Who is katie price dating now

RHOC star SHUTS DOWN reports her daughter is dating Katie Price's ex Kris Boyson | Celebrity | Heat

who is katie price dating now

Katie Price reveals ex Kieran Hayler has been dating a mother from their She is now happily romancing Kris Boyson and posted a picture of. Katie Price didn't let the grass grow under her feet as she gleefully moved on The year-old ex glamour model is now dating wealthy Essex. ALEX Adderson has been dating Katie Price since August, A source told The Sun Online: “Alex and Katie are now per cent.

The pair then starred in a string of reality TV shows documenting their life after a fairytale wedding. They even released an album of duets, which we'd all rather just forget about. Katie and Peter had two children together, Junior and Princess, during their five years of marriage. Shutterstock Peter Andre Things between Pricey and Peter have soured in the years following their split, after he blasted Katie for her 'wild' behaviour.

Pete also landed himself a role in the next Thomas The Tank Engine film. Their wedding was filmed for a TV show, but their marriage only lasted for 11 months.

who is katie price dating now

Katie has since admitted that it happened too soon after Peter. He's been married to Nikki Manashe since Most recently, he has been involved in a sex tape allegation - claiming that Katie showed a group of people a video of him performing a sex act. Will the drama ever end?

Katie Price Runs Into Kris Boyson And Kieran Hayler On Awkward Night Out

But Kieran had to go and ruin it by cheating on Katie with her nanny, two best friends while she was pregnantthen again with a year-old shop assistant.

Instagram Kieran Hayler Kieran is now said to be living with his nanwhere he looks after the kids every other weekend. Perhaps he's learnt his lesson now?

who is katie price dating now

Hmmm, let's wait and see. Now according to The Sunover the weekend Katie has told Kris that she 'still very much in love with him' but has to stay with her millionaire boyfriend Alex 'because Kris hasn't got any money, and Alex has'.

Taylor Ward denies she's dating Katie Price's ex Kris Boyson | Metro News

The insider went on to tell the publication that after Kris 'confronted' Katie over her relationship with Alex she came clean. We spoke to Kris and he preferred not to comment on any allegations made by Katie Knowles.

Last month, she reportedly called Katie Price a "skank" and commented on her age.

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Katie said of the 'three-second' event: Shutterstock The fact she's yet to change her will since Peter Andre marriage " If I died now Pete would get everything and JuniorPrincess and Harvey, So let's just hope nothing happens. A break that is still going, it would appear. Never mess with the Pricey, eh?

who is katie price dating now

When she went out dressed up like cross-dressing ex husband Alex Reid In her autobiography Katie tore into Alex's 'weird and kinky' fetishes, saying: Only then are you getting close to what I witnessed and what Alex wanted me to join in with. Shutterstock That time she tweeted that Jane Pountney will 'open her legs to your husbands.

Katie Price's boyfriend labelled a 'cheat' by ex who says he met Pricey while dating her

In one post she wrote: This caused the hashtag 'spit' to trend on Twitter. She also stripped off naked in the loos and declared her undying love for Dane Bowers. Christmas parties bring out the worst in us, right? Didn't you go out with my exes names written all over your body, marking them out of ten after you shagged them classy? Well, you've shagged nearly all my leftovers and not one of them wanted you gutted.

who is katie price dating now

Getty When she wanted to represent Great Britain in Eurovision How can we possibly forget Katie Price's infamous Eurovision bid where she performed in a crystal sequinned pink catsuit?

Shutterstock The revelation that she wanted to name her daughter Disney Katie explained how she decided on Bunny's name in her tell-all book Rebornsaying: