Who is kirsty duffy dating

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who is kirsty duffy dating

EXCLUSIVE: Coast v Country presenter Kirsty shares her terrifying But TV presenter Kirsty Duffy's postnatal depression was so severe she was . Kirsty's partner Ben Richards who helped her through her nightmare (Image: WireImage) John StonesParents of John Stones' girlfriend Millie 'lose jobs. Kirsty Duffy news, gossip, photos of Kirsty Duffy, biography, Kirsty Duffy boyfriend list Relationship history. Kirsty Duffy relationship list. Kirsty Duffy dating. Once you have found a profile you are interested in, there are several ways with which you can interact with that.

Kirsty currently hosts a reality series called Coast V Country and spends most of her time on the road. She has spoken about how difficult it is to be working far away from her family.

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However, she still manages to see her husband and daughter regularly when they fly out to see her. Growing up, Kirsty was incredibly athletic and enjoyed swimming, Taekwondo and dancing. She is quite the talented singer but is not really interested in pursuing a career in music at this stage in her life.

One of her favorite points in her career is when she worked as a presenter at the London Summer Olympic Games.

Kirsty Duffy – Action Girl

She had the honor of hosting the Taekwondo events and received a glass Olympic award as a cool souvenir after the games. Freja started giggling and Ben was crying with laughter. I turned and ran towards some oncoming traffic.

who is kirsty duffy dating

Ben grabbed me and told me I needed to see someone and I knew he was right. I really thought I was going crazy.

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I went to my doctor but I put on a front — I did my hair and make-up and tried to be bubbly, which hid how I was feeling. I then read up on the subject, which helped as it made me realise what I was going through was a recognised thing. In April last year Ben booked me a meeting with a consultant psychiatrist. The consultant talked to me for 90 minutes and was the first person who diagnosed postnatal depression.

He said I was strong and it should have been picked up much sooner.

who is kirsty duffy dating

People ask what caused it. I had to leave my job because I was bleeding all the time, so much so that I had weekly scans to see if the baby was still alive. I had a blood clot behind the baby.

who is kirsty duffy dating

It was dangerous because if it burst it could have killed her. Freja was born in March but rather than take her back to our home in Hertfordshire and start life as a family we had to go to Liverpool because Ben had just started a new job in Hollyoaks.

who is kirsty duffy dating

I decided to move to London and was in an all-girl band, which was great, but I still felt I should be doing more. We bought properties and completely renovated them and then sold them — it was very exciting and I throughily enjoyed all the hard work.

TV presenter Kirsty Duffy: 'Postnatal depression made me think my newborn baby wanted to hurt me'

She then met a man who was an estate agent, who told her that her property experience and know how was amazing and took her on to work with him. I learnt so much on that show about how journalism and media works.

I also met the man of my dreams and we are now together.

who is kirsty duffy dating

I had been out with boyfriends, but I really wanted to settle down and I decided that, the next time I met somebody, it would be the person I set up home and had a family with.

Ben came on to the show and, after three or four phone calls, he asked me out. I decided not to wear any make-up, tied my hair back and just wore ballet pumps, so that he could see the real Kirsty! He said he was not interested in just dating, but that I would need to think about things after he had spoken to me.

He told me that he could never have children and he was in remission following bowel cancer and, as you can imagine, I was very shocked.