in the opening credits, where they announce they have Pay-or-Play Contracts, a contract where they don't even need to work to get paid! One of the "Wheel of Morality" segments had Wakko and Dot complain about it, only to go a complete on their opinion when Yakko informs them that the Wheel of Morality was the network executives' idea.

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The biting didn't stop once the show moved to Kids' WB!. In fact, one of the credit gags parodied the slogan at the time, "Big Kids Go First! Helps that when the human characters are skeletons, they can be ripped apart without graphical content! One of the Warner Siblings has them discovering boot camp Dot thinks it has to do with fashionable footwearwhich they mistake for summer camp.

No, this time in the usual ironic sense. Scratchnsniff stuck in an elevator for the majority of the short. Reruns of "Moon over Minerva" edited Minerva's low-cut outfits to show less cleavage. Also, there was another minute worth of the Warners tormenting him, as well as several other altered lines like calling him a "big fat dope". Most of the latter edits were done to make the Warners seem less hostile. However, the edited version only airs in America, and the original uncut version still airs overseas.

How Many Episodes Of "Animaniacs" Have You Seen?

Happened with one of the songs on the first soundtrack album. In the animated version, the song "Be Careful What You Eat," about the complex chemicals that go into most prepackaged foods, the song used Black Comedy at the end to hint at what could happen if you eat too much processed food. The soundtrack version threw out that last verse for something much more ordinary and Anvilicious.