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Early Olympics also included the standing triple jumpalthough this has since been removed from the Olympic program and is rarely performed in competition today.

The women's triple jump was introduced into the Atlanta Olympics in The takeoff mark is commonly a physical piece of wood or similar material embedded in the runway, or a rectangle painted on the runway surface. In modern championships a strip of plasticinetape, or modeling clay is attached to the far edge of the board to record athletes overstepping or "scratching" the mark, defined by the trailing edge of the board.

These boards are placed at different places on the run way depending on how far the athlete can jump. These are the most common boards you see at the high school and collegiate levels, but boards can be placed anywhere on the runway. There are three phases of the triple jump: These three phases are executed in one continuous sequence.

Hop[ edit ] The hop begins with the athlete jumping from the take off board on one leg, which for descriptive purposes will be the right leg. The objective of the first phase is to hop out, focusing all momentum forward.

The hop landing phase is very active, involving a powerful backward "pawing" action of the right leg, with the right take-off foot landing heel first on the runway.

  • Jonathan Edwards (triple jumper)

Step[ edit ] The hop landing also marks the beginning of the step phase, where the athlete utilizes the backward momentum of the right leg to immediately execute a powerful jump forwards and upwards, the left leg assisting the take-off with a powerful hip flexion thrust. This leads to the familiar step-phase mid-air position, with the right take off leg trailing flexed at the knee, and the left leg now leading flexed at the hip and knee.

The jumper then holds this position for as long as possible, before extending the knee of the leading left leg and then immediately beginning a powerful backward motion of the whole left leg, again landing on the runway with a powerful pawing action.

During his commentary for the Summer OlympicsEdwards observed that during the World Championships, he felt as if "he could jump as far as he needed to".

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During Edwards went into the Olympic Games as favourite and world record holder, but it was American Kenny Harrison who took the gold with a jump of Edwards walked away with the silver after a leap of He also won golds at the World Championships and Commonwealth Games. He retired after the World Championships as Great Britain's most successful medal winning athlete. When he is not presenting coverage, Edwards often provides expert analysis on field events as part of the BBC commentary team.

They have two sons, Nathan and Sam.

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In AugustEdwards was one of public figures who were signatories to a letter to The Guardian opposing Scottish independence in the run-up to September's referendum on that issue. However, inafter much deliberation and discussion with his father a vicarhe changed his mind, deciding that God gave him his talent in order for him to compete in athletics. He once said "My relationship with Jesus and God is fundamental to everything I do. I have made a commitment and dedication in that relationship to serve God in every area of my life.

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However, in February it was widely reported that Edwards had lost his faith in God. The Daily Mail described Edwards as a "man deeply troubled by the collapse of his Christian faith" but revealed that a friend said "They still go to church as a family". If there is no God, does that mean that life has no purpose?

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Does it mean that personal existence ends at death? They are thoughts that do my head in. One thing that I can say, however, is that even if I am unable to discover some fundamental purpose to life, this will not give me a reason to return to Christianity. Just because something is unpalatable does not mean that it is not true.