Who is audrey kitching dating

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who is audrey kitching dating

We speak to Audrey Kitching about the pitfalls of Hollywood, withdrawing but I think a lot of people are stuck in these dated, weird, older eras. Audrey is currently in a relationship, and has been for about 2 years, but is very secretive about it. Miss KL Dating Chronicles: Audrey Kitching. By: Audrey Kitching February 7, We are officially 8 days away from Valentine's Day! Do you have plans yet?.

HB started a line called Sober Is Sexy and convinced Demetria to try and hawk it toobut honestly they were both using at the time and were total hypocrites. Demi and her got matching lips tattoos, which Demi now regrets. Eventually Demi saw the light and dumped Hanna Beth finally and Hanna was back to the drawing board.

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In the years since, she's dated a bunch of band guys listed belowand went full Kylie, plumping the SHIT out of her lips, and fucking with her face a lot. She continues to model, and sell random clothes and jewelry. Most recently she has tried her turn at reality TV and serious fashion, starring in House of DvFand I believe winning the job at the end.

She also wrote an inspirational book called Covered In Glitter.

who is audrey kitching dating

All the dudes she's dated: The engagement was called off in Marchdirectly after which Zylka went on a nasty social media rampage going off on HB. Demi wearing a war bonnet, also featuring Joyce Bonelli, aka the Kardashians' makeup artist. Jac got started as a band photographer for absolutepunk. Apparently Ryan Ross from P!

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TD stumbled across her LJ and reached out to her a year before they even started dating, asking her to listen to his new band Jac and him flirted online for a long time, before she eventually got a job at Warped Tour.

By Halloweenthey were dating also at the same time that Audrey was dating Brendon. Eventually both couples broke up, but Jac stayed friends with Audrey and started modeling a bit with her and Hanna Beth.

Now here's where things get interesting and also mind boggling for me. AroundJac started to sell these plastic wristband bracelets under her name. Anyway, this starts branching out into t-shirtsand then even MORE braceletsand soon enough she's legit making merch for bands like Cobra Starship and All Time Low.

At one point even Miley was selling jewelry made by Jac.

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So where is Jac now? She's upgraded to a massive website with all kinds of clothes and accessories, with very generic rebellious and popular phrases on everything from dresses to shirts to bracelets to cell phone cases. She even still sells her original bracelet.

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Of course she's moved on from LiveJournal and MySpace to Instagram, where her 90s revival stuff is being eaten up by millenials everywhere! She's arguably the most successful one of the scene queens. Jeffree got his star by legit just going to clubs and having people notice his makeup, and then hire him to do theirs. This eventually led to a modelling career, and a budding music career as like He used to release some songs on MySpace, before releasing a full album inBeauty Killer.

If you can believe it, at one point he was selling more on iTunes than Justin Timberlake! Overtime there was a lot of drama though, especially between Audrey and HB.

Apparently Audrey was jealous of how close J and HB were, so she was telling each of them that the other one was shit-talking behind their back, so that they would like Audrey more.

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Jeffree and Hanna stayed friends for many many years but eventually left circles. That group was actually so tight that they formed something with some other randos in the music industry and made a club called World's Most Hated Crew.

Her speaking style is stream-of-consciousness soundbites at hyperspeed: I always call them bottom shelf gems. Those films that no one talks about. Even on a good connection, Skyping can feel like talking to someone through a fishbowl. But with Kitching, it feels like ringing a different era entirely.

who is audrey kitching dating

It lacks the voyeuristic, uncanny valley vibe of others with followers in the k range. There are absolutely no candids, perhaps the rare selfie.

who is audrey kitching dating

You can count on your fingers the snapshots of her personal life. I like it that way. A lot of toxicity can come with a lot of attention, so I have no complaints that my followers are quiet. In the mids, she reigned supreme over a cadre of scene-kids-gone-proto-Internet celebrities.

Like now-makeup artist and documented racist Jeffree Star and alt-model Hanna Beth, Kitching became one of the first social media stars by documenting her life on Myspace. The fame and following was accompanied by the usual shit befalling women on the internet: