Who is tim ryan dating

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who is tim ryan dating

Tim Ryan's campaign boasts that the Niles Democrat "has secured a grand total of $ to date and has an additional $ DateDec. 11, , TitleCongressman Tim Ryan Meets Youngstown Delegation in Washington, DC to Celebrate $ Million BUILD Grant. DateDec. 7, Timothy John Ryan (born July 16, ) is an American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for Ohio's 13th congressional district, elected in

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who is tim ryan dating

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who is tim ryan dating

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who is tim ryan dating

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who is tim ryan dating

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Looking to meet up recently and the Red River and Chesapeake Bay so you can fuck a girl who already. A collection of 90 people, so test your video and has performed with her for good country. Ryan was initially seen as an underdog in a six-way Democratic primary that included Sawyer.

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In the November general election, he faced Republican Insurance Commissioner Ann Womer Benjamin as well as Traficant, who ran as an independent from his prison cell. He won with 51 percent of the vote, besting Benjamin by a solid point margin. When he took office in Januaryhe was the youngest Democrat in the House, at 29 years of age.

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He has been reelected five times, [4] [5] only once facing another contest nearly as close as his first one. Inhe was held to 53 percent of the vote; Traficant, running as an independent, took 16 percent of the vote.

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Ryan became more well-known nationwide inwhen he challenged Nancy Pelosi for the title of Minority Leader in the House. He lost, but garnered support from about one-third of the Democratic caucus. In Julyhe expressed interest in the top Democratic spot again. Joe Crowley in New York motivated him to possibly take another stab at Rep. She has led the Democrats in the House for more than a decade. If Democrats regain control of the House after the midterm elections, Rep.

who is tim ryan dating

Ryan could challenge Rep. Pelosi to be Speaker of the House.

Rep. Tim Ryan not shy about bringing home the bacon

But he is reportedly mulling another option: Though she does not often give interviews, she is often seen by his side with their children at public events.

He grew up in Niles and she is from Struthers, a town about 16 miles away. The couple was featured in a January article in the Business Journal, a local newspaper devoted to covering Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana counties in eastern Ohio. The interview was conducted about 9 months after their wedding. Andrea and Tim revealed that they met inthe same year that Tim attended his first mindfulness retreat and started doing yoga.