West coast swing professionals dating

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west coast swing professionals dating

The next date for the West coast Swing workshop will be announced SOON! 7pm Workshop Theme: TBA. 8pm Workshop Theme: TBA. Social Dancing from. Main · Videos; West coast swing professionals dating. Trickle the pace as well as the enclosure barely nor gently. A enclosure for whereabouts where you're a. They began dating in and started their partnership in West Coast Swing within They work with top professionals in many different dance styles distinctly .

He actually started dancing because he thought it would be a great way to meet women, but he immediately fell in love with dancing instead.

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He loves creating an emotional and physical connection with his dance partners whether it be on the competitive floor or social floor.

He looks forward to continuing his journey as an Instructor, Judge and Choreographer with his new dance partner Lara Deni. A year later she was performing with an adult dance troupe and traveling the East Coast and Canada as a professional adjudicator for youth Tap, Jazz and Ballet dance competitions.

Inshe started a youth program, and she has just started to bring West Coast Swing to other Virginia communities far outside of the Metro DC area. She encourages and helps her students attain their goals in dance, while making the process of growing and learning a fun and rewarding one. Lara specializes in teaching, performing, choreographing and judging West Coast Swing. She began dancing at a local bar and soon after transitioned into competitive dancing and never looked back.

She currently travels globally, teaching, judging, coaching, and performing. Although abroad most weekends she still enjoys sharing her love of the dance and inspiring dancers with her fun and graceful style.

west coast swing professionals dating

Her classes are very challenging, innovative, and extremely insightful. Her methods have produced some of the fastest moving and best dancers in the country. Matthew began dancing when he was just five years old, and moved into West Coast Swing intensely nearly twenty years ago. Drawing on his many years of experience in this rapidly changing dance, he combines a contemporary sense of lyrical musicality with a passion for the fundamentals of west coast swing.

She is known for being playful and inclusive, and for a focus on respect and cooperation. Her classes with teaching partner Matthew Smith emphasize responsive partnership to build mutual creativity and social proficiency within the framework of West Coast Swing.

Dancing, teaching, performing, choreographing and judging for over thirty years. He started competing in International Latin at the age of sixteen when he was a member of two U.

International Latin American formation teams placing 5th and taking the bronze medal at the World Ballroom Formation Team Championships.

He was a top U. S Amateur competitor representing the at events throughout until he switched to West Coast Swing in Within two years he won his first U.

For the past twenty years Robert has averaged approximately forty weekends per year traveling around the world to teach West Coast Swing.


His impressive list of accomplishments includes: Robert Cordoba has judged every major event including the Grand Nationals and U. Robert can be reached directly at robcordoba aol. Carrie Lucas offers over 25 years of experience as a Judge and Competitor. She is a respected coach in the West Coast Swing Circuit. Known for her "Dance like a Lady" Styling and Sassy Syncopated footwork, Carrie has extensive training in classical dance, Ballroom, Latin and Country, which she credits for her appreciation in both the evolving nature of West Coast Swing, while respecting its traditional roots.

Lessons include individual, couple, group classes, specialty workshops with a concentration in West Coast Swing WCS and Hustle dance styles, as well as providing private lessons in most of the ballroom dances. Her dance roots go back to days in ballet, jazz, modern, improv, hula and international ballroom and she studies extensively with many top professionals plus has the distinction of being a Premier West Coast Swing Dancer.

Her experience and accomplishments in the dance community provide her students with an extensive knowledge base to learn and grow. She knows what it takes to become an accomplished dancer.

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She also teaches the basics for building confidence in dancing, and gives tips to help you look good when dancing in social settings. Debbie has earned many Top Teacher awards with ProAm students.

For the past 12 years, he has focused exclusively on west coast swing, studying with only the best in the business. With a diverse professional background in music, dance and martial arts, he has a unique understanding of body movement and has a knack for conveying that understanding to his students. He has won multiple top-teacher awards and loves sharing his vast knowledge and passion for west coast swing.

Alyssa Gillespie VA began dancing at the age of seven and by 16, she was instructing at a local ballroom studio. West Coast Swing became the primary focus of her dancing and Alyssa quickly rose through the competitive ranks to the All-star division.

With a passion for teaching, Alyssa strives to quickly develop confident, stylish, and well-rounded students regardless of their previous dance experience.

west coast swing professionals dating

Anne competes at the highest levels herself, and knows how to teach her students to enjoy the dance as well as to excel. From Porto Alegre, South of Brazil. I own a dance studio that offers several different types of dances, but mostly Samba, Zouk, Bachata and West Coast Swing. I have been teaching for 16 years. Giving workshops in my city and all over the state. Last year I gave my first workshop abroad. An international Brazilian Zouk instructor.

Renowned for his high degree of creativity and musicality, and his theatrical productions. In Darius embraced Zouk and founded dZouk Productions. Beyond dance, Darius is a tech entrepreneur.

He is the founder of Danceplace Digital, a software company that brings innovation to the dance community through event management apps and curated resources. George KY is a full-time professional DJ. Serving primarily the west coast swing and line dance crowds, Louis travels year-round providing the highest quality music for dancers of all types. Are they looking for a fling, or something long-term? You need to know how the person on the other side is also feeling.

Are they trying to build something with you, or are they legitimately OK with just a fling? Where do each of you live?

Should you date that dancer?

What size is your scene? If there are dances every night of the week, several schools, and hundreds of dancers, it makes breakups easier to handle. Are you OK with that? Can you handle it if something goes south?

west coast swing professionals dating

If it ends badly, who will leave the scene? In the event of a very emotional or bitter breakup in a small scene, someone usually leaves. If you break up badly, who will that be? If not you, will they? Or, will both of you try to stick it out? If you do both try to stick it out, will you be able to handle it?

A note on couples who are also dance partners: Many people rush into a dance partnership because they also happen to be dating — but then find both their professional and personal lives suffering. If a breakup happens, it can also make it difficult to figure out the business end of the deal.

For example, if you have a school, events, or travel together, what are you going to do?

west coast swing professionals dating

Does one person take it all? Do you still plan to work together? Are you going to try to find another partner? We have to be very careful about setting boundaries between dance work and our personal life. In the paraphrased words of another professional couple, it can be very difficult to have a bad rehearsal, and have to go home with that person. You have no one to de-stress to at home about your bad work day.

If you disagree on something professional, it may impact your feelings towards your partner at home. In Conclusion The choice to date within the scene needs to be made on a personal basis.

The only person that can make that call is you.