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advivo nassif online dating

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We will further discuss the theoretical and methodological choices for conducting the research and characterize the role of blogger journalists in more detail. From interviews conducted individually between the months of August and Aprildefinitions were mapped out and associated with journalism and the journalistic values they expressed; outlining the identity of a blogger journalist who advocates critical journalism, i.

The questions focused on what journalism is, its definitions, what the main functions of political journalism are, the values that define journalistic activities and that are fundamental to its subculture. The questions also focus on what bloggers think about democracy and Brazilian politics among other issues that are relevant to the investigation concerning relationship between political culture and journalism subculture.

advivo nassif online dating

Then a table of key settings and values was set up to compare journalism and politics, looking at their perceptions of democracy. The results of our qualitative analysis will be prioritized according to the field of journalism.

Firstly, it is our belief that journalists form an interpretative community that shares specific journalistic values zelizer, These values represent the broader elements of dominant culture, as Williams pointed out, made up of a complex system of customs, traditions and habits, or as a symbolic system that occupies the center of our lives Hall, This implies the recognition of an active element in building and sharing culture over politics, that is, from the tensions and contradictions of political life Guazina, Secondly, in the case of journalists in general, shared values refer to their own professional subculture, characterized mainly by an emphasis of distrust towards politicians one of the dominant values of Brazilian political culture and based on the task of monitoring and investigating hidden government acts ibid.

Journalists share a specific ethos; a professional identity of their own way of seeing the world, and at the same time, reporting the facts Traquina, We will further detail some of the main features of the trajectory and the professional experience of bloggers, looking at how they define and practice journalism in their blogs.

Most of them are widely recognized outside their internet activities, especially in national newspapers and television stations. This is different from the profile of Brazilian female journalists in the field Bergamo, Mick and Lima,who are around 30 years of age, graduated from private colleges with little professional experience. With the exception of Altamiro Borges, whose professional career is based exclusively in alternative media, the other bloggers are characterized by having worked or are still working in major media.

Most "progressive" bloggers started their blogging experience in the early s, publishing editorials, opinionated texts, or just simple texts on daily political events. Paulo Henrique Amorim, for example, wrote some of the first publications on portals like zaz and Terra in the late 90s.

advivo nassif online dating

Political participation from the general public is one of the characteristics of this group of bloggers, regardless of the media in which they express their opinions. Blogs were a way of freely balancing journalism with the perception of society and politics.

Some have their own businesses and rely on teams and physical spaces newsroomothers work in conjunction with the readers themselves or permanent and future collaboration with other bloggers. The creation of blogs happened, among other factors, from the convergence between professional and personal life of each journalist and the popularization of the internet in the country since the s.

Advivo nassif online dating

After analyzing the interviews, the journalists are convinced that it is necessary to make a contrasting point of view to that of traditional or dominant commercial media; they have a personal and professional duty to intervene in the national political agenda.

According to another interviewee e6"blogs can be critical and take part on a debate, but always without sacrificing their independence, criticizing whenever possible, from a left-wing viewpoint. Most of the journalists interviewed pointed out the lack of space in traditional media towards different approaches on politics matter and the "casting" of the commercial production process of news as reasons to think about producing more freedom in their personal blogs.

According to one of the bloggers interviewed, nowadays there is less diversity in editorial content and more economic power in the experience of large media companies. They all heavily criticized the commercial journalism in practice today and the concentration of power that large media groups hold which limits the diversity of opinions expressed in political debates.

Previously interviewed e3 says that journalism can be summed up "in three words: A political analyst should know how to contextualize the daily facts, and the reporter should know how to get the facts.

advivo nassif online dating

Currently it is being used as a weapon for political parties. As for blogger journalist e5, the main function is to ensure the practice of expressing different and contradictory opinions in a free media environment.

According to another interviewee e4the main function of journalism is to impartially inform and criticize the powerful. For interviewee e6, the main function of journalism "should be to create a well-informed public capable of discerning among the various proposals or projects under debate'. Journalism is in the hands of families or corporations, who use it as a means to defend projects, but they cover it up under a false pretense of "objectivity" and "neutrality.

According to the latter, "there is no neutral journalism; journalists are not neutral, citizens are not neutral. What you may have is an effort to - assuming we all have ideologies and views - seek the greatest possible objectivity. Having an opinion and a view does not mean twisting or concealing the factual truth.

This must always be respected. The most mentioned values associated to journalism by blogger journalists were the commitment to the facts, promotion and defense of democracy, plurality of information assurance through diversity of opinions, and permanent monitoring of powers not only the government but also media and private companiesand honesty.

advivo nassif online dating

Therefore, we consider our observations as notes and our conclusions as contributions to the study of political journalism on the internet. Based on the interviews, we observed that blogger journalists define journalism the same way their colleagues who work in traditional commercial media do, that is, they define values generally seen as constituting the profession such as the public interest, clarification, surveillance power.

However, blogger journalists understand these and other terms associated with variables such as the need to expand political pluralism in media, criticism of "old media" journalism as defined by interviewee e6 and the impossibility of exercising political journalism giving up on political participation From the analysis of interviews and observations of "dirty" blogs, it can be said that the respondents consider their blogs journalistic activity, a place to express the diversity of opinion within traditional media, and that their main function as journalists is to watch over all political powers, including the media.

From this perspective, we understand that blogger journalists articulate interpretations, often alternative ones.

advivo nassif online dating

Their profession notion and the ethos also consist of variables from the political field, allowing them to recognize themselves as active subjects in the construction of politics as professionals and citizens Guazina, These journalists take on the tensions and contradictions of political debate and of their own professional practice.

The first is that the internet seems to have represented the possibility of expressing personal political views and even political activism in a moment when the professional experience in other means of media has been exhausted, yet at the same time not necessarily changed the understanding of journalism. They serve as guides to the interpretation of political events, and construct online narratives that come up minute by minute, in the battle for an audience.

The main objective was to compare the values related to politics and journalism expressed in personal narratives and in blogs written by journalists in "progressive" media and traditional and "commercial" media linked to major news portals. You are tired of business-women whose businesses, jobs, projects will always prevail over you.

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