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Perfectionist Achievement in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two: Finish YOU CAN GO BACK AND COMPLETE THE REST OF THE QUEST AFTER in your first visit to Bog Easy, the building is finished for free. Donald's Date: . When you first come to the Underground you'll have to cross a large. All in-game characters - most notably Oswald The Lucky Rabbit whose voice will be heard for the first time ever - are fully voiced by the official voice actors of. Disney Epic Mickey 2 - The Power of Two (Wii). Disney . reviews; Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 3, in PC & Video Games (See Top in PC & Video Games).

They are used to buy concept art, pins, health refills, or paint or thinner refills. Setting[ edit ] The game is set in the Cartoon Wasteland, a pen-and-paper stylised world, created in the game's narrative by the sorcerer Yen Sidas a place for "forgotten things", namely disused or obscure Disney characters.

However, Mickey Mouse's tampering with Yen Sid's magic paint brush and paint thinner causes mass damage to the model, creating a post-apocalyptic landscape.

epic mickey 2 100 completely free dating site for fat people

The land is tormented by the evil Shadow Blot, a monstrous being loosely based on the Phantom Blotan antagonist to Mickey in the comic strips created by Floyd Gottfredson.

The Wasteland is split into several locations based on the various lands from Disneyland and other Disney theme parks. Mean Street, is based on Main Street, U.

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The attraction's iconic clock tower serves as the first boss battle in the game. Story[ edit ] Mickey Mouse, out of curiosity, enters Yen Sid's workshop through a mirror in his house and discovers the model of a land Yen Sid created which is based on Disneyland and the tool used to create it, the paintbrush.

Fiddling with the brush and some paint to make a self-portrait, Mickey accidentally creates the Shadow Blot. Panicking, Mickey quickly tries to erase the Blot by throwing paint thinner onto it, but spills more paint on the model in the process.

After many decades of fame following the accident, Mickey had forgotten it all until the Shadow Blot enters his home through the mirror and abducts him into the ruined forgotten world, now named by this time as the Wasteland.

epic mickey 2 100 completely free dating site for fat people

Oswald all the while had his will and his mind twisted from years of hiding and his jealousy of Mickey's rise to fame, unaware the enigmatic Mad Doctor who was formerly loyal to Oswald before siding with the Blot and the Blot formulate a plan to steal Mickey's heart away, which they plan to use to escape the ruined world, as all Wasteland Toons living there are forgotten and can't leave Wasteland since they no longer have hearts of their own.

However, Mickey frees himself before they can succeed and scares off the Blot with Yen Sid's brush, forcing the Mad Doctor to flee. Oswald, who was spying on them, also flees after tampering with the Mad Doctor's machines, leaving Mickey to deal with the Mad Doctor's now-hostile mechanical arm.

Gus, one of the Gremlins who serves as mechanics and helpers throughout Wasteland helps Mickey disable the mechanical arm and escape Dark Beauty Castle, which the Mad Doctor was using as a hideout. Mickey also discovers that he was soaked with some of the Blot's ink.

During his journey through the Wasteland, Mickey is guided by Gus and becomes armed with Yen Sid's brush, which grants Mickey the power to spray Paint and Thinner and allows him to erase or paint in toon objects and fight Blotlings and Beetleworx evil robots built by the Mad Doctor.

After traveling through the Gremlin Village and fighting the Clock Tower who has been driven insane after hearing the song "It's a Small World" for decadeshe makes it to Mean Street, where the Wasteland Toons mainly reside.

Mickey uses the brush to restore the Wasteland in order to atone for his destruction and win Oswald's trust. After passing through Ostown and Mickeyjunk Mountain, they find Oswald, who agrees to help Mickey escape. They go to Tomorrow City and find a rocket they can use to leave, but Oswald finds the Mad Doctor has stolen essential parts from it to use for his evil plans, so Mickey goes to collect them.

He retrieves the first part after defeating Petetronic a robotic version of Petethe second after defeating a mechanical version of Captain Hook, and confronts the Mad Doctor in the Lonesome Manor.

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Mickey sets out to save the characters; however, Mizrabel impedes his path with her ghoulish army. When enough Heart Power is accumulated from rescuing characters, it breaks the witch's illusions, revealing new areas of the castle.

Mickey fights his way through the east hall, which Mizrabel's illusionary magic has made look like London and Neverland.

epic mickey 2 100 completely free dating site for fat people

He comes across a copy of the Jolly Roger, where Captain Hook confronts him. However, Mickey defeats him and breaks the trance, sending Hook to the Fortress with the promise of not harming the other characters. After Mickey's fight through the west hall, which looked like Agrabah and the Cave of Wonders, he arrives in a replica of the Sultan's room.

Perfectionist Achievement in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Inside, Jafar has captured Jasmine and awaits Mickey. Jafar says that Mizrabel has made him the most powerful sorcerer in the world, and that she warned him that Mickey would arrive. Jafar turns into a giant cobra to attack, but is swiftly defeated. Jafar then realises that Mizrabel lied to him and agrees to go to Fortress to await being returned home. Mickey fights his way through the southern hall, which looks like Atlantica and the shore by Prince Eric's castle, ending up in Mizrabel's chambers.

Basically so people don't have to traverse 10 threads to find an Epilogue solution, when it may not even be possible. And yes, that does mean good ol' copy-and-paste, so apologies if you've read this stuff before. Yes, I do like the game. It's stupidly short, but what little content there is is magical. OK, so I have been absolutely bombarded with questions about this game, most related to the OsTown fountain, and the Epilogue.

I'll post my thoughts on the questions here, and others can do the same Thanks to katydidd for the main questions - most users are wondering similair things, so I'll use your questions: Do you have your fountain fixed? The fountain in the Epic Mickey Ostown has a pool of thinner around the statue of Oswald. Meanwhile EM2 still has earthquakes, and all the reasons why we figured the game is only half a game. What do you make of the transportation tubes that are one level down from the fountain?

My guess is that those tubes are either a. I don't think they are relevant in any way. There's a door on the roof of the Detective Agency that you can't reach.

Dropping an anvil over there smashes open some crates, no doubt hinting that you were originally supposed to go up there. It's easiest to see if you stand on the arm of the monkey trash compactor.

Another thing that makes me wonder is in OsTown, up on Moody's roof, there is a bubbling tub of thinner that sits on a support that looks thinnable. Additionally, the tub sometimes shimmers, as if it were Spinnable, but I am unable to interact with it in any way. I just have the one leg on Oswald. If by 'fixed' you mean with the statues, then yes. If you mean 'do you have paint in it? I actually visited Disneyland not long ago and was checking for similarities between OsTown and Toontown, and noticed that in real life, the fountain has a rather prominent manhole cover near it marked 'Toonhole' or something.

Looking in OsTown, I couldn't find this, although there is a clear patch of ground that Gus insists in hovering over that may have originally held this manhole.