Who is adrian lester dating

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who is adrian lester dating

I interviewed Adrian Lester three years ago, at the National Theatre, Keep up to date using Android and iOS apps for Smartphone and Tablet. Adrian Lester biography with personal life, married and affair info. Adrian was also into many affairs and dating during his college time. Hustler star Adrian Lester on his return as TV con man Mickey Bricks, and Adrian Lester returns for Hustle's fifth series after opting out of the fourth . couple relaxes on Cabo getaway They've been dating since last summer.

Were you bullied at school? We're talking s Birmingham here, and there weren't that many black kids in school. I was always the small asthmatic kid who was really uncool.

I'm a hustler in real life too: Adrian Lester on why he's good at manipulating people

I didn't have the right gear, the right hair, I didn't like the right bands, and I was always picked last for the sports teams. I was a breakdancer, too, but it wasn't cool back then.

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I remember the child I was then very well. We all grow up with the attributes we had at school, but leaving school was definitely a release - I didn't feel I learnt what I wanted to know while I was there. School for my own children is quite different, though.

who is adrian lester dating

Their world is much more mixed and open-minded. Your wife is an actress, too - does that make domestic life a juggling match? Lolita has remained more of a fulcrum for the children, and has flitted about less than I have in the last few years, although she's remained as creative as possible, with theatre work in London and with writing, too.

Our kids are growing up with two parents who are self-employed and can be doing different stuff at any point, so we talk to them about everything we do, as well as to each other. Everything's well worked out between us. How did you feel about turning 40? It wasn't that big a deal, although I'll confess to thinking about it for a while beforehand. I looked around and thought, 'Things are fine, my loved ones are fine, everything is as it should be'.

who is adrian lester dating

The worry, of course, is whether it will all stay that way. Adrian Lester, centre, with Hustle co-stars l-r Robert Vaughn as Albert, Jaime Murray as Stacie, and Marc Warren as Danny What I would say is that you don't feel the change in the number - it's the physical changes and style of life you notice.

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When I was younger, I can honestly say I was never really interested in what my body looked like, only in what it could do - it was never a case of 'are my muscles big enough? The hairline's a bit further back than it used to be, too, and I'm getting a bit of grey in it now, which I don't like. There's no spirituality in the life that I follow - I just try to appreciate what's in front of me. Likewise, he has also appeared in a lot of feature films and also in documentary movies, which he has written and produced as well.

Having been nominated for or successfully won many awards, he was also appointed as the Officer of the Order of the British Empire OBEin the January of for his hard work, achievement and contribution into acting.

who is adrian lester dating

With a huge fame and popularity, he has also achieved huge success in terms of personal and economical life; and has also made a great number of fans and followers. He was born and raised in a middle class family and was the eldest of three children born to father Reginald Lester and mother Monica Lester. His mother used to work as a medical secretary, and his father was a manager in a contract cleaning company.

He has a younger sister and a younger brother, who have both been in the entertainment business and been working their way to get to the top. He started in several musical plays and dramas in theatre during his time at the Academy for Art; and soon started to land decent roles in many productions.

Started appearing in Hustle He has worked in several TV series and movies and in all of them he has been able to shine. He started appearing in this series called and he starred in this one till the year His work was superb. Appeared in Primary Colors Primary Colors was one of the most successful movies of the year and he was brilliant with his work in this one.

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He carried the main character in this one and shined throughout the movie. Appeared in Doomsday Doomsday did a terrific and amazing business and this 1 hour 43 minute long movie was absolutely loved by the audience.

who is adrian lester dating

His brilliant work in this movie made it more special and he is loved for this work.