Yama dharmaraja temple in bangalore dating

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yama dharmaraja temple in bangalore dating

Official Website of Sri Dharmaraya Swamy Temple Bangalore. Yama Dharmaraj temple is located in the complex of Chaurasi temple in Bharmour, district of Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. There are many. Main · Videos; Cmmi level 3 companies list in bangalore dating. They're onwards swearing joy by a bright basis. We were measured cleanly by a dubbing nor.

Inside the temple premise also one can find a large number of stone sculptures and carvings that are true examples of Indian culture. The temple is neat and clean. The images of the deities to whom this temple is dedicated are extremely beautiful.

  • One and only temple of Yamadharmaraj - Dharmeshvar Mahadev Temple
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  • Dharmaraya Swamy Temple

The priests are helpful and will perform the rituals properly, by chanting sacred hymns. You can also conduct a large number of religious ceremonies inside the temple premises.

yama dharmaraja temple in bangalore dating

Thus, you can come to the Dharmaraja Temple, Bangalore with your family and experience spirituality and divinity. The finest temple at this site and of this period is an elegant complex of three shrines called the Shore Temple c. The Five Rathas, about m south of the main hill, were fashioned out of a smaller hill sloping down from the south.

From the largest part was made the biggest of the five rathas, the Dharmaraja. Then followed onwards north, in the descending order of height, the Bhima, the Arjuna and the Draupadi. A little to the west of Draupadi there was a comparatively large rock and out of it the Sahadeva Ratha was made. Immediately in front of the Draupadi again two smaller rocks were sculptured into an elephant and a lion. Behind the Draupadi and the Arjuna, which stand on a common base, there is a Nandi.

Gigantic with respect to all the other rathas found here, the dharmaraja ratha is a chariot of the Lord Shiva. A larger version of the Arjuna ratha, it displays all the aspects of true dravida style. A pyramidal structure with 3 tiers before the shikhara appears, here also called the stupi.

Yama Dharmaraja Temple

A large number of festivals are held in Dharmaraja Temple, Bangalore. The most famous of them is the Karaga Festival. Karaga is the symbol of Draupadi, wife of Dharmaraja in the epic Mahabharata. Karaga festival[ edit ] Thigala devotees as seen in "Pache Karaga" or Hasi Karaga gather in large numbers Bangalore Karaga is a famous festival celebrated in honour of Mother Goddess Draupadi.

It celebrates the triumph of good over evil, which is also symbolic of the power of women. Karaga begins with the flag hoisting ceremony Dhwajarohana.

On the first day, the Veerakumaras and the priest wear janivara sacred thread worn as a band over the left shoulder and kankana sacred thread tied on the wrist.

Prayers are offered by the priest, the Veerakumaras and the Chakridaararu. From 2nd to 6th day, aarthi is performed in the evenings at the Cubbon Park shakti peeta and then at eight water sources used during the celebration.

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On the 6th day, women pray to Mother Draupadi Devi and perform an elaborate aarti. This ritual is also called as the festival of lights. She emerges from the lake, decorated as a bride and carries the kalasha pot. The Veerakumaras pay their obeisances to her and escort her to the Sri Dharmarayaswamy Temple.

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On the 8th day, Pongal, prepared by the wives of the Veerakumaras, is offered to the goddess. On the full moon day, the marriage of the goddess is performed and the utsav murthis are taken in a procession. This procession is performed in the night and this is the famous Karaga procession.

yama dharmaraja temple in bangalore dating

The procession does not stop anywhere and is always in a dynamic state. The Prasada of lime received from the goddess is said to bring relief from ailments and misfortunes. The 10th day is Shanthi pooje to Potha raja, a guardian deity and the brother in law of the Pandavas. The 11th day is Vasanta utsava and finally, the flag is brought down signalling the end of festivities. It is returned to the wife during a symbolic marriage ceremony on the 10th day of Karaga.

She will not be seeing her husband from the time of Vijayadashami as he will reside in the temple till the Karaga is over. So when the Karaga procession stops in front of her house, unlike the other devotees, she cannot come out to be blessed. Gowdas, Ganacharyas, Chakridaararu are the ordained sects among the Vahnikula Kshatriyas to carry the tradition of conducting the Karaga.

Chakridararu are those who perform the various pooja activities at the time of Karaga. These include the ghante poojaris, who are the gurus and carry out the temple rituals, the family of the Karaga priest, the descendants from the clan of Potaraja, Banka dasayya announcers of the Karaga and Kolkararu messengers.

yama dharmaraja temple in bangalore dating

These five families have a Kula purohita clan priestwho is a Brahmin. He performs rituals as per the shastras sacred texts. All the rituals are steeped in secrecy.

Overall management and supervision of the festivities is done by Ganacharyas.