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a lenda de 1900 online dating

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The story is one of an abandoned baby who is found on a ocean liner by one of the ship's crew.

a lenda de 1900 online dating

He is unofficially adopted and named "" for the year in which he was born. At a very early age the boy demonstrates an extraordinary gift for piano playing which is only strengthened in his passing years.

The boy grows up with no official identity, into a man having never taken a step off of the ship onto dry land in his whole life.

The young man, played by Tim Roth is encouraged by his dear friend to leave the boat and pursue a life of fame and fortune as the great pianist he has become. Well, that should be enough to intrigue you; there's much more of course, but I've no desire to spoil it for anyone.

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I must encourage everyone to see this film, I can hardly imagine anyone being disappointed. It's for music lovers, dreamers, romantics and film buffs everywhere and my greatest hope is that it will be seen by many, many people, especially those I know and love. And after seeing the film, and hearing Tim Roth's words echoing in my mind, he was absolutely right.

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It is like a dream, a wonderful dream that I wished would never end. Apparently, the outside world is too "big" for his imagination at this point. But he stays current with outside musical trends as passengers explain to him a new music trend or style, and he immediately picks it up and starts playing it for them.

a lenda de 1900 online dating

His reputation as a pianist is so renowned that Jelly Roll Mortonof New Orleans jazz fame, on hearing of 's skill comes aboard to challenge him to a piano duel.

After hearing Jelly Roll Morton's first tune plays a piece so simple and well known "Silent Night" that the self-proclaimed inventor of jazz feels mocked. As Morton becomes more determined to display his talent, he plays an impressive tune "The Crave" that brings tears to 's eyes. He hands it to Morton, who has lost the duel.

a lenda de 1900 online dating

A record producer, having heard of 's prowess, brings a primitive recording apparatus aboard and cuts a demo record of a original composition. The recorded music is created by as he gazes at a woman The Girl who has just boarded and whom he finds attractive. When hears the recording, he takes the master, offended at the prospect of anyone hearing the music without his having performed it live.

a lenda de 1900 online dating

He then tries to give the master to The Girl who inspired it, but is unable to and breaks the matrix into pieces. The story flashes back to the mids periodically, as we see Max who leaves the ship's orchestra in trying to lure out of the now-deserted hull of the ship. Having served as a hospital ship and transport in World War IIshe is scheduled to be scuttled and sunk far offshore.

Max manages to get aboard the ship with the recording made long ago and plays it, hoping to attract 's attention.

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When it does, Max attempts to convince to leave the ship. But he is too daunted by the size of the world. Feeling that his fate is tied to the ship, cannot bring himself to leave the only home he has known. Max feels useless that he couldn't save his friend.

a lenda de 1900 online dating