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newspaper archives free uk dating

Some local public libraries subscribe to certain online newspaper archives. regional, and out-of-date newspapers from Ireland and Irish America Pay .. ( members of subscribing public libraries Free) (via UK Press Online Pay); Daily Mail. Although the archives of the Daily Mirror are no longer available to purchase through of editions, this is one of the easiest on-line newspaper archives to explore. or date, to view all available thumbnails at no cost; with a free registration. Paper Archive. Anyone can search by name, word or by date for free, to view all available thumbnails; with a free registration, you can use the Advanced.

Newspaper archives from assorted German exile communities. Freiburger ZeitungStaufener Wochenblatt and other German newspaper archive materials. Use the Freitextsuche box to begin your search. Latvian newspapers There are a lot of newspapers here, browseable by date.

Interface is in German, and full page images are available. Der Speigelthe German weekly magazine, has free, full-image, full text archives dating back to Hamburger Abendblatt— present.

newspaper archives free uk dating

A simple search in the search box will access the full text archives, but no images. Compact Memory — Jewish Newspapers and Periodicals In German, appears to be a rich collection with full text search. French Historical Newspapers The French, their wonderful history notwithstanding, have done a mediocre job archiving their newspapers, but a few archives are available.

These are not searchable, but full page images can be retrieved by date. Date coverage is poorly described quelle surprise! The website has been redesigned, and all newspapers are now included in the Periodicals collection. Browse by date, but no text searching available. Another oldie from France, sort of French and German, is this University of Heidelberg archive of a Strausbourg newspaper from La Gazette de France Looks to be a fairly complete edition for the year.

The Leeuwarder Courant in Dutch. This is an incredible, deep archive, easy to use, and as they say in their cute Dutch-y language jaar gratis! Dates of coverage are not well described. Koninklijke Bibliotheek As far as I know, a recent — and incredible — addition of hundreds of newspapers to online Netherlands archives, including Dutch colonies in Indonesia, Antilles, Suriname and elsewhere. Utrechts Nieuwsbladis another free Dutch newspaper archive.

Finnish Historical Newspapers — Quite a deep collection of dozens of newspapers, almost a million digitized pages, in all.

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Searchable, if you happen to know Finnish. Some of these papers date back to Several collections from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland can be linked to from this site. The Slovenia Digital Library has posted a ton of material — newspapers, magazines and professional journals. Not sure of the date range, but at least back to the early s. Click the ENG option at the top of the page to render the text in English. ANNO, the virtual newspaper reading room of the Austrian National Library, includes newspapers, magazines and journals from the period intermittent.

Page images with full text searching. Arbeiter Zeitung, also from Austria, with full page images, browseable by date. Estonian Newspaper Archives from If you can read Estonian, this should be a valuable site, but there is no English interface. Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands Archives.

British Newspaper Archive now available FREE at the Society of Genealogists’ Library

Assorted newspapers from Greece coveringfully searchable. Le Gazzette Bolognesi, full image, can be browsed by date. More 19th and 20th century Italian language papersfrom Italy, New York, and elsewhere. Although the same company own both websites, the terms and conditions, and pricing structure are very different.

Please be aware that these online copies are under license and so permission from the relevant website is required if you wish to publish any articles found there. You can find a list of the newspapers the BNL Archive website holds here: The newspaper image on the left of the index will show a slightly blue area — this is where the article is located on the page, in many cases though the whole column is highlighted so you will need to read through it all.

newspaper archives free uk dating

Search result using the British Newspaper Archive. The index details also show the date and county of publication, the newspaper title and which page the article can be found on. I have found it is usually a good idea to search both websites, as each may give slightly different information which can help you to locate the article and determine if it is what you are looking for. Remember you will need to pay to view the full article.

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Be aware that some of the spelling in the article may appear incorrectly. It is not always accurate, hence the mistakes.

newspaper archives free uk dating

When searching I have found that the best results are gained by NOT using the forename and surname search boxes. The OCR system is unable to differentiate between names and words. For instance looking for John Smith will also find words such as blacksmith, or silversmith. A search for the name Wright will also list shipwrights and wheelwrights, and the surname Chester will also include place names such as Chester and Manchester.

It will also search for the keywords in the order you have entered them, so it may be worth changing the order to find different results. Some British library services, colleges and universities have free online access to the British Newspaper Library.

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It is possible that you may find an article using one website but not in the other. The Gale database mainly covers newspapers dated before The Welsh Newspapers Online website is a free online resource from the National Library of Wales where you can search and access nearly newspaper publications from up to Apart from military and government notices the London Gazette also covers Wills, bankruptcies and insolvency notices. Unlike other newspapers, the Gazette is an official record and as such all the information published is verified and certified as fact.