Yzf r3 review uk dating

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yzf r3 review uk dating

Yamaha R3 v Honda CBRR v KTM RC v Kawasaki Ninja Here's the video review: . It feels more like a than the others in terms of performance, and feels dated when ridden back-to-back with the Yamaha, KTM and Kawasaki. The only European bike in the showdown is the KTM which the new UK race. visit Devitt's bike owner review guide. You'll find Yamaha R3 reviews from real owners of the bike. Submitted by: gsgb, Review Date: September Galespeed Yamaha R3 Type-GP1S Wheels Arriving to US. AM by bbsteinnewyork. 3 Review of Pit Bull Forward Handle Rear Stand.

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Offering adequate dry road grip, but lacking feel when pushed particularly hard on circuit, they would be perfectly acceptable for daily use, however should be replaced if trackdays are on your agenda. The riding position has also been tweaked, with the clip-ons now 22mm lower than the previous incarnation, as well as being two-degrees more open.

Alongside this, helping you to corner is a revised fuel tank and cover, which now sits 20mm lower and Engine 3 out of 5 The new machine shares the same practical Although non-threatening, the motor is far from dull, revving cleanly all the way to its 14,rpm redline in a linear fashion, whilst delivering a thrapping throaty soundtrack, reminiscent of a mini-twin race bike.

yzf r3 review uk dating

On a twisty road, it can be incredibly engaging, with the rider having to work the slick gearbox hard in order to keep the motor buzzing in the upper echelons of the rev range.

This is important, as the bike can feel gutless below rpm when you really want to press on.

yzf r3 review uk dating

Around town, the ratios are perfectly acceptable, with the bike happily cruising between third and sixth gear depending on the scenario, with enough left in reserve to keep ahead of the traffic at all times. Unfortunately, although the gearbox felt crisp on the road, when pushed on track during the launch, the bike did occasionally fail to shift into fifth gear and also jumped out of fourth into third under hard acceleration.

Yamaha R3 – First Ride.

At kg wet, its also considerably heavier than the R3, cancelling out some of that power advantage. Equipment 4 out of 5 Alongside the vastly improved styling, the Indonesian-built machine has also received a new full LCD display, which replaces the part digital design on the older bike.

Ride Quality Ride is very smooth, the handle bars are narrower if you are graduating from a ninja but seem wider if you are graduating from Yamaha R High positioned clip-ons don't give any pain to forearms or palms.

yzf r3 review uk dating

Seat is plush, enough padding. And suspension soaks up bumps easily, As if the bike is gliding through potholes. One point I would like to make.

yzf r3 review uk dating

Sudden potholes or bumps over the road do not unsettle the rider. Bike is perfect in hiding all the power it has, no jerks in power delivery across the rev range I tested till 7k rpm. It remains smooth and calm. No its not there in R3. And the need is felt, specially if you are graduating from Ninja, I mean I never realized how many times I was using slipper clutch, Though I never took my Ninja to a race track but whenever I used to downshift, I use to leave things for slipper clutch to take care.

But this time on R3 it was a different feeling. While downshifting if I leave the clutch without matching the right rpms then a jerk comes to me. Need to be careful the next time. Bike provides an awesome feedback and control, brakes have a better feel than Ninja.

yzf r3 review uk dating

As per manual, kms. R3 needs to feed on high octane fuel, e. The compression ratio of R3 is While in Ninja compression ratio was much lower